Photos: Models Strut Their Stuff at Crystal Couture

by ARLnow.com February 10, 2012 at 2:30 pm 3,718 16 Comments

The talents of local fashion designers has been on display at the annual Crystal Couture fashion show this week.

Each night of the event, which kicked off on Tuesday, models walk the runway sporting the latest trends from local designers and boutiques. In addition to watching the models strut their stuff, attendees can shop at trunk sales, get makeup and hair makeovers, get temporary henna tattoos, and sip wine or beer.

Tonight’s event will feature Hot 99.5’s Sarah Fraser as emcee. Tomorrow night’s finale will be hosted by NBC4’s Angie Goff. Crystal Couture takes place in the former Crystal City Shops food court at 1750 Crystal Drive.

Lots of photos after the jump.

Disclosure: Crystal City BID is an ARLnow.com advertiser.

  • E

    awww chick on the right thought she was a model after taking one of the other model’s dress’ and putting it on. Isn’t that cute.

  • G Clifford Prout

    I’d be happy to take one of those to the Crystal City Motel. Oh, wait….

  • Swag

    Why are they all looking at me like I owe them money?

    • Johnny Utah

      you got till 5 o clock, you hear me!?

  • How

    How do I get my hood to stay on ever so slightly like the guy in the 3rd photo?

    • nom de guerre

      You might want too attach a piece of velcro to your head.

  • MattFromFLA


    and I’m done

  • Elmer

    No smiles from the women. Bad teeth? Clothes too tight? Shoes hurt?
    To be realistic, they should all have cell phones on their ears and be looking down at the I-pads/pods in their hands.

  • How
  • ArlingtonCountyTaxpayer

    why doe s this warrant 51 pictures?

    also, do these attractive women wearing pretty nice clothes realize that they are cavorting ina food court?


      Because there is much more to life in Arlington than politics, taxes, auto accidents, and restaurant openings.

      Meanwhile, # 11 and # 35.

      • Bemused By Stander

        “Because there is much more to life in Arlington than politics, taxes, auto accidents, and restaurant openings.”

        You left out slip lanes and cupcakes…….and probably a few other things.

  • Flameout

    Asian chicks rule!

  • Dss10

    I’m impressed that they didn’t use any junior high anorexic models from the former soviet union like they do in the New York shows but I’m saddened that most of the women I see would never wear anything but a ill fitting pant suits to show off their muffin top……

  • Andy

    #45 is my favorite. She is totally beautiful.

  • Rebecca

    So this is where you can find a man in Arlington over 6’0.


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