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Tea House Coming to Lee Highway

by Katie Pyzyk April 19, 2012 at 2:00 pm 6,792 57 Comments

Arlington will soon be home to a tea house. House of Steep (3800 Lee Hwy) is moving into one of the retail spaces at the Bromptons at Cherrydale property, which is now known as 3800 Lofts.

The store’s website highlights the calming tea house atmosphere, in which customers can enjoy tea, snacks and sandwiches. Interestingly, spa services will also be offered, with the signature treatment being an aromatherapy foot soak.

So far we only know of one other retailer that’s coming to the building: a Subway sandwich shop.

There’s no official opening date yet, but the website hints that the owners of House of Steep are aiming for June. Until then, customers can purchase items from the store online.

Meanwhile, the building’s management company is applying for a permit for outdoor seating. The seating area would be in front of the building, along Lee Highway.

County staff had previously raised concerns about the outdoor seating plan first put forth in 2003. In addition to trouble with the placement of tree pits, the layout reportedly didn’t provide corridors to the retail entrances and the residential exit stairs.

The plan redesign fixed the issues, so reviewers now recommend the County Board approves the outdoor seating permit at Saturday’s meeting.

  • LP

    Hmm, spa services at a Tea shop?

    Sounds like a literal interpretation of tea bagging.

    • DarkHeart

      The yoga studio can’t be far behind, and then the inevitable sex scandal. That’s alright, Cherrydale could use a little excitement.

      • Richard Cranium

        What – the gun burying guy wasn’t enough for you?

      • Dan

        Not to mention the clock repairing guy who disappeared in the middle of the night……..

      • Wilbur

        Here’s 25 cents for a clue: There is a Yoga studio directly across the street.

  • novasteve

    Oh great, another Subway. Does anyone neven like subway? Have you ever craved subway before? The only way I can even eat subway is out of desperation, like when travelling, or if every other place were closed.

    Enough subways, we need more Wawas.

    • anyone who “craves” subway is definitely a weirdo

      • Tabs

        Bread smells like yeasty urine.

        • novasteve

          So they pee in the cardboard they use to make the “bread”?

          • Hi

            If I were Subway I’d sue you for slander.

          • Wilbur

            Truth as a defense

    • Jared Fogel

      love ’em

  • CW

    Will the English Tea House at the Bromptons offer authentic English Bromptons to its customers?

  • Abe Froman

    Subway = FAIL

  • Goodie

    I think it’s exciting to see a small, LOCAL business owner opening a shop here. I hope the Tea House does well.


    Will they sell Muffin bombs at the store. http://house-of-steep.myshopify.com/products/muffin-bomb FREDTERP

    • nom de guerre


      • drax


        • Jessica


          • Rick


  • R

    While I am not a tea drinker myself, my wife does like to drink tea so I am sure she’d love a shop like that. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavor. Always glad to see an individual willing to invest their money and effort into opening their own business they believe in, whether it be a niche shop like this or a Subway franchise. It takes a lot guts to take a chance like that in life and in the process you create jobs for others and hopefully reap a financial reward for yourself. Good luck to them AND the Subway franchisee.

  • Rebecca

    There’s a place like this (similar, but let’s face it, not really) in Portland, ME where you can enjoy tea and get a foot massage and foot soak. It was really a relaxing experience. I am thrilled to have this place to at least be able to try it out.

  • Not a fan

    Upon review of the website, I’d say that this is establishment is intending to be more like a spa that serves hot beverages than a quality tea house. The teas listed are general categories like “Oolong” without further clarification such as the country or region (i.e., Taiwanese Ali Shan or Dah-Yu-Ling). Which is akin to saying one sells “Chardonnay” without giving information like the vineyard, region, country of origin.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. A spa that serves hot beverages is just fine. But that isn’t exactly the same as a tea house, which is an establishment that has tea as its primary focus, with an accompanying level of background expertise.

  • wockney canker

    nothing like a goood cup a rosie innit?

    • Gertcha

      Back of the net!

      • Considerably richer than you!

        I don’t think many people will get your Alan Partridge reference, but it made me chuckle!

    • AC/DC

      A whole lotta Rosie!

      • Josh S

        Led Zep?

  • nom de guerre

    Does anyone know if they will be seeking a live entertainment permit?

    • Mary-Austin

      There will be a separate story on that.

      • Josh S

        Followed by an in-depth discussion of the parking situation….

  • karzai

    This business would certainly be welcome in Clarendon, compared to some of the bland offerings we’ve been getting. Too bad we missed out on getting this interesting business. Best to Cherrydale.

    • drax

      Didja notice that they rudely don’t post when they are open?

      • Lee

        Probably because they aren’t open yet!

        • nom de guerre

          Type “Sam’s Corner to Close” in the search box at the top of the page; click on the comments and look for karzai’s comments. Then you may understand drax’s comment.

          • karzai

            I see the cyber-bullies are still out in force.

        • Donatello

          Keep your excuses. This is just setting the tone for the way they will rudely not communicate with the neighborhood. Rumor is that they will also inconsiderately fail to post an employee roster or list of vendors.

          • JBalls

            I for one have never seen it open, nor do I know anyone who has ever been inside this tea house. The disdain for the community is flagrant and palpable.

          • karzai

            I think you need to get some new material. This material is pretty worn out.

          • drax

            Not even close.

          • nom de guerre

            In your dreams.

      • karzai

        No, i didn’t but I’m sure I’ll hear it from you if they don’t

  • E

    Who is the business owner, what is her or his name?

  • E


  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    What’s the difference between a “tea house” and a “tea room” My mom used to go a tea room.

    • nom de guerre

      The name.

    • Dan

      If you have to ask…………

  • I’m VERY excited for the opening of House of Steep! Definitely a great addition to Arlington.

  • Phineous McGovern

    Great news! I actually have ordered the foot soak and some other products on there and they are AMAZING. I suggest you order some, great all natural stuff. Should be nice and relaxing to go there. Looking forward to it

    • JB

      Would you like some water for your plant?

      • Josh S

        Hey, now! This is a family website.

        Isn’t it?

  • MC

    I’ve always wanted a branch of Teaism in Arlington. This is a different formula – need to see how it is executed.

    • Garden City

      Yes! Teaism!

    • Josh S

      Prediction: will not be as good as Teaism. (Esp the one in Penn Quarter….)
      Ostrich burger!

  • Rick

    North Arlington teavana counterpart?

  • drax

    How long before someone calls this the “House of Steep Prices” on Yelp?

  • YTK

    Tea and Crumpets and a Meatball Sub to go!! My kind of food! Will this be situated near that Dead Man’s Curve in Cherrydale? * * lifts pinky and points at the street * * “Dearie — look! Another idiot took that curve too fast!! How about another spot of tea, eh?”


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