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by ARLnow.com April 4, 2012 at 8:35 am 3,413 17 Comments

Arlington Ranked Second Healthiest County in Va. — Arlington has been named the second-healthiest county in Virginia, second only to Fairfax County. The rankings were released yesterday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “Arlington County works hard to promote a healthy way of living, and to provide residents with options that make it easier to stay healthy and fit,” County Board Chair Mary Hynes said, citing biking, walking and recreational activities as examples of healthy options encouraged by the county. [Arlington County]

Donnellan: Theater Builds Communities — A robust arts program is vital to quality of life in Arlington, according to County Manager Barbara Donnellan. A theater buff in high school, Donnellan says theater helps build a sense of community, which is one of the key roles of local government. [Theatre Washington]

ACT College Closes in Arlington — ACT College, a D.C. area health training school, has suddenly shut down its Arlington, Alexandria and Manassas campuses. The school’s Arlington campus was located at 1100 Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn. [WJLA]

Ballston Company Recruits Nerds — In its effort to recruit top software engineers, Ballston-based Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) is billing itself as a paradise for nerds. The company, which analyzes sales data for big retailers and restaurants, has been sponsoring hackathons, computer competitions and even StarCraft tournaments for students at top universities. The nerd recruitment seems to be working: the average SAT score of APT employees is 1560. [Washington Post]

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  • bobco85

    Today is National Walk to Work Day. I didn’t know about it until I saw a group of people (one of whom was holding a blue sign that read “National Walk to Work Day”) who had started at the Ballston metro station and were walking south on Glebe Road near Quincy Street.

    • nom de guerre

      Thanks for sharing…and I thought today was only International Carrot Day!


    • PUP

      jeez, wish i lived that close to where i work. it’s a 45-minute bike ride. would have to leave like 2 hrs in advance.

      • bobco85

        After reading a little more about it, the purpose of Walk to Work Day seems to be to get people to walk at least 15 minutes as part of their commute.

        From the Walk Arlington website (I hope my formatting works):

        National Walk to Work Day encourages participants to walk for all or part of their commute. Organizers suggest that commuters aim for a minimum 15-minute walk each way. If you take public transportation, try walking to a further stop before boarding, or getting off a stop early and walking the rest of the distance to work. Or if your commute is too long, make it a Walk to Lunch or Walk After Work Day.

    • JamesE

      I walked on 66W to the toll road to McLean.

  • CJTC

    1560 is pretty bad

    • Ali

      I’m assuming they’re using the 1600 point scale and not the 2400 one.

      • Wait…

        Ok, I feel old. It’s a different scale now? I too thought 1600 was the cap so I was impressed at the level they wanted. Ha!

        • drax

          The high score is different now, because they added a test, and so is the median score for each test. The scores have been inflated by about 100 points since the mid-90s.

        • Swag

          Yeah, they changed the scale and all us old people got dumber.

  • “You just got your a**es whipped by a bunch of G*d da*n nerds. NERDS!”


    • Joehoya


  • Hattie McDaniel

    ACT always seemed shady to me.

    • collegeprof

      ACT is part of Kaplan. A definite for PROFIT school that is not accredited by one of the six nationally accreditation organizations. Basically, a degree from ACT is a dead end degree where the classes don transfer readily to any accreditied college or university. The accreditation it bragged about was state or local, and that is also useless.

      When choosing a college check to make sure it is accreditited by one of the accreditation bodies, otherwise the degree is almost worthless. For the money the deal was a real fizzle…

      • Can you please cite a source for saying that ACT College is part of Kaplan? We can’t find any evidence of that.

  • Arlingtonian

    About ACT College: Don’t locate a cultural or educational facility in Rosslyn unless you wish to bankrupt yourself. The Newseum departed for greener pastures. The Artisphere requires taxpayer transfusions to survive. What’s next?

    • Rosslyner

      Well, following that logic the Art Institute of Washington, Diplomatic Language Center, Washington Language Center, LADO International College, Argosy University, Graham Webb Academy, 3 daycare centers, Lutheran College Washington Semester, and Georgia Tech Research Institute will all be shuttered as suddenly as ACT due to bankruptcy. GU may go bankrupt by proximity. Then Strayer and Troy in Courthouse and likely GW by way of metro. Just look what ACT has started. Suppose if Rosetta Stone closes under competitive pressure from DuoLingo it will be attributable to its location? Maybe since Georgia Tech is state funded, it may stand a chance. But it’s another state so…


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