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New CrossFit Gym Coming to Ballston

by ARLnow.com January 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm 7,009 51 Comments

A new CrossFit gym is hoping to open in Ballston next month.

Pending county approvals, Ballston CrossFit expects to open on Monday, Feb. 13. Interior construction is partially completed at the gym, located on the ground floor of an office building at 1110 N. Glebe Road. A shipment of fitness equipment was moved in earlier this week, according to Ballston CrossFit’s Facebook page.

“At Ballston CrossFit you will be challenged and motivated every day with constantly varied high intensity functional workouts, resulting in a greatly enhanced level of fitness,” the gym says on its website. “Our program efficiently combines the most effective methods of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells and high intensity cardio.”

Photo via Facebook

  • :-(

    Please god, noooooo. The cult is expanding out of control!

    • cf

      Do I dare say you are an individual with no motivation, goals, or passion for fitness. Just because people are coming together to reach a similar goal doesn’t give you the right to rip on it. Yes I crossfit but that is not my only training. When you want a real workout, stop by.

      • PikeMan

        yikes… no, that didn’t sound cultlike at all.

        • Cooch

          The real problem is making sure the cult is identified and captured as a family so we can re-locate them to Fredericksburg where they won’t be such a nuisance to the rest of the population.

          • Runner

            ohh, fredricksburg! rare crossfit is there, adam eidson – they host great ‘crossfit trail races’ – i’m a big fan!

  • Vik

    It’s sort of a weird location, but I wish them luck nonetheless.

    • Runner

      one turn off I66 – and i plan to work out hard enough to have fondue at melting pot 🙂

  • :-(

    Platinum Membership: unlimited monthly training = $225/month ($10/class).

    Are you f’ing kidding me?! For that amount of money I could build my own home gym. I guess some people don’t have will power and need meat heads to motivate them.

    • Graham

      So $200+/month for fitness is expensive? How many people spend $50/night at happy hour? And to spend $200+/month at a place where the instructors generally care about your health and attendance is a bargain. Sure you can get a home gym, but how many people have ad additional 500 sf at home and equipment?

      • JamesE

        Only if the instructors speak Klingon is it worth it.

      • CW

        Trust me, I’ve been wanting to make the leap for a good while now. I love the workouts, and the structure behind the fitness program (now, as for the fad diets, the crazy right-wing nutjob political rants, the glorification of violence, the bragging and trash-talking…well, I don’t love that so much). I know that the coaching, the motivation, the group setting, and having the equipment tailored specifically to the WODs so as to be able to seamlessly progress through even the more complex and equipment-intensive circuits would help me get to the next level.

        Problem – I am a strong believer in 80/20. And I believe that with a globo membership ($40/month), the W-L track (free) and the CF mainsite (free) I am getting 80% of the results for 20% of the cost. Plus I can do it on my own time, and the location is more convenient.

      • Andrew

        Yes, $200 a month for a gym membership is insansely expensive.

        • Runner

          a trainer is $80/hour – a low member/coach ratio gets pretty close to having a trainer.

          a $30/month fitness first membership is only $1.33/visit (going 75% of the days of a month). and they have ellipticals there so you can exercise and still read your magazines! nice to have choices, eh?

  • FormerlyClarendonian

    and so the trendiness begins. I disagree that it’s a cult-like, but I do think it increases arrogance on other gyms for no reason. Nonetheless the movements are still vital and you don’t need to go crossfit to do the exercises. Reebok doesn’t endorse anyone.

    With that being said, the endorsement by Reebok may end up making it as crappy as a gold’s, sport and health, etc. So it’s sad for the both of us.

    • ros

      how could the reebok endorsement make it crappy (besides an influx of people)? individual gyms are crossfit affiliates, not any type of franchise…

  • JamesE

    Sadly I just checked the address and BK will not deliver there, they will do just down the street though.

  • CrossFit widow

    First visit includes a large glass of Kool-Aid.
    (that said, it’s working for both husband and son, and they’ve been at it about 3 years)

    • Ballston

      Anyone who works out on a consistent basis and eats properly can have the exact same results. This gym is more the current trend than anything. Eat properly, lift weights and do cardio on a daily basis and you’ll save yourself about $2000 a year.

      • JamesE

        diet is basically 90% of it (I just made this number up but it is pretty much true)

  • Ballston Resident

    YAY! Welcome to Ballston! I haven’t found a better way to get fit, fast than Crossfit and I’m really excited that there will be a box so close by. The owner is a great guy and I know the atmosphere at Ballston Crossfit will reflect that. I’m excited to meet a new group of people to start Crossfitting with!

    • Ballston

      Exactly. CrossFit people seem to be more into meeting new people to workout with. I guess it’s not a bad thing, it’s the same thing people do when they join sororities or fraternities, pay to have friends to have something in common with. More power to you, CrossFitters. If you can afford it, and buy into it, go for it.

      • Ballston

        BUT when I’m out and about and somehow end up in a conversation with you about fitness, PLEASE don’t try to lecture me on why CrossFit is so much better than traditional exercising. Keep it to yourself and we’ll all be much happier.

  • Your Mom

    These Crossfit nerds are out of control. Can’t wait for this fad to go away. I’ve seen way too many people hurt themselves trying to compete in power lifts using Crossfit as their format. I was wondering if it’s a requirement to wear the web toed shoes to be a member.

    • CW

      Those are optional but lululemon pants on guys are a requirement.

      • Your Mom

        Hahahaha. True

  • John Fontain

    I remember back in the early to mid 90’s when the major beverage companies first started pushing 16 oz bottles of water at a buck a piece (Evian was the category killer). Prior to this, individual serving size bottles of water weren’t really widely available and instead, gallons of spring water were sold for under a buck a piece.

    Lo and behold, the dumb consumer stepped right up and happily started paying a buck for a 16 oz bottle of water and didn’t think twice about doing so (when just before that they wouldn’t have paid the same price for a gallon). To me, that was one of the greatest sales/marketing accomplishments ever.

    Fast forward to today.

    Memberships to traditional, equipment-intensive gyms have historically been pricey because the gym operator needs to cover the significant capital investment in the gym equipment. Along comes a need breed of gyms, crossfit gyms. They have minimal equipment costs compared to traditional gyms, but rather than charge less than traditional gyms (which they could do because of their lower capital investment) they instead charge way more than traditional gyms. And what do today’s consumers do? They step right up and happily hand over the higher amount of money. This is another great accomplishment in terms of sales/marketing.

    There is a certain segment of the population that naively equates high prices with high quality. As perverse as this sounds, I’ll bet these crossfit gyms wouldn’t have half the customers they have now if they charged a lot less.

    • John Fountain

      If only all consumers were as smart as John Fontain!

      • ArlingtonWay

        They should start selling bottles of water at Crossfit. Synergy!

    • MktCommon

      The globo gym concept is enroll as many people as possible with a $100-$200 sign up fee and $20-$50 monthly dues, and then hope they don’t show up. It’s a volume business.

      CrossFit boxes hope to enroll a limited number of people who show up everyday and work out. That is, there aren’t people paying without showing up covering the cost for those who do.

      It’s just a difference economic model, not a character issue like you’re making it out to be.

  • Ballstonian

    Just checked out their site and you can already sign up for free classes. Looking forward to checking out your gym next month!

  • Ballston4me

    Personally, I’m excited that there’s another locally owned retail establishment coming to Ballston. Sure beats the various chain stores that have been popping up lately.

    Yes, CrossFitters are a strange breed, but they are working out and staying in shape which is a great thing.

    Good luck in Ballston! Hope you are successful.

  • AllenB

    I’m really not sure why anyone would hate on this. If this type of workout motivates a group of people to get in shape and stay in shape, great. Why would anyone find fault with that?

    • Jinx

      I think people hate the way these people try to make people that workout at regular gyms or do any other form of workout feel inferior. It’s a very bizarre culture these crossfitters have.

      • Dave

        It’s not that bizarre, it’s called superiority. We have it.

        • Michael H.

          And that’s what annoys other people about CF right there.

          • AllenB

            Ah. Now it’s a bit clearer.

        • Fred Evil

          LOL, keep telling yourself that!

        • Cooch

          Superiority is relative. Yes, you might be able to lift my car, but I make 10 times a year what you do, so I can pay some dimwit to lift my car in the unlikely event that I want that to happen (did you see what I did there? didn’t think so)

      • Michael H.

        While I like some of the ideas of CrossFit, there’s definitely an aggressive streak, at least among some people, including the founder of CrossFit Endurance. In more than one interview, he goes off on elite athletes like Michael Phelps (top Olympic swimmer of all time) and Chris McCormack (two-time Ironman World Champion), basically calling them idiots for training so much and claiming that he can break them in a CrossFit workout. Well, considering that those guys succeeded in their sport and have done well financially too, I can’t see that they did anything wrong.

        As for Brian MacKenzie boasting about breaking someone like MacCormack, I’m just puzzled. What’s the point of doing a workout so difficult that it breaks you? McCormack did pretty well with his non-CrossFit Endurance training.


        CFE may have some benefits for a generalist, but some people like MacKenzie go on to claim that CFE is the best workout for every person in every situation. That’s clearly not the case. Otherwise, every Olympic and professional athlete would only do CF and CFE for their training and win championships and Olympic medals.

        Strength training is important, but CF/CFE isn’t the only group that believes in strength training.

        • CW

          That’s probably my main beef with CF people. They are excellent jacks of all trades, masters of none, which is absolutely GREAT for everyday fitness, no doubt whatsoever. Also excellent for firemen, police, military, where you don’t know what’s going to be thrown your way. But when they start attacking people who have trained their whole lives to be the best in a SPORT that they have chosen (that includes bodybuilding, too) it really ticks me off, and frankly I think it makes them look like fools.

          • JamesE

            They are all more athletic than a NFL linebacker!!

          • Tim Tebow

            Just because some people, mainly the original leadership of Crossfit and the main site personalities, have said some ridiculous sounding things about practitioners of other sports or fitness programs, does not mean every Crossfitter agrees or is even aware of those statements. And unless you were part of the overarching conversation that formed the context for those statements, you can’t be sure people on the other side weren’t making equally ridiculous claims. It’s fitness and sport, and I would bet my Wizards tickets that the field is full of leaders with hugely inflated egos, ambitions and statements to match. Most Crossfitters don’t give a s–t, and do it because it works.

        • KM

          I think that Brian MacKenzie is just expressing frustration because he believes that those athetes could perform better, recover better, and compete longer (age-wise) if they switched to training similar to CFE. CFE people everywhere are competing in these races and posting up decent and competitive times with far less training than their counterparts. If you add in the incredible athleticism that is an olympic level athlete, it could be game-changing.

    • ga

      99% of crossfit haters have never been to crossfit. let ’em waste their energy.

      • Fred Evil

        AND their money.

  • bob

    This gym will last only as long as it takes for the members to have their cars towed by non-Crossfitting Advanced Towing for parking in the adjacent Marymount lot.

    • Crossfit Experience

      Then they can all run over to Advanced and flip the tow trucks! Maybe this CF thing isn’t so bad afterall….

  • Scott

    Sport & Health in Ballston is SOOO much better

    • ros

      This gym hasn’t even opened yet, so there’s no way you could have tried it out; how could you possibly know if sport & health is better? (By the way, pretty sure it isn’t as I had a membership there a few years ago.)

  • Meredith

    I’m so excited about this gym! Tucker, the owner, is awesome- they haven’t even opened yet and you can already tell he cares about his members! To all of the people who haven’t tried CrossFit, it really is an addicting workout. If you’ve tried it and hate it, that’s fine, but don’t criticize until you give it a shot!

    I certainly don’t think I am superior or that CrossFit is superior to other workouts. Any workout is better than none at all and everyone is entitled to do what works for them without being so critical!


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