The Greene Turtle Opens in Ballston

by Katie Pyzyk January 9, 2012 at 2:56 pm 12,215 44 Comments

The Greene Turtle (900 N. Glebe Rd) in Ballston has officially opened for business.

More than 50 televisions hang on the walls and certain booths have individual TVs that patrons can control. TVs along the windows allow fans to keep one eye on game action while keeping the other on action outside.

General Manager Scott Smith says patrons can expect the same service and sports environment people enjoy at The Greene Turtle’s other locations. He wants people in the area to stop by and give the newest one a try.

“There are a lot of sports bars, a lot of sports bars have a lot of TVs, but there’s nothing like this,” Smith said.

The Greene Turtle touts fare above and beyond typical bar food. New York strip steaks and crab cakes are a couple of the less traditional sports bar offerings.

“We pride ourselves on the execution of our food,” Smith said. “We want to bring a different level of service to the area.”

Another aspect that sets this place apart is the customer loyalty program. Customers can purchase one of the famous Greene Turtle mugs and bring it back for future fill-ups.

The Greene Turtle has more than two dozen locations around the D.C./Baltimore region, including two locations along the Delaware shore. The new Ballston location will eventually have outdoor seating when the weather improves.

Although the Greene Turtle will technically be a Redskins and Virginia Tech bar, they guarantee that not just local games will be shown. Every game will be on at least one of the TVs. Smith does point out, however, that Virginia Tech is the building’s landlord so that team will be particularly celebrated.

Besides the new Virginia Tech development, more improvement projects are slated for Ballston. The hope is that the Greene Turtle will gather a solid following, and be considered one of the forefront examples of positive expansion.

“It is an awesome area,” Smith said. “It’s good to get in early.”

  • Emmet D Bonnycastle III

    A VPI&SU bar? I’ll pass.

    • You’ll have to go to Charlottesville for the UVA bar.

    • The horror…

      Seriously, think of all the choking that’ll go on in this restaurant. Poor patrons.

    • Geri

      Seriously, why do some UVA students think they are clever when they use the name, VPI? It was the name of Virginia Tech. No one at Tech minds.

    • xtr657

      At least it will be some reminder that Arlington isn’t in Pennsylvania…despite the fact that I’m pretty sure there are more people currently living in Arlington that are from PA and NJ than those of us from Northern VA.

  • Randolph A. Kent IV

    Every bar in Arlington can’t be a VPISU bar, can it?

    Regardless, great places to watch the NCAA tournament: jokie-free guaranteed.

    • IWentTo A. LoserSchool XIV

      Penn State grad, apparently.

  • South Walter Reed

    It can’t be a UVA bar because they serve things besides wine and cheese.

  • Francis P. Dunnington

    But will they serve Zima?

    • Alias A. Plenty IV


  • Let’s hope they show Hokies and more….. Caps, United, and EPL. I could do without the Skins and Wizards and no Wahooowaha-ing please.

    • wahoo

      Hokie hokie hokie high school!

  • BallstonDweller

    I’m just happy there’s another place to eat, drink, and watch sports. I hope they are successful.

    Now, if Bailey’s would just get rid of the smoking sections which are not as well ventilated as they claim. I really don’t want to get lung cancer from trying to watch a few games.

    • Blow Fish

      3…2…1… cue Steve.

    • Vin

      Baileys = Dump/scumbags

      • SoTrue

        Haha…i agree! Get rid of the smoke and the scumbags, and it would be a great place to watch sports.

    • Yeah, Bailey’s non-smoking section is non-existant.

  • Rob

    Yet another place I will never go to

  • Hank Hill

    Greene Turtle- Maryland Terps bar.

  • CW

    Hmm, they might actually have a good happy hour. Too bad it’s illegal for them to tell us whether they do or not.

  • charlie

    so they are opened. ahead of schedule. no complaints. no dirty laundry.
    this is how a professional business person runs an operation — compared to all the whiners who say the County is “out to get them”.

    I’ll go have a burger and fries to congratulate them on opening without any problems.

  • While I’m happy for the new dining option near my apt, I’m sad to see yet another sports bar full of TVs open up. Can restaurants in Arlington succeed without showing sports? :-\ Seems like a pre-requisite.

    • BallstonDweller

      Willow – amazing food, no sports
      Rustico – also amazing food and great beer with no TVs in dining room
      Rio Grande – no sports
      Tara Temple – only a few TVs and not in the dining room area
      Rock Bottom – no TVs in dining room
      Countless Thai, Chinease, other ethnic foods – rarely TVs showing sports

      • Wasn’t really complaining about the TVs themselves. Just complaining about another sports bar popping up, and the crappy sports bar food that usually follows.

        • Maria

          He specifically talks about the quality of the food there being different. Give it a shot… maybe it will surprise you?

  • Swag

    Wonder if you can control the volume at your table TV. I hate having to go all the way to Glory Days to watch an out of market game with sound.

  • Conniption

    Shouldn’t a sports bar named Greene Turtle be a UMD bar? I would think a VT bar should be called the Burgundy Butterball.

  • Bob


  • DarkHeart

    Is there a parking garage? How much?

    • billj

      There is a colonial parking garage across the street at 901 N Glebe.

    • Josh S

      Yeah, no street parking on that side of the street is a deterrent.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Its not too bad of a walk to park for pretty cheap at the mall. You can walk off the grub and brews you down.

    • zzzzz

      There is a parking garage in the same building as the Greene Turtle. From Glebe Rd south, turn right onto the new N 9th St, then turn right again to reach the garage entrance in the back of the building. Or, from Wilson Blvd, turn onto N Wakefield St (heading north on Wakefield), turn right onto N 9th St then left to the garage entrance.

      The garage closes at midnight on weekdays. I don’t remember when it closes on weekends.

  • Fan

    Parking at Ballston mall is cheap.
    GT food is great game day food and delicious.
    Sad they are promoting VT.(Can’t we just get a neutral hang out?)
    I’ll definitly stop by and get an app platter on a non VT day!

    • zzzzz

      It’s a Virginia Tech building. There’s a giant “Virginia Tech” sign on it. The offices are all for a Virginia Tech research center.

      • Tim

        I believe VT actually owns the building. Maybe it was a prerequisite of the lease?

  • Ty

    A UVA bar would be smart, you do not need to market to Tech in Ballston as it is infected with Tech people already. I did not go to college in this state. However, it is sad to see a tech follwoing occur. No originality here.

  • WinMan

    This place is awful!! $8.50 for 6 wings!!!! Food is horrible and overpriced (Based off other locations), they usually do have cheap beer though

  • Rosemary Ciotti

    Stopped in to look at the menu and am excited to find that many of my friends who are on a gluten free diet will be able to join me at the Green Turtle. They have an entire menu of gluten free offerings that includes other nutritional information next to the food listed (calories, sodium). Green Turtle also offers a gluten free beer! Who knew??

    • Green Turtle Management is Obvious

      Rosemary Ciotti

      Hey look Green Turtle management decided to join in and make up some comments…..

      Its pretty obvious

      Look its the Green Turtle…. Need I say more its just another sports bar in the DC area and the kicker is you opened up in Ballston of all places… Lets stick a run of the mill spots bar in Ballston of all places… I mean common I need something more trendy thats why I get my drink on at Spider Kelly’s


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