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by ARLnow.com January 19, 2012 at 8:15 am 3,311 101 Comments

WaPo Endorses Garvey — The Washington Post has endorsed Arlington School Board member Libby Garvey in the Democratic County Board caucuses being held tonight and Saturday. The Post said Garvey and Melissa Bondi “stand out” in the five-way race, but lauded Garvey as “cool, competent and a quick study” while expressing reservations about Bondi’s tax troubles. [Washington Post]

Bondi Statement on Accusations — County Board candidate Melissa Bondi has responded to new allegations against her. The accusations, largely spread by anonymous blog commenters, insinuate that Bondi illegally voted twice in recent elections — once in Virginia and once in Ohio, where she used to live. Bondi says the basis of the accusations — Ohio voting records referencing someone with her exact full name and middle initial — is a result of the fact that her mother is also named Melissa M. Bondi. [Bondi for County Board]

D.C. United Practices at Long Bridge Park — D.C. United held its first outdoor practice of training camp yesterday on the synthetic turf soccer fields at Long Bridge Park. The team practiced at the new county park, near Crystal City, due to poor turf conditions at RFK Stadium. [Washington Post]

Moran Statement on Pipeline Decision — Rep. Jim Moran (D) is reacting to the Obama administration’s decision to reject the a proposed Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline. Moran said, in a statement: “I applaud President Obama’s decision to deny the application for the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Our collective national interests, whether economic, environmental, or national security, would be better served by reducing our addiction to fossil fuels… Building a pipeline to tap one of the dirtiest sources of fuel and the few temporary jobs it might create are not in our nation’s best long term interests.” [Office of Rep. Jim Moran]

Donna Gets Job in Arizona — Disgraced local chef Roberto Donna is trying to turn over a new leaf in Arizona. The 50-year-old has taken a job as a chef at an Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Arlington County Treasurer’s Office, which is trying to collect more than $150,000 in back restaurant taxes from Donna, has asked the Commonwealth’s Attorney to look into whether the new gig would pay enough to allow Donna to increase his court-ordered payments on the debt. [Washington Post]

  • Tim Kaine and George Allen also weigh in on the Keystone Pipeline decision.


  • Suntastic

    What’s up with Las Delicias? The lights are out and there are wood planks stacked on the window. Clearly they had a fight and owe back taxes.

    Is this place closed ARLnow? Can you investigate and report back?

    • Tabs

      What a shame. I was set to announce my candidacy for the ACB and planned to hold my first Q&A at Las Delicias.

  • Kevin Hurley

    Have to agree with the Post. Arlington’s public schools are absolutely among the best in the region if not the nation, and Libby Garvey’s long tenure on the school board is partially to thank for that. She has the experience to lead and compromise in that type of executive environment.

    Bondi has plenty of ad-hoc committee experience, but IMO is not as well qualified to be on the county board and deal with the full range of governmental issues they face. And there are the negatives she is dealing with, which Libby Garvey does not have.

    Very confidently voting for Libby Garvey.

    • Greg


      • Jim Webster


    • Zoning Victim

      I keep seeing people on here making the statement that Arlington is one of the top school districts in the nation, but we rank 35th in Virginia on School Digger and don’t have a single school listed in the top 100 Gold Medal List of high schools from US News (Alexandria has the top school in the nation and McLean is ranked 47th, BTW); that lack of performance despite having the 2nd highest per student costs in the nation, behind only NYC, would seem to make that claim baseless. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone post any documented basis for this claim.

      • Burger

        Delusions of grandeur have never been a problem for most people so why should it stop people thinking Arlington schools are the best.

        • Schools Mom

          I think the interesting question is why are Libby Garvey’s school board colleagues not endorsing her? And why did not a single member of the County Board endorse her, either?

          Libby has spent the last four years running for delegate and state senate, focusing hardly at all on the job she currently has. Libby is part of the group that ignored the schools capacity crisis, voting to house a private day-care at the Reed School rather than adding to elementary capacity. She was good initially, but stayed too long and has shown no vision for schools in close to a decade.

          Now she wants to serve on the County Board, but she has no real agenda or vision for that job, either? How could she? She just finished trying to explain why she was the best person to serve in the State Senate. Voters didn’t bite.

          There are a variety of other candidates with ample civic experience, who know county issues — which lets face is mostly planning and zoning — a lot better than Libby Garvey. I would vote for Fallon, Bondi, or Klingler over her.

          Isn’t time for someone new? Someone who actually wants the job?

          • Wilson

            + 1

          • Bonissa Meldi

            Does Libby pay her taxes?

          • DCBuff

            I won’t be voting for any of them, so I don’t have a horse in this race, but…first of all, former board member and new senator Babara Favola endorsed Garvey, while Zimmie and Tejada are for Bondi since she is Zimmie’s lackey-in-waiting. Don’t know about Jay or Hynes.

      • Kevin Hurley

        In the Post’s rankings of area high schools, Arlington has 3 among the top 10. George Mason in Falls Church is the only other Virginia school in their regional top 10. McLean is 12th.

        That’s good enough to back up my statement that we are among the best in the region.

        Where do you send you kids to school? Are you so down on Arlington’s schools that you send them to private school outside of Arlington?

        • Vik

          Arlington is among the best in the region for schools. But, Montgomery and Fairfax counties are so much bigger and have many more public high schools where I don’t think you can really compare them to Arlington.

          I put more stock into the US News lists but I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say that Arlington has among the best schools in the region.

        • Zoning Victim

          I don’t have kids. Reading that article, their ranking algorithm doesn’t really make all that much sense to me, but at least you do have a source. The article has the following statement about the formula they use: “While not a measure of the overall quality of the school, the rating can reveal the level of a high school’s commitment to preparing average students for college.”

          I’m not sure I’d classify my stance as “down on Arlington’s schools,” but my criticism comes because what they spend doesn’t seem to be matching up with their results.

      • Arlwhenver

        I have three kids in APS — the schools are decidedly mediocre. In our household we spend a lot of time and money supplementing what our kids get from the school system.

        • drax

          Which schools?

        • dk

          I have 2 kids in APS. Previously they attended a public elementary school in DC which is considered to be one of the best in DC. That may not be saying much, LOL, but actually I did think it was a terrific school.

          I give 2 enthusiastic thumbs up to Swanson Middle School, where one of my kids goes. I have been very impressed with (almost) all of his teachers and with the educational opportunities he’s had there. The now-retired principal was fantastic; it’s too soon to judge the new principal. Fingers crossed!

          My younger child goes to Glebe elementary, which has also been a really good experience. I will say, however, that I don’t think my younger child is receiving a *better* education than my older child received at his DCPS. And in writing, I think the program our former school used was better. However, since I think the education my older child got in his DCPS was great, I don’t think my assessment is in any way reflective of mediocrity in APS. Rather, I think it points to the fact that even in DCPS, there are a few diamonds in the rough.

          Overall, I’m a very satisfied customer. I’m really interested to hear what kind of supplementing you’ve felt you’ve had to do.

      • Josh S

        I’m curious why your rankings are better than anyone else’s?

        Personally, I find all such rankings absurd, to the extent they focus on things like number of AP exams taken, etc. It seems obvious to me that a “good” school means a whole lot more than what could be captured by grades or test scores, etc.

        Arlington schools are good primarily because the parents are invested, care about and value the education that their kids get. And the kids, by and large, also care about and value their education. Oh and let’s not forget the overall wealth of the community, which keeps the kids healthy and focused and provides opportunities for expanding their horizons / seeing a bigger picture. The administration and faculty come in below any of those things. (I say this as a parent and as a former teacher.)

        • Kevin Hurley

          I only posted rankings because my original statement about the quality of Arlington’s schools was challenged by someone who posted their own handpicked rankings. It was to illustrate exactly your point, that they are not a definitive or exact way to measuring a school system’s performance or quality.

          I am still confident in my qualification that Arlington has excellent schools when compared with other systems in the region.

          And all this discussion is just a secondary issue to the original point about Libby Garvey’s suitability to be the newest member of the County Board. But everybody has their nits that need to be picked I guess.

          • Zoning Victim

            They aren’t handpicked rankings. I went to four different school ranking sites and they are all pretty close. Arlington has a four star school system on a five star ranking system despite having the second highest per student expenditure in the nation. We’re paying for the best and not getting it, which in my opinion means that we are underperforming. I don’t understand why that isn’t more bothersome to people.

        • TJHSST parent

          rankings are overrated..
          The US News ranking put TJHSST in the top spot in their last ranking.. The principal at TJ pointed out that if even one TJ student had failed just one SOL, TJ would have been dropped to eleventh. That’s unlikely, but it could happen. So the bad news is that ranking methodology is not perfect. The good news is that there are many other schools in the country that are very close to being as good as TJ.

          Oh, and TJ is not in Alexandria (that’s just its mailing address). It is in Fairfax County. It is a Regional Governor’s School, serving many jurisdictions in Northern Virginia. Arlington, thanks to Libby Garvey and many other school board members over the years, chooses to participate, and is allowed to send students in proportion to its high school age population compared to other participating jurisdictions. One reason Arlington Schools are so good is that there are lots of good choices for kids. TJHSST is one of those choices. Thank you, Libby. and thank you, other school board members for the past 25 years!

        • Zoning Victim

          “It seems obvious to me that a “good” school means a whole lot more than what could be captured by grades or test scores, etc.”

          While it is somewhat true that there are items that schools can provide that cannot be measured that could tip the scales in the schools favor were they to be considered, scholastic performance based on test results, how well disadvantaged students perform on those same tests and how many students go on to college are the only measurable criteria that we have by which to judge one school’s performance against another’s. It’s impossible to throw intangibles into the mix because by their very nature, they can not be measured.

          Parenting definitely makes a big difference. I’m not sure I buy the affluence of the area making keeping kids focused angle (other than the amount of money they’re able to spend) since there are a lot of areas with a lot less affluence than Arlington County that are outperforming our schools. If what you say is true, we should be able to drastically cutback on what we’re spending per student without a significant change in school performance.

          • Patrick

            Zoning Victim is exactly right. For the amount of money we spend per pupil we are not getting commensurate results.

          • dk

            What sort of results are you looking for?

      • dk

        But if you look closely at the US News rankings, you will find that of the top 100 gold medal schools, all but about 30 of them are application-only schools (a la Thomas Jefferson Science and Technology in Fairfax County) or magnet/charter schools (which of necessity education only kids whose parents are invested enough in their futures to apply to and get them there.) We can’t compare 3 of Arlington’s 4 high schools with these schools. Even when you dip down into the silver and bronze medal schools, many of them are not open enrollment.

        Almost all the remaining roughly 30 “open enrollment” high schools on the gold medal list serve wealthy communities with very few low-income students. Like Princeton High School in Princeton, NJ, which has only 6 percent of its students classified as economically disadvantaged or Palo Alto High with 5% or Langley with less than 1% or Highland Park High in Dallas with 0%.

        Compare that with Wakefield, which has 46% of its students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, or W-L, which has 32% qualifying, or even Yorktown, which has 14%.

        • Zoning Victim

          All valid points, but we’re still left to wonder, when ranked 35th in the state and given a four star rating by School Digger instead of five stars, where we’d be ranked if all of those other school districts had the kind of resources we have. Perhaps I’m making too much of the link between higher education spending and better results, but if I am, it’s only because that’s the way educators have been telling everyone it works since before I was born.

          • dk

            Just want to point out, FWIW, that the rankings at School Digger are based only on SOL scores.

  • DarkHeart

    The PHT is kinda scary if you’re not running in a group.

  • truth be told

    Arlington should take some of the money it spends (i.e. wastes) on ventures such as the Artisphere and use it to lure DC United to Arlington with a new 25K seat soccer stadium. At least that would bring some revenue into the county.

    • jack

      Does professional soccer make money in America? (serious question, not snarky.)

      • Ed

        My understanding is yes. The league continues to expand; Vancouver and Portland last year, Montreal this year. Many teams own their own stadiums, stadia, and that helps bottom lines. DCU is one of the few teams not playing in its own soccer-specific stadium at this point, so apparently one of the few still losing money.

        The Seattle Sounders in particular are drawing very well. And LA is doing well enough to keep Sir David in town.

        • truth be told

          MLS also has TV revenue from ESPN/ABC, NBC, and spanish broadcasting. NBC replaces Fox this season.

        • Burger

          expanding and making money are two very different things.

          MLS might be making money but that is because it does have the labor cost structures – most players make 25K or less – at least from my last reading. sure, some stars make big dollars but that is maybe 5-6 guys – Beckam, Donovan, Theirry.

          • RFK since the Dips

            Your last reading must have been awhile ago!

            You would be hard-pressed to find players making under 25K


            However, the gist of your argument is correct. One of the advantages of MLS is that the labor costs are not absurdly high.

            As a fan, I hope the league continues to grow so that the kids making 40-50K can get salary increases and not rely on their coaching fees to make it. It was not so long ago that DC United’s goalkeeper Troy Perkins was holding down other jobs just to get by.

          • ” labor costs are not absurdly high”

            Neither are the ticket prices! I’d rather enjoy a United game for about a $30 ticket than dole out a fortune for the Caps or lowly Wizards. And the Redskins? Forget it.

          • Ed

            The google machine tells me that the lowest-paid players with DCU last year made $42k, but of course such household names as Boskovic, Jakovic, Kitchen were making six figures.

          • Vik

            The MLS is making money and not just because its labor cost structures, but mostly because of the television deals that it has, like previously mentioned. DC United actually has some history and a large fanbase so I honestly don’t know why it has been as difficult as it has been to get a deal for a stadium done. I know that the previous owner’s vision and the new owner’s vision are different, but still, it seems as though they’ve been given the cold shoulder by DC area jurisdictions.

      • truth be told
    • Burger

      Where would you stick said 25K stadium?

      I guess the only reasonable places would be down along Route 1. But, outside of a view venues, like Verizon center, wherein there was already a smouldering of development and the arena was the gas to lite the development. Most stadiums/arenas do not revitalize the area like most claim it does. The only way I see it working there is if a metro stop is put there (I know there is talk of one).

      And with any stadium down there you have flight issues.

    • drax

      Please, no more big schemes to get massive projects and make a few bucks in revenue. Not worth it.

      • truth be told

        God forbid there would be a venue in Arlington that would actually get used, not like the Artisphere.

      • Name a stadium in Northern VA.

        • Zoning Victim

          Patriot Center

          • That’s an arena. I would say you could find a minor league baseball stadium or two. That’s it. The problem is, Virginia does not give taxpayer money to sports teams. That’s not a problem for the taxpayer, obviously, but for the team owners. However, many soccer teams are building stadiums here with owner financing with land/infrastructure coming from localities. We’re not talking about $1 billion NFL eyesores (uh….Dallas). We are talking about $100 million smaller outdoor venues. Owners are ponying up money, which should entice Virginia a bit you would think. Of course, United’s owner seems to be a bit of a cheapskate.

          • Zoning Victim

            Definition #1 for “stadium” is “a sports arena,” so I’m not sure how you’re differentiating between those two words. I’m not real big on putting up public dollars to build something so some already rich person can use it to get richer, but you probably already knew that. There’s something about creating a situation where we’ll be spending a bunch of money to maintain infrastructure in an attempt to get more tax dollars that feels like we’re creating a problem to fix; one that could get very out of control. Has anyone ever done a study on whether or not these projects work in the municipalities favor, how long the return really takes and whether or not the people living near the stadiums are happy with it being there?

          • truth be told

            To me, a place to play basketball or see a concert is an arena. An outdoor venue used to play a large format sport such as football or soccer is a stadium. I’d agree with OB.

            That said, building a stadium in the heart of a city where people live can’t bring too much enjoyment to those people. However, let’s say a United stadium were to have been built where Long Bridge Park sits, with some community athletic fields adjacent to it. Would it revitalize and help the community? Probably. I just think it all has to do with how much tax money is spent. Not too much. The owners need to pony up, and I think that is happening in MLS much more than MLB or the NFL. And, site selection is key.

            DC got fleeced on Nationals stadium. They paid through the nose. They should have let MLB go elsewhere for that deal. The stadium site was right. It will eventually help that part of town just as Verizon Center has helped the blight that used to sit there.

    • MC

      Why should the County be spending tax money to subsidize a private corporation you say makes money? If they make profits, they don’t need our tax dollars.

  • CrystalMikey

    Can’t wait for the MLS season to kick off. Vamos United!

  • Ed

    United is apparently looking at so many trialists, I may put on black and go try to practice with them incognito. That Post link makes it sound like they’ll be there again, today or tomorrow.

  • novasteve

    Moran proving what a Moron he is once again.

    • drax

      He’s 100% right.

      • Patrick

        No he is a wrong. Killing the pipeline will have no positive enviromental impact, and will also continue to keep the US heavily reliant on oil from the middle east. The Keystone XL pipeline was absolutely in the best long term interests of the US.

        • DCBuff

          You’d be right, perhaps, if the fuel, once refined, was going to stay in the U.S. But, the refining companies plan to export much of what they refine from the Keystone pipeline. Ironically, the U.S. is a major exporter of refined fuel distillates (e.g., aviation fuel) while being a major importer of crude. Anyway, the pipeline would, on the one hand replace truck and rail transport currently being used, an environmental plus, but opens up other enviro issues.

  • Bob

    why doesn’t Bondi just come out and say Garvey was behind the attack instead of blaming it anonymous agents?

    • Smuckers

      That is a pretty serious accusation. Do you have any proof that Garvey was the one behind the information revealed about Bondi having an IRS lien against her, or not properly registering her car in Arlington, or not paying her personal property tax until Arlington threatened her with seizure of her car.

      I would like to hear it.

      • Captain Obvious

        It absolutely, positively is not coming from Libby. It is demonstrably coming, at least in part, from Frank O’Leary, who has endorsed Terron Sims.

      • Sick of it

        I’m not going to comment on what Garvey’s people may or may not be doing as it is all rumor.

        What is clear is that Frank O’Leary put himself in the center of this, as he has done in the past, with his decision to make an issue of multiple candidates’ minor car tax infractions. O’Leary and his staff are supporting Terron Sims. Thus, I know exactly who I will NOT be voting for in this election, or ever, for that matter.

        It shocks me to think that every citizen in Arlington could have their personal records released by a politically motivated Treasurer in response to a FOIA by a disgruntled activist or (as has happened before) one prompted by the Treasurer’s office itself. Other jurisdictions would not have released that information or taken to the press to call people names for paying their bills a month late. O’Leary thinks he his Boss Hogg.

        It’s no wonder more good people don’t run for office.

        • Smuckers

          What is O’Leary’s motivation? Are there major campaign issues that he has a stake in, or is he simply being a strong advocate for his office, whose goal it is to collect all the tax revenue that is owed.

          I have seen people accuse him of using his office to push a political agenda. What exactly is his big scary agenda? What about Bondi’s campaign is O’Leary against?

          • Sick of it

            I think someone should ask Frank those questions. Maybe he is still settling scores from when the Democratic Party censured him four years ago after he sent out a racist mailer and released his opponents tax records in the campaign under similar circumstances.

            Once tax is paid — and not one candidate in this race has an outstanding car tax bill — it seems that there’s more to it then collecting what is owed. Does it help him collect revenue to go around pointing out that 5 years ago a couple of candidates paid their tax bill a month late? Jebus, maybe they were traveling. Maybe the mail didn’t come. Who cares? Everybody paid their car tax. If they paid a penalty on top of the original assessment, then Frank gets even more money out of the deal, just like the credit card companies.

            Let’s be real. Frank’s motives are not about keeping Arlington’s coffers flush. If he is just trying to make an example of people he could surely find other ways then in the midst of a political campaign when he and his deputy treasurer are actively supporting the campaign of another candidate.

            But someone should ask him those very questions.

          • South Awwwlington

            No one with a pulse can forgot to files taxes or pay PPT year over year. We don’t buy it. When you put yourself up for elected office you are held to a higher standard…if you don’t like it or can’t pass muster, don’t try it. And certainly…don’t get pissed when you get caught and called on it.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Bingo! Exactly!

  • cj

    DC United is scheduled to practice at Long Bridge Park again tomorrow (Jan. 20) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Better than the average lunch-hour entertainment.

    • truth be told

      Cool. I may have to try to get a long lunch!

  • Pablo

    Another reason to vote for Garvey: Zimmerman doesn’t like her and refused to endorse her last re-election run for SB, a very rare move in the Arl Dem “family.”

    That alone gives her the makings of a genuine independent voice on the CB.

    Oh, and would anyone hire Bondi as an accountant with her tax issues?

    • Schools Mom

      Her own school board colleagues don’t like her either, given their lack of campaigning for her or outright endorsement of others. Even Mary Hynes has stayed mum on this race. Maybe it is time for some new blood.

      • Ashton Height Bob

        School Board Chair Abby Raphael donated personal funds to Garvey’s campaign.

        That seems to contradict ‘schools mom’ argument. Here’s the link to verify this fact: http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/voterregistration/campaigns/garvey011712.pdf

        New Blood? Bondi will just be a third vote for Zimmy — hardly what one would call new blood. Bondi may be a pleasant person to some people, but being nice does not substitute for competence or experience. Bondi seems to be narrowly focused on “smart growth” and lacks the depth of a broader perspective.

        Only Garvey and Fallon appear to have substantial real world experience, whereas the other three think being a party “activist” counts as experience. With a $1 billion dollar budget, we do not need an activist to try to learn on the job.

    • Captain Obvious

      She’s not running for accountant.

      • Captain Obvious

        Hey! Stop using my handle, fake Captain Obvious!

  • Wilson

    The problem with Garvey, and the school board in general, is how poorly they have responded to the explosive growth in the school population. They launched several building and renovation projects in recent years, but none of them have included adequate plans for the dramatic growth in enrollment. This has been the most significant issue at APS over the past decade or so, and Garvey has consistently failed to address it.

    That failure should weigh heavily against her in her race for county board.

    • Schools Mom


    • Kevin Hurley

      So, someone who was on the School Board from 1995 to 2006, chairing it on three occasions, and consistently underestimated the student population growth with regards to facility needs, would not be a good choice to be on the County Board? Have you checked who our current Chairperson is?

      I am not sure that is the damning indictment that you think it is. CIP is a very complex issue, particularly when 80% of the operations budget for the schools comes via the County Board’s magnanimity. You can not just buy land and build schools by shifting around money in operations.

      Maybe with two former school board members on the County Board we can finally get some serious movement in the CIP needs for our schools.

  • South Awwwlington

    How about this: some folks running for Board don’t think they should pay their taxes. Probably their utility bills too. What does this mean when they are running for a seat on the very Board that spends our tax dollars. I don’t care if Libby Garvey was the School Board President in Hell, she would still have my vote over someone who thinks they are above the law.

    This doesn’t even account for lack of experience on Bondi’s resume aside from clearly being the lap dog of two sitting Board members.

    Of Course GGW and several other ultra lefters would endorse her, she’s a sure thing – slam dunk – sock puppet for their vote.

    Use your heads for more than a hat rack tonight people.

    • South Awwwlington

      that’s *shouldn’t pay their taxes*

    • TGEoA

      I’m gonna borrow my buddies Humvee to drive to the polls tonight. He’s got cripple tags as well so I can park close. Maybe I should let the car idle while I go vote.

  • Leaning towards a Dem

    The Bondi and Klingler campaigns don’t seem at all interested in complying with Arlington’s sign ordinance. Political signs are only allowed on public property and street medians for the March election. The ACDC caucus does not qualify. Since the Democratic county board adopted this law several years ago, ACDC should also make this clear to candidates. Candidate signs are only permitted on private property.

    If you want to make the rules, you need to abide by them. Since neither Bondi or Klingler can pay their car taxes on time, will they pay the zoning fines for illegal sign placement late too? If one of them gets elected, at least they can just walk down one flight of stairs to the County Treasurer’s office to pay up.

    • An other

      Bondi’s tax problems suggest that she doesn’t have her personal life squared away. We need people on the CoBd who have focus, and who are not distracted by personal problems.. If Bondi can get her finances organized, she should come back and present herself as an organized person when the next vacancy opens up.
      I’m pretty sure, when she does get around to paying her taxes, she will be paying at a higher rate than Mitt is.

      The bigger problem with Bondi is that she is in Chris Zimmerman’s pocket. Chris is promoting the Columbia Pike Trolley as if it is his career signature project, when many people, even those who might supposedly benefit, don’t want it. The cost estimates keep going up, and up. It is time to pull the plug on this project. Bondi will be with Chris until the last day of time on this….. BECAUSE..

      the campaign finance filings may not all be public yet, but it is probable that Chris (or his campaign fund.. which he controls) is the biggest contributor to Bondi’s campaign. That is how she is paying for more glossy mailings than anyone else..

      is this corrupt? No… but it is not The Arlington Way… We need Stephen Colbert to come to Arlington with some of his PAC money!!

    • zzzzz

      I guess that explains why I saw a guy taking down Bondi’s signs from the median on Walter Reed Dr a little while ago. He might have been taking down Klingler’s signs, too, but I wasn’t there long enough to see it.

      • Libby for me

        I hope he doesn’t stop there. He can collect the Bondi and Klingler
        signs on George Mason, Military Road, Kirkwood, Williamsburg Blvd, and Columbia Pike too.

  • charlie


    vpap is up with the 1/17/12 reports.

    see where the money trail is:


    • charlie


      (and yes, I AM yelling)

      $1,000 David S Cohen Arlington
      $1,000 Carol K Fontein Arlington
      $1,000 Gretchen Ginder Elkton, MD
      $1,000 Michael J Levene New Haven, CT
      $1,000 Trynne A Miller San Francisco, CA
      $1,000 Daniel D Prince San Francisco, CA

      • Whaaaa?

        You gonna put the other candidates numbers up too? For a first time, candidate friends and family are a ordinary source of donations. You gonna parse the other $30,000. Cause that link says she raised money from about 175 donors. Only 6 of them were not from Northern Virginia or DC. The VAST (AND YES I AM YELLING) majority are Arlingtonians.

        What is wrong with you?

        • charlie

          what is wrong with me? you first — why are you defending someone for having their major contributions coming from out of state?

          OUT OF STATE. that means NOT ARLINGTON.

      • Follow the money

        David Cohen and Carol Fontein are married, so Bondi collected $2,000 at that house alone. I see she put some of her own money into the race. Maybe she should have saved it for the IRS instead?

  • Marion Barry

    Please do not compare me to Bondi. I graduated college with a degree in chemistry and then undertook graduate level chemistry courses. I left academia and immediately started my political career. There was no 19+ year gap as with Bondi.

    As for my tax problems, it took decades of alcohol and drug abuse BEFORE I started failing to attend to my taxes. What’s Bondi’s excuse?

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • Elmer

    If Arlington and its decision makers are so smart with the school system, explain how the county can build the the most expensive high schools schools in the nation ($100,000,000) and still end up with classroom trailers on campus??

  • Follow the money

    Check out the campaign finance reports. Garvey took a $250 contribution from Tim Helmig, president of the largest developer in Rossyln and owner of the Artisphere. She’s not wasting any time looking for handouts.

  • Barbin

    I’m voting for Sims tonight. We need someone on the County Board with backbone.

  • Lia Monde

    Libby Garvey is a serial candidate in search of any position but the one to which she was elected. She is eager to abandon her School Board position and create disruption in that body. The schools have regressed during her tenure and she is responsible, and a rubber stamp, for a mediocre Superintendent. We don’t need another career politician on the County Board.


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