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Second Episode of ‘Car-Free Diet Show’ Released

by ARLnow.com February 6, 2012 at 9:00 am 3,079 44 Comments

A second episode of Arlington’s “Car-Free Diet Show” has been released.

The show, hosted by a former “Car-Free Diet Skeptic,” presents amusing tidbits designed to encourage commuters to consider alternatives to driving.

Last month’s episode was entitled “Gone With the Keys.” This month’s episode is “Mr. Smith Goes to Shirlington.”

  • novasteve

    I wonder if they bring up how wonder Metro makes it to be car free on weekends, eh?

  • Ed

    I support the idea of these — keeping the no-car option on the radar screen — but this one could be about 75% shorter. The intro is too long, and the bit across crossing the street could be removed altogether. Alt. use for the parking spot should be about 3-4 seconds, total, I’d say. I assumed they would start out light and then get more informative, with this series, but this is the reverse.

    There’s so much meat they could pack into these — health benefits of walking, for example. Or: George Will and conservatives like the way the country was, in 1910? Well, guess what, people walked more then and did not whine about it. Or they could discuss true total costs of car ownership, and then arlnow commenters could tear them apart — it would be fun.

    • Car Free Matt

      Hey Ed! Thanks for the input. I know Arlington has quite a few options for everyone to learn more about the benefits of going car-free as well as safe/convenient ways to accomplish the goal.

      The purpose of the web-series isn’t as just about education. It’s a comedy sketch show with the intention of high-lighting the car-free diet. There are all sorts of people out there, many who are put off by an over-abundnace of information being thrown at them. Hopefully, in addition to entertaining those who already know about the Car Free Diet, it will help encourage others to find out more and take part in their own way. The goal of the show is to be fun, and to highlight that going car-free (or car-lite) can and should be fun.

      A lot of people who are from this area already make great use of the options Arlington provides them with. However, many who live here, in addition to everyone new to the area, are usually surprised by how many options Arlington County has for getting around without a car. The Car-Free Diet show is just one part of the overall Car-Free Diet campaign.

  • Implant

    Dana is the star of that show! Does she live in Arlington and is she single? I bet she’d like my late model Audi Q7 SUV.

    • Car Free Matt

      Dang. So close Implant. I tried to make it happen, but when she looked up the Q7, she told me to let you know that she’s, “not into dudes who drive mini-vans”.

      • Implant

        Ah man, why does this always happens? Guess I’ll have to buy a hummer.

      • AugustHorsch

        the Q7 is hardly a minivan

  • truth be told

    Dana’s eyes are screaming for Matt to buy a proper chariot for her.

  • ArlingtonCountyTaxpayer

    And how much do we pay for this silliness?

  • DSS10

    As an ex-Amsterdam resident, I cant figure out who biking in the states is either for either hipsters with neck beards or up-tight spandex types. You don’t need to be smug or self absorbed to ride a bike. You don’t need to ride a bike all of the time and never use a car, and its not a big deal…….

    I just wish the bike lanes on the street were a bit more protected and that there were bike only signals (but I am sure that Arlington DPW would screw that up and the police would just see it a new revenue source and an excuse not to get out of their cars).

    • Eclectical

      This weekend I observed a young, pretty girl in a skirt riding her bike over by whole foods while smoking a cigarette. For some reason that made me happy. You shouldn’t smoke, kids but if you do, make sure to get your excercise.

      • truth be told

        And don’t smoke near a park, please.

      • Quoth the Raven

        I hope she threw the butt on the ground, b/c that’s awesome.

        • Eclectical

          It would be even more awesome if they had bikes equipped with an ashtray.

        • MW?

          Was she wearing boots?

          • Eclectical

            It’s possible, but I can’t recall that fashion detail.

      • CW

        I saw one of those well-organized intense soccer games that seem to be perpetually being played at W&L high school yesterday. Several of the players were smoking on the sideline during a pause in the game.

        • JamesE

          I usually have a cigar while dead lifting.

  • MW?

    When do we get our chickens?

  • Arlington Cat

    Where is “Shirlington” in this video? I saw Clarendon, but not Shirlington.

  • barf

    That video comes close to being compellingly, train-wreckishly bad, but falls just short of that

    • Implant

      That will be on the DVD cover!

    • Car Free Matt

      My mom disagrees. She said it’s definitely the most compellingly, train-wreckishly bad webisode about Arlington that she’s ever seen. And she’s seen upwards of two so she’s sort of an expert.

      • barf

        i should have said bike-wreckishly, but i suppose trains are still car-free

  • AugustHorsch

    why is it all the car-free stuff includes white metrosexual men?

  • Justin

    You’d have to be suicidal to ride a bike on Arlington’s main road.

    • barf

      would that be columbia pike or arlington blvd. There are plenty of safe sideroad(s)

  • Hank Hill

    cars=wealthy nation, propserity

    bikes=third world, poor

    I wave at all the hipsters on bikes while I am driving in my heated SUV

    • barf

      driving in your heated SUV=fat belly
      riding your bike=endorphins, muscles, lungs
      I laugh at all the SUVs stuck in traffic while I breeze by on my bike

      • Hank Hill

        barf- you might be happier in India and China where bikes are a way of life.

        • barf

          Hank, sounds like you’d be happier back in Texas selling propane and propane accessories?

          Oh, and bikes ARE a way of life in Arlington, or at least have gained a pretty good foothold over the past 40 years. We just have to keep things from rolling backwards.

          Don’t worry, the Chinese will soon overtake us in automotive units and eclipse our impact on global warming

          • truth be told

            They probably will, but we burn enough coal for our electricity to give them a run for their money.

  • Tabs

    Hey, Matt–

    This may be a bit forward of me, but does the carpet match the curtains?

  • ArlingtonWay

    More expensive white yuppie nonsense. I suppose we are going to be treated to this every episode, where Arlnow announces the new show and “Car Free Matt” trolls the comments section posting what he thinks are pithy replies. Jesus. Save us all.

    • Car Free Matt

      A couple of thoughts “Arlingtonway”:

      1. Just this morning on my way to work, I saw a black man, and an Asian woman riding their bikes. Maybe they didn’t get your memo?

      2. I took the time to look up a proper definition for the word yuppie: “a young college-educated adult who is employed in a well-paying profession and who lives and works in or near a large city.” That sounds complimentary. According to the news, society enjoys educated adults who work hard. So thanks! It feels great when people notice.

      3. Treated was a fantastic verb choice. That’s exactly how we all see it too! You should treat yourself to some ice cream while we treat you to every episode.

      4. Pithy was a poor adjective choice. Humorous. Snarky. Rhetorical. Informative. Well-loved. Those would work. But pithy? Not so much. Unless you wanted to use it in the following hilarious way: “I pithy the fool who doesn’t go car-free”. Then sure; that’s acceptable. As a side note, if I was shooting for pithy, I wouldn’t THINK they were pithy, they’d be chock-full of pithiness. They’d be pithy, and witty, and light. And I’d pity, and girl who wasn’t me, that night.

      5. I also looked up the word “trolling” so we could have a realistic conversation. From Wikipedia: “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” Seeing as your post was inflammatory, extraneous, and off-topic, and your intent was to provoke an emotional response…well I think you see where I’m going with this. Sounds like the classic case of the troll calling the kettle white. Get it!? I just made that up, just now.

      6. Finally, I’d like to highlight your personal, non-instigated comment: “More expensive white yuppie nonsense. I suppose we are going to be treated to this every episode, where Arlnow announces the new show and “Car Free Matt” trolls the comments section posting what he thinks are pithy replies. Jesus. Save us all.”

      Then, I’d like to highlight your response from the LAST article, about the first Car-Free Diet Show:
      “Portland? Is there a city with more self absorbed hipster douches in the whole nation? I mean, including even Ann Arbor and Austin? Christ, save us all.”

      Seriously? I picture your computer set up with a post it note that reads:

      1. Comment unnecessarily. Check.
      2. Be oddly bitter for no apparent reason. Check.
      3. Mention the Lord. Check.
      4. Ask to be saved from things that pose no actual threat and/or things which require no one to actually be saved. Check.

      Go Giants!

      • Crystal City biker

        Amen, Matt!
        One can regularly find lovely, safe, inexpensive–or even free–bicycles at yard sales, on craigslist, and in the garages of couch potato friends and relatives. I do wish with all my heart that more was done to create safer, more well-lit bike lanes and paths throughout the county and into the city and suburbs as well. I was positively in awe of how the folks in Copenhagen did it.



  • Hank Hill

    to be more accurate, the clip should have women with mustaches that work for the DNC.

  • mickey644

    Just another way to pixx away money on a “feel good” project that has no merit.

  • ArlingtonWay

    ?? Sincerely, Matt. Not sure you realize how scary you come off here, trolling the comments and responding to all the posts in such an odd and aggressive way. Seem to remember the same thing last time. Pretty sure you’re not doing yourself or whatever cause it is you think you are accomplishing any favors.

    • 48-15-16-23-42

      I don’t think he comes off scary at all. he’s obviously mocking you. and doing a good job of being funny while he does it. stop being miserable.

      thought the show was funny. good work guys.

  • TuesdaysChild

    It amazes me that people with education would ride bikes in traffic. Risking their lives or at least serious injury just to get to work.

    Bikes on trails are fine. Bikes on roads are an unnecessary hazard.

    • Yep Uhuh

      Careless drivers on roads are the unnecessary hazard.

      Bikes are treated as kid’s toys or workout equipment by too many people around here.

      They are a transport option. Quite often they are the fastest option too, when you take into account traffic and finding a parking space.

      Biking on main roads can be dangerous, but so can being a pedestrian, or even a driver Just be careful.

  • J

    I live in Arlington and I don’t own a car. I’m 47 and I’ve never owned a car. I subway to work, I bike* to the grocery store (it’s possible to be careful on roads), and I borrow or rent a car when my bike won’t do.

  • Your Mom

    Car Free Matt is a toolbag. Most of the time, advocates of bike riding are cheap. They try to make riding a bike sound cool, to cover up the fact that they don’t feel like spending money on a monthly payment, insurance and gas. O’Doyle’s Rule!!!!


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