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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Coming to Virginia Square

by Katie Pyzyk April 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm 5,904 35 Comments

A new restaurant is coming to Virginia Square. “Coming Soon” signs have gone up for a Tropical Smoothie Cafe at 3811 Fairfax Drive.

The chain restaurant highlights its use of fresh, simple ingredients. Fresh fruit and turbinado sugar are used in the smoothies, and the wraps, salads and sandwiches are also made with healthy ingredients.

Patrick McKiernan, Area Developer for Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC, said two partners who recently graduated from William and Mary College in Williamsburg were interested in bringing the franchise to the metro area. They liked what they saw in Virginia Square.

“They liked the mix of business and residential there, and the proximity to the Metro,” McKiernan said. “It’s our first location near a Metro, so we’re anxious to see how it goes.”

McKiernan stresses that the restaurant is more than just a place to grab a smoothie; the sales are about 50 percent smoothies and 50 percent food. He thinks the sandwiches, wraps and salads will bring in a good lunch crowd, while the focus on fresh foods will bring in those seeking health conscious options.

McKiernan says they’re pretty early on in the process, and hope to start construction next month if all the permits are obtained quickly. He said it’s tough to estimate an opening until things move along a little further, but he’s guessing sometime during the summer.

There are a number of Tropical Smoothie Cafes throughout Northern Virginia, but this will be the first location in Arlington.

  • CrystalMikey

    Awesome news…I love the one out by my job in Fairfax.

  • novasteve

    Will there be a place for me to put my flip flops upon entrance like this were a traditional Japanese Restaurant?

  • Neat

    Do they use all natural ingredients in their smoothies or is it processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup?

  • Neat

    <— Someone didn't read the article first.

    • Josh S

      You forgot to change your name……

      • Neat

        That was the point. I realized I made a mistake and thus pointed it out to, myself.

  • Ty

    Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! As cool as this weather outside.

  • GrandArch

    Wonderful! Hopefully they can have reasonable prices for smoothies, unlike Roebeks and Smoothie King.

  • Neat

    So it’s a chain? Who cares? Are all the clothes you buy tailor made for you? Is the car you drive custom built specifically for you? Is your grocery store your next door neighbor who grows vegetables and milks his own cow for milk? Everything is corporate driven. Get over it.

  • R. Griffon

    Always enjoyed the ones outside the Beltway. A welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Aaron

    There used to be one on Slaters Lane, i.e., just south of Potomac Yard. It closed down due to management issues, though, and I’m not sure whether it ever re-opened as planned.

    • EPinBC

      It re-opened. I ate there last week.

  • JimPB

    Why is sugar added? My home-made smoothies don’t need the addition of sugar and the load of calories that come with it; the sugar in the fruit is more than enough.

    • Neat

      Go the Splenda route then.

    • NIMBY the chicken

      Because you don’t have to sell yours to make a profit?

    • WeiQiang

      I think Jim’s point is that there should be no need for additional sugar … or Splenda … thereby reducing costs for separate sweeteners and increasing margins. Of course, if the place is using ship-ripened crappy fruit from another continent because it can be deemed “heathy” but otherwise has no flavor or natural sweetness, then the sugar [and additional marginal costs] make sense.

  • Holly

    There’s one out near my boyfriends house in Annandale; I really like it. And unlike Smoothie King with even their “small” smoothie at $6+, these are reasonably priced.

  • A Beberman

    Turbinado is a raw, natural sugar. Most places add it to their smoothies for taste that customers prefer. It can always be requested to be left out of a smoothie. Smoothie King “small” smoothies are 20 oz compared to their competitors at 16 oz thus the higher price. Prices are usually a factor of costs that the business has to pay. I am sure a store within the beltway will have higher costs (rent, wages, etc) than one outside the beltway.

  • info81

    There used to be a great smoothie place in the middle of Pentagon City food court, until it was replaced by a lesser quality one a couple of years ago. It was just the basic ingredients and a smoothie was about $3.
    I am looking forward to this place, I will not pay Smoothie King prices. Why would anyone consider 20oz of liquid small? Sizing sugar based (and “sugar free”) drinks so big is one reason for the diabetes epidemic in the country, the kidneys are not designed to process that much sugar.
    However if you want the best smoothies go to Thailand, yum!

  • Tribe Pride

    I hope these two partners know the correct reference to their alma mater, The College of William and Mary in Virginia.

  • karzai

    Looks interesting. the Virginia Square area needs more places like this, although not necessarily another smoothie place, of course.

    • drax

      I’m disgusted that they don’t tell us when they will be open.

      • karzai

        I’m beginning to think there’s something really wrong with you any your fellow cyber-hooligans for harping on this thing.

        • drax

          Oh, yes, there’s definitely something wrong with us. But we’re having loads of fun.

          Let me give you a hint: don’t keep complaining, it only makes us hungrier.

  • nom de guerre

    But they rudely and disrespectfully fail to announce to the community when they will be open.

    • karzai

      Cyber Hooligan number two: Get lost.

      • JBalls

        Get back on the delivery truck, Karzai. There are more conquistadors ready to intercept Sam’s deliveries than ever before, thanks to the new GoPost location.

        • karzai

          Cyber Hooligan number three: I have no idea what your comment means. I don’t recall any discussion of a conquistador or anyone intercepting Sam’s deliveries.

          The comments above of cyber hooligan number one, and cyber hooligan number two: they represent stale and overused material, but at least I understood what they were referring to.

  • Joehoya

    But will this place make smoothies with Christian values?

  • Kate

    It’s THE College of William and Mary. I can’t stress that enough.

    • Steve

      LOL! William and Mary College makes it sound like W&M is just another community college.

      Apparently, the author is not very educated.

  • Mary-Austin

    Tropical Smoothie is pretty good by 757 standards (WIlliamsburg) but not up to snuff in Arlington.
    We should get a new Jamba Juice here.

    • Quoth the Raven

      I love Jamba Juice. Too bad the one at Whole Foods closed, and the one at GW was awful (staff didn’t know how to make the drinks).


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