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by ARLnow.com March 22, 2012 at 8:24 am 3,114 12 Comments

Nonprofits Ask for Funds at Budget Hearing — A public hearing on the county’s proposed tax rate changes is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight. Meanwhile, Tuesday’s budget hearing was largely dominated by the pleas of nonprofits — those that help the homeless, provide affordable housing, work for the rights of immigrants, etc. — for full funding in FY 2013. In one particularly poignant moment, the executive director of the Arlington Street Peoples’ Assistance Network told County Board members that a homeless man who was found dead on Monday was an A-SPAN client and an Arlington native. [Sun Gazette, Patch]

Eventide Creates Cocktail for Cherry Blossom Fest — Eventide Restaurant (3165 Wilson Blvd) has created a specialty cocktail in honor of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Bar manager Tim Irwin even created a video to show budding mixologists how to make his creation — the “Kyoto Cocktail” — which is made with Bison Grass Vodka, Ginger Liqueur, Vanilla Syrup and Fresh Grapefruit Juice. [YouTube]

Lawmakers Ask for Solitary Confinement Probe — Del. Patrick Hope and Sen. Adam Ebbin of Arlington have joined Del. Charniele Herring of Alexandria in writing a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, asking the federal government to investigate the alleged overuse of solitary confinement in Virginia. The Democratic state lawmakers say solitary confinement is in some cases being used as “a form of psychological torture.” [Washington Post]

New CFO for Artisphere — Artisphere has hired a new Chief Financial Officer. The new CFO will “manage the complexity of financial operations” at the Rosslyn arts venue. [Arlington Mercury]

  • BreakPause02

    If only us working stiffs had the hours after work to spend talking about why we should not be taxed more.

    While the death of anyone is sad, no one can say that funding was the cause.

    • drax

      1. Most working stiffs still have evenings off.
      2. This hearing wasn’t about taxes.
      3. Nobody said funding caused this guy’s death, but yeah, a lack of funding for certain things can lead to premature death.

  • Ballstoni

    Bison grass sounds unappealing.

    • Not a nice place

      Yeah, but I wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking at Eventide, it’s overpriced and the wait staff is incredibly rude. Food is not even that great.

  • outoftowner

    The new CFO will “manage the complexity of financial operations”
    ‘Collect and spend free money”

    • KalashniKEV

      Lots of hard math there- “Zero dollars, minus salaries and over head expenses… ummmm… we’re gonna need more of your money!”

  • Garden City

    To BreakPause02, et. al.,
    I can’t be at the hearing either, so I’m going to send emails to two or three councilmen reminding them of the taxpayers who can’t be at the hearing because we’re at work. I strongly suggest that many others do the same thing. Just griping on this web site won’t change a thing.

    • drax

      What are you going to gripe about? The fact that they hold hearings when it’s convenient for most people?

      (FYI – board members, not councilmen. This is a county).

  • Jason S.

    Client? So, he paid ASPAN?

    • nom de guerre

      If this was an attempt to be humorous, you failed. The term that is most commonly used to identify someone who is a customer of a human service organization is a “client.”

    • Those crazy words
  • Citizen

    Patients and prisoners, you’re all “clients” of the human service organization now.


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