Las Delicias Restaurante Closes

by ARLnow.com March 19, 2012 at 2:30 pm 5,358 79 Comments

It appears that Las Delicias Restaurante (1621 S. Walter Reed Drive) has closed.

A tipster first noticed that the Latin/Mexican restaurant was closed and its sign had been painted over two weeks ago. As of Thursday afternoon, there was still no activity inside the eatery.

Las Delicias had poor reviews on Yelp — a cumulative average of only 2 out of 5 stars — and was the scene of a violent brawl in January.

Hat tip to Tony B.

  • E

    Good real estate there. Please Arlington, build high rises instead of a one level crap house.

    • DarkHeart

      An above ground Arby’s is what this town needs.

      • thelevyisdry


        • JC

          Oh please, I hope you’re joking. Send the fast food to your own neighborhood! Let’s see some more positive development in South Arlington. How about a coffee shop, a boutique, or another wine bar!

  • novasteve


    • TheBeermonger

      I will continue to endorse calls for the building of a new Dremo’s until such time as it comes true. That is all.

      Plus, that’s like right down the street from me, so let me dream.

      • drax

        Too late. Dremo’s is going to H Street in DC.

        • TheBeermonger

          Is this true? I hadn’t heard anything. If it is, good for them. I miss my favorite bar…

  • ColumbiaForester

    And they had just freshened the paint on the outside and everything…

    I don’t imagine anyone is shedding tears over this…

  • Gabby

    We live just a few blocks away. I’m happy to see this place close. It was a little bit scary. I’m hoping that a good restaurant will open in its place. Doesn’t need to be anything big. Just a nice neighborhood spot.

    • ColumbiaForester

      Same here. Spot has potential.

    • thelevyisdry

      I live nearby too. Anything with less broken glass in the parking lot is welcome.

    • JC

      Exactly what I would like, a neighborhood spot. Bring a little class to the area.

  • 1234

    First Blanca’s and now this! And we think we live in a cultured area . . .

    • yup

      blanca’s is out of business? My girlfriend is going to be pissed

    • KalashniKEV

      You didn’t follow the link to the “melee?”

      That’s VIBRANT.

  • chipotle_addict

    District Taco, please buy this and make it your 3rd location.

    • CrystalMikey

      Sure to be better parking, right?

  • Sean

    Agree. Happy it’s closed.

  • j


    • arlmama

      +1 million

    • CrystalMikey


    • ColumbiaForester

      It does already look like one…

      • probably because it used to be a High’s. remember those!?

        • nom de guerre

          The High’s that was at this location was truly unique-you would walk in and encounter a clerk who was behind bullet proof glass and you would “place your order” and they would get what you wanted. The neighborhood hasn’t changed much since then.

          • Arlingtoon

            I remember going in one day when I was sicker than a dog — I needed to resupply toilet paper and Pepto Bismol. I said “they kind of go together” to the clerk, who didn’t get it.

            I prefer self-service, thank you very much.

          • Zoning Victim

            I’ve lived in the neighborhood since ’99, and it’s changed a lot since then, which was after High’s was occupying that building.

          • JC

            Agreed. It has changed a lot.

          • nom de guerre

            I hope the “violent brawl” that occurred there in January is not a barometer on how much things have changed around the location of Las Delicias Restaurante.

    • CW

      Or Sheetz!

      • BallstonNOTBoston

        +1, MTO up in this jank.

  • pork

    This used to be a tasty vietnamese place way back a long time ago. would be nice to see that again

    • Tabs

      +1 for “Pho Walter”

  • HP2000

    The Christmas decorations have been taken down from the front widows recently, so there is hope that something new is going in there soon.

  • T

    Their food actually wasn’t too bad. Beers were pricey, which made me feel like we got the “only gringos in the place” surcharge. I can’t believe everyone was paying $5 for their can of Tecate.

    Still unsure if that place turned into a strip-club after dinner hours. The wives made us leave before we could find out.

    • Ed

      I ate there too! Once.

  • nom de guerre

    This location has had almost as many unsuccessful restaurants as the location that currently houses the Sleepys Mattress at the intersection of Lee Highway and Harrison Street has.

    • Josh S

      You must have been living in Arlington a lot longer than me. Before Sleepys was Sleepys, it was a Hollywood Video. Dating back to 1997, which is when I moved here.

      Perhaps you are thinking of the place a little farther west on Lee Highway – the restaurant next to the Lee-Lex Auto repair shop? That restaurant turns over annually, it seems.

      • JohnB

        He has been living here longer than you. Before the Hollywood Video that was a new restaurant about every two years since I can remember (late 80’s).

        • Josh S

          Fair enough.

      • CourtesyClerk

        Used to be a Mexican joint back in the 70’s. Probably had a few short term failures after that. Building was different from what’s there now.

      • nom de guerre

        Arlington resident for over 40 years-there was a succession of Mexican and at least one Vietnamese restaurant there prior to 1997. Their tenure was so short I don’t remember any of their names. My friends an I referred to that location as the kiss of death. The building next to Lee-Lex used to be a Pizza Hut back in the eighties.

        • Was just thinking that

          As they mentioned restaurant turnovers in the area I thought of the now asian bistro place (?) that was a pizza hut in my childhood and then changed hands a million + times including the old cowboy owners trying out that Charlie Horse Grill and many variations of “fusion” restaurants before and since.

          • CourtesyClerk

            Spent many Friday nights in that Pizza Hut back in the early-80’s. When it got late, put some Def Leppard or Van Halen on the jukebox. They had the volume control down low behind the front counter, if you talked to the girl nice enough she would turn it up if it was late and the place was emptying out.

          • Balzton

            Charlie Horse! I remember that place. One of very few restaurants named for a physical malady.

        • Whoa

          Wasn’t this also the Arlington location of Lalibela, before it moved to the (now closed) location on Columbia Pike?

          • nom de guerre

            Don’t know if it was called Lalibela, but there was an Ethiopian restaurant there at one time.

          • John K.

            Yep. I believe Lalibela was the previous occupant. But, it was definitely in that spot first.

  • G Clifford Prout

    At least they didn’t find a dead body in the place. That would make four tales of demise in one day. Any more and ARLNow will need a separate obituary page.

    • yup

      everything comes in 3. No way will we see a 4th!

    • drax

      You are more likely to die by football than by homicide in Arlington.

      • KalashniKEV

        You are even more likely to die by falling off the Ballston Parking Garage.

  • Joe Smithstien

    Everyone knows that this was a front for a brothel right?

    If you have any contacts to the local Latin American community, go and find out for yourself.

    • Andrea

      I heard it was the hq’s of a latin gang and never went near it.

      • JamesE

        Pablo Escobar use to dine there

    • John K.

      I thought that was Rancho Migueleno on Columbia Pike…

    • DarkHeart

      Is that why it is next to the mattress store?

  • Tabs

    How about a new, local fishmonger?

    • nom de guerre

      Back in the day this location used to house a retail seafood purveyor. M. Slavin & Sons was located on S. Glebe near 395 but they also went out of business.

    • Quoth the Raven

      That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long, long time. There isn’t one in Arlington anywhere, is there?

      • JohnB
        • JamesE

          I keep forgetting to try this place.

        • Quoth the Raven

          Thanks! I totally forgot about this place, even though I’ve been there a couple of years ago. Great tip –

          • Tabs

            Never heard of it! Looks good, even tho not so close.

  • Las Delicias Neighbor

    Who will be my neighbor now?!

  • JB

    Used to be one near Rocklands across from the Giant on Wash. Blvd. Problem is lots of people like one stop shopping and don’t want to go to one place to get the seafood, and another to get everything else. That counters what it takes to be a successful fish monger which is really fresh good quality stuff, and a big customer base so it sells really fast or else it doesn’t stay fresh for long. That’s why these days you usually find them by the docks where the fish comes in, or in an open marketplace like Eastern Market where there are other vendors. Otherwise it makes more sense to deliver your goods to restaurants and grocers than to have your own brick and mortar store.

    • John Fontain

      “That’s why these days you usually find them by the docks where the fish comes in”

      You mean “by the docks where the fish is brought in by truck and sold next to the water to make people think it was brought in fresh off a boat.”

  • Runaway Train

    Southside Social

    • JC

      Bring it. Yes.

      • southie cara

        YES! Southside Social is the answer!

  • Night Rider

    Homicide in Arlington? What, is someone going to club you with a brown flip flop?

    • My doomsday preparations include caches of brown flip flops buried strategically around the county.

      • Smar-Tee

        Doomsday Preppies!

  • jacsa

    This should not be a commercial space. This is a a neighborhood! Truck loading/ parking/ garbage, its a eye sore for the neighborhood. Glad it is gone. This lot needs to be residential. Don’t know how it got zoned for retail. Terrible County planning and a detriment for the neighborhood. The road on both sides are tight and not enough space for a commercial / retail space, and neighborhood parking. Hope this get re-zoned so that a residential structure can be built to blend into the neighborhood.

    • JC

      It does stick out a bit, but I’d be happy if a reputable space opened. How nice would it be to have a little coffee shop with in walking distance. Just not a crappy blight on the community.

  • Kathy

    I noticed a new sign on the way home tonight…some Guatamalan place. Can’t help but think it’s the same old place with a new name.

    • JC

      Yeah, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will be an improvement. But I’m sure we can look forward to thumping bass at midnight again! Hm. I was really hoping for a coffee shop, but if we wanted it that bad we should have all gotten together to create a new happening.


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