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by ARLnow.com March 12, 2012 at 8:29 am 3,309 37 Comments

Lyon Park Community House Plan Approved — A permit to expand and renovate the historic Lyon Park Community Center was approved on Saturday by the Arlington County Board. The planned changes to the house, owned by the private Lyon Park Citizens Association, includes an updated kitchen and a new sunroom. [Arlington County]

Pike Affordable Housing Project Approved — Also on Saturday, the County Board approved up to $6 million worth of lending to local nonprofit developer AHC Inc. to build a new 83-unit affordable housing complex. The building will replace a Shell gas station along Arlington’s western end of Columbia Pike. [Arlington County]

Hall’s Hill Cemetery Wins Historic Status — The County Board has voted to grant historic status to an African American cemetery in the Hall’s Hill and High View Park areas of Arlington. The small cemetery plot was the final resting place for about 100 residents, who were buried between 1891 and 1959. [Sun Gazette]

Last Day for Special Election Registration — Today is the last day to register to vote or update your address for the March 27 County Board Special Election. Contenders in the race to replace former County Board member (and current state Senator) Barbara Favola include Libby Garvey (D), Mark Kelly (R) and Audrey Clement (G).

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  • nunya

    pretty in pink.

    • OldTimer

      sixteen candles

      • nom de guerre

        the breakfast club

  • ArlingtonSouth

    So the article said if no contaminants are found they will construct the affordable housing on the site of the Shell station. As any private developer would tell you, any gas station will have significant contamination.

    So, fellow taxpayers, hope there is plenty of environmental contingency in AHC’s budget – otherwise, your $6 million loan/gift is going to grow!

    • nunya

      have you seen potomac yards recently. im sure that was more contaminated than one gas station.

      • South Awwwlington

        And the development in Potomac Yards is being done by private developers…not with public money.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      Oh, the question of contamination is not in doubt. It’s documented, and quite extensive.

    • Stan

      This is public information just a few clicks away:

      “all costs associated with removing underground storage tanks
      and contaminated soil will be reimbursed by either the previous owner or the current owner of the Shell Station Property.”

      • Keith

        I’m sure that is the way one side sees the issue. From the sellers side, why should they pay anything to make the buyer’s life easier?

  • BreakPause02

    There goes another gas station… one day there will be no where to fill up in Arlington.

    • SteamboatWillie

      Except on Lee Highway, where you can find 1-3 every 1/2 mile

      • Tex

        But having those up there doesn’t help us in areas who would like to be able to walk to the gas station.

        • AllenB


      • Suburban Not Urban

        Why do you think those will be any more protected than elsewhere. The EFC plan already calls for getting rid of 2 or more stations.

        • SouthPikeGuy

          Uh, not exactly. The plan envisions how to develop land if and when the parcels become available. There is no mechanism in the plan to get rid of anything.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            The plan doesn’t mandate it but it incentivizes it by up zoning which makes the land more valuable than it’s current use which any capitalist worth his salt would take advantage of but the up-zoning is at the expense of the citizens and folks that need the service. The county up-zones because they gain again at the expense of the neighbors and citizens.

    • nunya

      just need a mixed use ….. like our lady of chevron in rosslyn.

      • Dan

        St. Exxons to old timers……

        • nunya

          next is temple shell

  • ArlRes

    Why would you want to walk to a gas station? To carry gas back for your car?

    • Guessing

      Maybe it would make for a nice family outing (on a nice day, of course). With me, the wife and the three kids each carrying a 5 gallon gas container we can carry just enought to fill the Expedition’s tank. Maybe while we are there, we grab some slim jims and some yoohoo and make a lunch out of it.

      • JamesE

        Have a romantic dinner with some Mountain Dew and beef jerky.

      • Clarendon

        They are kind of pricey, but they have 14 gallon rollable gasoline containers that would be useful for gas toting pedestrians


        The Expedition has a 28 gallon tank so two of these suckers would do you and then the kids would have their hands free to carry bags of slim jims and discount soda back.

      • drax

        Do you also drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill?

        • truth be told

          I ski to the gym to use the…. oh, wait.

          • cyclist

            I ride a bike to the Gold’s Gym on Wilson, then ride past the front window and taunt everyone on stationary bikes.

          • truth be told

            I think you meant to say you blind them with your brightly colored spandex.

          • cyclist

            That’s not me.

          • Balderdash Champion

            I in fact drive to the gym. Then I run on a treadmill, is that OK Drax?

          • drax

            Oh, it’s just fine.

    • long timer

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

    • truth be told

      Nostalgia, to remember the days when there were gas stations in Arlington.

    • ArlyMon

      Since they don’t have cars, to get their big bite and big gulp.

  • South Awwwlington

    The County Board approves the suggestion of their personally appointed Commission on Housing and thumbs their nose at the CHW CA once again. Does it even matter anymore? Do they listen to anyone other than the white neighbors around O’Connell?

    I don’t think I will ever vote democratic again in Arlington County.
    There’s a reason all five of these losers are elected at large…and it’s so they can NEVER be held accountable.

  • VoteVoteVote

    Vote for Libby Garveyon March 27th

  • MC

    Another $6 million to ‘support’ affordable housing when existing units can’t be filled, and the County needs to spend money to encourage hipsters to move here to fill them. These things are being approved without any reference to real housing needs, but simply to support a Soviet-style quota the Board has set for itself. Why are these 83 units needed when AHA has unfilled units today?


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