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Crystal City Man Convicted of Prostitute Attacks

by ARLnow.com February 2, 2012 at 11:45 am 6,621 35 Comments

A man accused of forcing prostitutes to perform sex acts at gunpoint in Crystal City is facing a lengthy jail sentence after pleading guilty or being found guilty on an assortment of charges.

Last month, a pair of Arlington County Circuit Court juries found McKinley C. Joyner guilty on two counts of forcible sodomy, two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony, and one count of abduction with the intent to defile. He also entered an Alford plea on charges of rape, forcible sodomy and abduction.

Prosecutors say Joyner victimized three female escorts in two separate incidents between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2010. The women, who Joyner found via the web site Backpage.com, were each forced to engage in sexual activity at gunpoint at Joyner’s Crystal City apartment, according to prosecutors.

Joyner is facing up to 51 years in prison as a result of the convictions and the plea. His final sentencing dates are set for late next month.

Joyner’s legal troubles don’t end with there, however. He’s also facing a charge of possession with intent to distribute for the drug  N-Benzylpiperazine, also known as BZP or Legal X. A trial on that charge and an accompanying firearms charge is scheduled for March 27.

Prior to these alleged crimes, Joyner had a relatively clean record. Prosecutors say they were only aware of one past conviction — on a 1999 charge for possession of marijuana in Montgomery County, Md.

Even though the Joyner’s victims were prostitutes, prosecutors say that doesn’t diminish the serious nature of the crimes.

“These are difficult cases for a lot of reasons,” Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Lisa Bergman told ARLnow.com. “When you’re dealing with victims that are prostitutes, it obviously was our contention that they were worthy of the protection our system. And the jury came back and echoed that sentiment.”

  • Swag

    This guy looks legit.

  • Steamboat Willie

    So he was holding hookers at gunpoint so he wouldn’t have to pay for hooker sex. Is that what was happening?

    • Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn

      He was doing all of this in his own apartment, no less. I wonder how the police found this guy?

    • ArLater

      Honestly, wouldnt it just be theft if he tried to get what they were selling without paying for it?

      • KalashniKEV

        If you ever get raped, I hope someone posts cute comments about it on ARLnow.

        • Arlingtonian

          I too am really disturbed by the way people think it’s funny to make light of a heinous violent crime.

          • KalashniKEV

            It’s very interesting though that there is all this hatred towards erotic services providers- to the point of trivializing rape- while there are so many enlightened, progressive minds here lending their great ideas on so many other topics.

      • SomeGuy

        I think “stiffing” prostitutes after receiving services would possibly count as theft. However, forcing them to do things at gunpoint takes it to a new criminal level, whether you end up paying them or not.

        Similarly, I presume asking for money at a bank while threatening with a gun could be charged as bank robbery (vs. just being a rude customer) even if your account actually holds enough to cover such a withdrawal.

        • novasteve

          However you can have “theft” of something illegal if you stiffed a prostitute. Kinda like you can’t go to the police if someone steals your marjuana. It’s illegal.

      • thecharlesriver

        One word for you ArLater: D-bag.

  • JamesE

    I blame violent video games, specifically GTA

    • Bob

      Oh yeah, GTA rocks. Ya always pay the prostitute, wait until the “scene” is done inside the car then, when she get’s out, ya beat her up and take back all the money. You should try GTA sometime, James, you’ll like it.

      • JamesE

        I’ve played all of them!

  • Tabs

    He’s horrible. The sooner his mug is off the landing page here, the better. Can we put a pic of a Ray’s steak here instead?

  • Mario

    Sure is an awful lot of prostitution happening in Arlington.

    • Generic

      Really? A couple of incidents mentioned recently, in a county of 250K, right next to DC, and that is an awful lot? Geez, some of you act like you have hookers on every corner in this place. Not really, no street walkers here, just online. These escorts come from places other than Arlington generally. You should have said “Sure are an awful lot of interested Johns living in Arlington.”

      • Mario
      • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

        “Sure is an awful lot of prostitution happening in Arlington.”

        I see quite a bit of that sort of activity in and around 2100 Clarendon Blvd……that is selling services for “contributions” …..

        • JamesE

          $15 at Mister Days for a ZJ

          • KalashniKEV

            I get mine for $10.

          • Maria

            I’m not sure which of the 34 definitions of a “ZJ” on Urban dictionary is correct.

          • JohnB

            If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  • Michael H.

    That’s one scary looking guy. I’m glad he’s heading for a long visit to prison. Good riddance.

  • Jessica

    I served on one of the juries. Believe me, it’s a good thing this guy is off the streets.

    • JimPB

      Jessica — Thank you for your comment. For those whose comments above appear to reflect the view that the crimes involved only using a gun to obtain sex that Joyner would otherwise have paid for, a description (edited for “a family e-publication”) could be very instructive.

      • Shih Tzu Sitter

        Jessica helped to hold our feet to the fire, articulating her bias to hold the accused as “innocent until proven guilty” throughout deliberations. In so doing, our diverse positions on each and every element of each and every count, all came together in our unanimous vote of guilty. Which is the very long way to say her stating “Believe me” has much more depth and conviction than the idiom might convey. As to comments on the trial, we were also unanimous in our agreement not to discuss it publicly. The sordid details are part of the public record now. Anyone who cares to be informed before expressing his opinion would not need instruction, to the others (who one suggests might benefit), it would be lost.

    • Shih Tzu Sitter

      see comments below…

  • come on

    Glad these women called the police, even though it put them at risk. What a dick.

  • Ryan

    This happened in my apartment building (Crystal Plaza). I remember seeing the police cars. Pretty crazy stuff. Just serves as a reminder that you never know who your neighbors are.

    • thecharlesriver

      Unless of course you actually get to know your neighbors.

  • not your bro

    So there is apparently another guy who is doing the same thing, per the article a couple of days ago?


  • jon

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  • nota gain


  • Sherley

    He looks really creepy.

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