Rosslyn Condo Up for HGTV ‘Doory Award’

by ARLnow.com April 11, 2012 at 1:59 pm 11,200 87 Comments

Rosslyn might not quite be Manhattan on the Potomac, but a loft-style condo that’s up for an award from HGTV does have a certain SoHo vibe to it.

A penthouse condo at Rosslyn’s Wooster and Mercer Lofts condo building (1600 Clarendon Blvd) is one of eight finalists for an HGTV “Doory Award” under the “Urban Homes” category. The two story, 1,111 square foot, 1 bedroom/1 bathroom condo features Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, 25 foot ceilings, a kitchen island, private roof deck, two walk-in closets and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances like a Wolf gas range and a Sub Zero refrigerator. The building was built in 2007 and the condo is priced at $791,000.

The condo’s competition in the HGTV contest includes units from other trendy multifamily properties in big cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Seattle — and New York City itself.

You can vote for Arlington’s hometown entry in the contest on the Doory Awards website.

Disclosure: John Eric, an ARLnow.com advertiser, is the listing agent for the condo.


  • E

    I live in Rosslyn. It is a safe area that borders a body of water near a city. The comparison’s must stop at that point, the Manhattan on The Potomac or whatever catchy nickname is used is insulting everyone’s intelligence.

  • Rebecca


  • Regular readers may notice that this is the first time we’ve published an article in the “Real Estate” category. We’re planning to make residential real estate-related articles a regular feature in the coming months. We’ll be focusing mostly on interesting real estate listings and events, as opposed to stats about the overall real estate market.

    In addition to highlighting properties that are notable for one reason or another (like the condo highlighted here), we may also publish sponsored listings, as often as once per week. As is the case for sponsored articles, sponsored listings will be clearly noted at such.

    • Greg

      Yeah, please don’t do the stats thing. The Sun Gazette reports that to death.

      • nunya


    • R. Griffon

      Really looking forward to these as an avid real estate follower, as I’m sure a lot of others will also.

  • CrystalMikey

    nice shag.

    Seriously love the “balcony” though.

  • LP

    Wolf, not Wolfe.

    Looking forward to the regular Real Estate posts!

    • Thank you, correcting it now. It was apparently misspelled on the listing.

  • Rob Geeeee

    Enough to make 99%ers everywhere meltdown in an envy-driven rage.

    • LibraryLady


    • drax

      Let them eat cake.

      • WeiQiang


    • JamesE

      Not with that TV

  • Josh S

    Weren’t these marketed at $1m+ when the building opened?

    I’ve been inside one – they really are pretty cool.

    Is this really Rosslyn? Or Courthouse? Where is the line? Maybe Rhodes?

    • LP

      Lots were (and still are $1M+) but this is only a 1Bedroom.

      Interesting that John Eric doesn’t have this listing on his site.

      • LP

        Just did some research, it was purchased from Abdo (Developer) for $745,900 in September of ’07.

      • SomeGuy

        I think it already sold in mid-March. That’s why it’s no longer listed.

      • ArlingtonNative

        John Eric is a joke of a realtor. We learned that the hard way…but luckily, we learned it before it was too late!

    • SoMuchForSubtlety

      Yes, it is Rosslyn. Rhodes St. is the dividing line between Rosslyn and Courthouse.

    • KalashniKEV

      There is an Arlington County Map that says it’s Rhodes, but it’s really Scott St.


      • SomeGuy

        So which is “official?” I always thought it was unequivocally Rhodes Street.

        • KalashniKEV

          The map in my link is the real deal. My address is Rolfe, and all my mail, weather apps, everything says Rosslyn. I have the same Zip as Deloitte.

        • Josh S

          Zipmap.com or common practice among people who actually live here?

          It’s Rhodes.

          • KalashniKEV

            The United States Postal Service is the authority.

            I think your common practice is… uncommon.

  • Lou

    Floorgasm candidate.

  • bob

    How do you vacuum a shag like that (or more likely for this condo- how does your housekeeper vacuum a shag like that)? (!)..

    • (Removes monocle and brushes off tweed lapel) Let the help worry about things like that.

    • randy

      question is surely how do you shag your housekeeper?

  • CW

    That actually seems like a really good deal for around here. Yes, it’s a 1BR 1BA, but on a per sqft basis it’s not bad.

    • Poor man

      It was designated by the County as affordable housing for those north of the Pike.

    • JamesE

      It would be $400k without that private roof deck

      • CW

        Nah, not at 1100sqft, you see a lot of 1+1s @ 700sqft without any nice finishes going for 400.

      • KalashniKEV

        Not in that area.

      • Josh S

        And not with those windows, etc. Deck adds $100K?

        • KalashniKEV

          …it would add more than 100K if it were on the other side of the building, and there weren’t any other buildings in the way.

  • KalashniKEV

    I don’t really like the Wooster and Mercer. I can see the point of “loft style” and exposed ductwork if it used to be a warehouse, but not for something new… and certainly not pricy.

    Plus it’s like VoyeurDorm with those big windows.

    The private balcony is nice though!

    • Josh S

      It’s faux warehouse – the people who could afford to live here don’t care, They’re buying the “lifestyle.”

  • This unit is actually no longer on the market. It was for sale until mid-March when it was withdrawn.

  • KalashniKEV

    …just noticed he has the Room & Board “Cow-fur Chaise Lounge.”

    I want that!!!!

    • LP

      She, not he.

      • KalashniKEV


        • LP

          Really. A woman owns it.

          • KalashniKEV

            Where does it say that? The styling appears masculine…

    • Josh S

      $10 in the jar for you….

  • Southeast Jerome

    baller unit

  • SomeGuy

    I think there’s a $514/month condo fee to go along with it!

    • Southeast Jerome

      thats not that bad of a condo fee. I think there is a pool at that building out back.

      • LP

        Wow! Really, $541 seems a little high in my book.

        My building in Clarendon is less than 7 years old, has a pool and condo fees are less than half of that.

        • LP

          Sorry, $514, not $541. Still, my condo fees are less than half of $514 as well.

          • JamesE

            I am just north of $300 for my condo fee, but I never use the pool maybe I should ask for a discount.

          • Lucky

            My condo fee is over $900 a month, you guys have it good.

        • choogirl

          Since my condo fees are double that amount, I’ll put my vote in for quite reasonable. Especially for Rosslyn.

          • JamesE

            I hope you get free catered food and have your own personal butler for $1k condo fee.

          • LP

            Unfortunately, I doubt it.

            Have a good friend whose father has a condo in Rosslyn and his condo fee is ~$1600 – I almost fainted when I saw that.

            Oh yeah, no pool, gym or amenities besides a doorman and a garage. Although the view is killer.

          • JamesE

            his condo fee is now equal to my mortgage payments after refi.

          • choogirl

            I do have a pool, gym, security and valet but I’m also not even in the high dollar condos. The 1%-ers who live in the $7million dollar penthouses pay some fee that looks like a mortgage to some people.

          • JamesE

            I was unaware some of the buildings have such absurd fees, my building is older (over 25 years) so the amenities are slightly lacking but the units are larger than normal.

          • choogirl

            JamesE- I recently bought but didn’t want a tiny condo. This bldg and only one other were the only ones in the area I could find with units over 2000sqft. My need for shoe closets comes with large fees.

          • JamesE

            Ha, I was going with 800-900 vs 500-600 sqft for larger than normal. Although the size difference accurately reflects the condo fee difference.

    • randy

      Does that include the shag maintenance?

  • PUP

    very “doory” yeah.

  • KalashniKEV

    I wouldn’t trade it for mine.

  • Columbia Pike Y’all

    700k for 1100 Sq ft for a “loft-like” unit with pseudo duct work… Nice looking enough copy of a loft, but who is the market for this? Georgetown fundies? Patrick Bateman?

    And agreed. Rosslyn, although convenient to other places is a fake downtown with little nightlife.

    • SilverDiner

      Yeah, I think I’ll stay in and put on my Huey Lewis & the News CDs.

      • Josh S

        Or maybe just watch Fight Club and make fun of this person’s interior decorating style.

    • Lou

      That ductwork looks pretty “non pseudo” to me. Right down to the tapering diameter towards the end.

    • WeiQiang

      If you’re unsure about Wooster&Mercer, then ABDO’s Gaslight Square won’t be re-assuring: http://abdo.com/press/wbj_gaslight.pdf

    • KalashniKEV

      “Patrick Bateman?”


  • PUP

    “The condo’s competition in the HGTV contest includes units from other trendy multifamily properties in big cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Seattle — and New York City itself.”

    what kind of weird sentence is that?

    • LP

      What’s weird about it? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    • WeiQiang

      If I get the syntax of the sentence, there are individual condos/flats from each of those cities AND all five boroughs of NYC have been entered as a single condo/flat. Interesting competitve strategy.

      • WeiQiang

        … competitive …

      • GrammarInTheCity

        A panda walks into a bar.

        What do I get for 2 million bucks?

        The bartender responds:

        The five boro’s as a single condo unit.

        Does that come with a doorman?

        Michael Bloomberg, of course.

        I’m going back to Rosslyn.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    One Master Bedroom closet and about 4 cupboards. Wouldn’t work.

  • TuesdaysChild

    I keep expecting the loft style to go out of style. But it is still popular.
    It was a clever trick of the developers to get people to pay for units with rough walls and ceilings and exposed duct work.

    • Eeeevil Developer

      Yes, yes – and you keep falling for it!

      Muuuhahaha . . . MUUUhahahaha . . . MUUUUUUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • JamesE

      I am going to start a new trend, I will strip out all the drywall exposing everything instantly doubling the price of my condo.

  • MC

    Nice for a single person, if that’s your goal in life.

    • KalashniKEV

      How’s the wine from those sour grapes? …or is it “whine?”

  • BallstonDweller

    That much money and having to make sure your toothpaste is hidden before your guests come over.

    And is the bathroom upstairs (annoying during the day) or downstairs (annoying if you get up at night)?

  • R. Griffon

    I can tell I’m getting old and pragmatic when I look at those high ceilings and all I can think of is how much wasted square footage there is there in such a fairly crowded semi-urban area. You could easily fit a 2nd level bedroom and private bath up there, and maybe even a small home office to boot. Plus you’ve gotta pay to heat and cool all that volume without being able to live in it.

    Not for me, but to each their own. It’s obviously a great space for the right buyer.

  • knowitall

    I looked at the competiton on the Doory site. First view, they all look alike!

    It must be a case of taste being all in the mouth!

  • ef yourself

    rosslyn’s whack. Courthouse 4 lyfe. More specifically, The Williamsburg, where I lay my head at night is the shiz.

  • ArlingtonBasha

    Its hard for me to call this a one bedroom as there are no windows in the space that they are calling the bedroom. And its back on the market – guess a previous contract fell through?


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