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The Stories Behind the Valor Awards — Wednesday’s Arlington Chamber of Commerce Valor Awards ceremony included some incredible tales of heroism in the line of duty by Arlington’s first responders. In addition to acts of bravery by firefighters and paramedics, there were stories of valor among Arlington’s law enforcement officers, including police officers who prevented a suicidal man from jumping off the Key Bridge in January, an officer who pulled the occupants of a burning, wrecked car to safety, and a Sheriff’s deputy who jumped on the electrified Metro tracks to come to the aid of a man hit by a train near Clarendon. [Sun Gazette]

Shirlington Dog Park Cleanup — Volunteers are being sought for a spring cleaning at the Shirlington Dog Park along Four Mile Run. The cleanup is planned from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 14. [Examiner.com]

Moran to Host ‘High Level Cyber Summit’ — Rep. Jim Moran will be hosting a summit and panel discussion in Arlington entitled “Cybersecurity in a Time of Defense Austerity.” Among the panelists will be the Department of Defense’s Chief Information Officer and representatives from the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), U.S. Cyber Command, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The summit is being held on Tuesday, April 24 at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Ballston.

Olympic Gold Medalist Visits APS Schools — Steve Lopez, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in taekwondo, visited  students at Arlington Science Focus School and Washington-Lee High School. Lopez encouraged students “to say ‘yes’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘no’ to underage drinking.” [Arlington Public Schools]

Photo courtesy Michael Resnick

  • Raul Mendoza

    I guess consistent increases in funding above the rate of inflation for all these depts/agencies (w/ the exception of a miniscule decrease for darpa in the fy13 request) counts as budget austerity for the defense and intelligence industry…

  • nice photo indeed.

    • PUP

      very vibrant

  • Skeptical

    Volunteers “sought” for a dog park cleanup? Don’t the Orthodox Doggists who have demanded and gotten these parks clean up their own playground as an obligation of their faith?

    • jackson

      If THIS is what riles you today, congratulations, you don’t have a single problem in your life.

      • It’s justified

        It likely isn’t ruining his day, but I have to agree with Skeptical that people fight so hard to improve, expand, and build these dog parks but can’t be bothered to include with these developments a set of rules or general (even trust based) systems where those who use the facility should leave it in top condition when they leave, as it’s their dogs who and them as the users who gunt it up in the first place. True, maybe my dog didn’t dig that huge hole or I didn’t leave my water bottle on the ground, but the next week it might be my dog and if someone sees me cleaning this up today even though it’s not mine, maybe next week someone else will pick up something that’s not theirs for the sake of maintaining what they fought to improve. It seems like a common courtesy, the old “leave it better than it was when you got there” concept. Maybe some people feel too entitled to be bothered with that, but others should not have to recruit cleaning help, it should be maintained by the users if they want it so badly.

        • the obvious

          Presumably those who don’t have dogs and don’t use the park would not volunteer to clean it up. This just gets the word out to users of the park that there is an organized clean up day.

    • Arlington Cat

      For the most part, no.

      In my neighborhood the dog owners wanted to use the tennis courts as a dog run because the dog run in the neighborhood smelled “too much like dog.”

    • Sophia

      +1 for Skep

    • drax

      Most of the volunteers will probably be dog owners. Much like most volunteers for cleaning up regular parks are regular park users.

    • Richard Cranium

      +1 for “Orthodox Doggists.” I’m going to use that.

      • PUP

        orthodox doggists for obama

        • Orthodox doggist not for obama

    • Car-Free Diet

      You mean the users don’t already have a way to communicate and coordinate clean-up events? Really? They don’t know how to text, call, Tweet or use Facebook?

      Are dog parks an euphemism for “Occupy Campgrounds”?

      If not, Arlington should become more efficient and dual-use these sites as dog parks and “Occupy” camps. The dogs may be put off by the smell and squalor but the Occupiers will feel at home. Invite Van Jones to the Grand Opening!

  • LyonVillager

    Is there a source for “Moran to Host ‘High Level Cyber Summit’?” I would like to get more information, but a Google search turns up nothing save this ArlNow post.

    • CC Contractor

      Agreed. Would love to know if it’s open/invitational. As we work in that field I know clients would have interest in attending.


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