Fro.Zen.Yo Coming Soon to Rosslyn

by Katie Pyzyk April 24, 2012 at 1:22 pm 4,830 48 Comments

(Updated at 1:35 p.m.) A new frozen yogurt establishment is making its way into Rosslyn. A Fro.Zen.Yo location will be going in on the 1700 block of N. Lynn Street, in the former “News and Necessities” space, according to the company.

There are two partners for the new Rosslyn franchise, and they think the idea of self service frozen yogurt is “perfect” for the busy location, according to a press release.

Fro.Zen.Yo has eight locations throughout the metro area, with Crystal City being the only one in Arlington so far. Last year, plans were announced for trying to build one in Ballston as well, but so far there’s no word on when that will be coming to fruition. We’re told 15 more franchises are on the way, but locations haven’t been announced.

The company says it offers a “healthy” product that “everyone can enjoy.”

“Fro.Zen.Yo’s frozen yogurt is low fat and low calorie,” according to the press release. “The Fro.Zen.Yo menu features 16 flavors of frozen yogurt and a variety of fresh fruit and candy toppings. Customers get to choose any combination of flavors and toppings.”

The Rosslyn location is expected to open by the beginning of the summer.

  • novasteve

    Wow, how original. Could always use more froyo places. They should hand out sample packets of Sensodyne for those with sensitive teeth.

  • BC

    Well, lord knows it just what we need. I will say, however, that this place is epic compared to the others. It’s a “do you own toppings” place with good stuff.

  • South Side Chris

    Am I the only person in Arlington who near as next to never eats burgers, pizza and frozen yogurt when he goes out?

    • novasteve

      I’ve never been to any of those places.

      • S. Arlington or Bust

        I don’t think I’ve eaten frozen yogurt in 20 years.

    • JamesE

      I go to brgr shack and pupatella about once/twice a month, never get froyo.

      • WeiQiang

        mmmmm … Pupatella. The Italian officers in my office love the place.

    • Mr. Hand

      I eat froyo in my frip-frops

    • Suburban Not Urban

      The more ethnic and interesting the better. Oh for the days of Queen Bee, Little Viet Garden – it was why we moved here – maybe the new ones are why we’ll move out.

      • Mr. Hand

        Just to clarify, Mr. Hand was merely being alliterative.

  • KalashniKEV

    Is it good frozen yogurt, or that terrible spoiled milk kind?

    • Mr. Hand

      Yeah, that shite’s awful and they never give you enough!

  • esmith69

    We REALLY need one of these places along Columbia Pike. I am guessing people might claim it’s not a good market area, but it’s up and coming and it’s about the only thing I can think of that we definitely do not have.

    • Really?

      You REALLY need one of these places along Columbia Pike? More so than the trolley/streetcar?
      Then please pass that along to the county board and we’ll all save a fortune. Enough to put a fro/yo on every street corner in Arlington.

    • Votes Regularly

      I’ll gladly send you one of Clarendon’s.

    • Karen

      I totally agree. We do have the market on the Pike. But we still need a decent coffee place and a bagel place would be nice too!

    • AGREED. maybe after the election they can take the spot where the giant pharmacy was. i’m a big fan of yogiberry – i could go there every day. pretty sure i’m swinging past pentagon row on my way home, in fact. i prefer the make-your-own yogurt places like yogiberry (and fro-zen-yo) bc i’d rather have half yogurt/half fruit than a full cup of yogurt with 3 pieces of strawberry on top.

      and for people complaining about “spoiled milk” yogurt – you mean frozen yogurt that tastes like actual yogurt, instead of ice cream? i’m not a fan of the tangier flavors, but i could get taro, green tea, or mango every day. mmm… now i’m going to be thinking about it for the next 3 hours. awesome. =/

  • Choogirl

    Squeeeeeeeee! I love Fro.Zen.Yo and now I can get it just a couple of blocks from my house instead of taking a metro to get it. Sorry but this is the only frozen yogurt place I’ll go to.

  • drax

    Arlington has officially gone completely insane.

    • novasteve

      No, when it became all democrat it was officially insane. Now you can gauge the end of the world coming based upon things like a republican being on the board, or taxes getting reduced.

    • WeiQiang

      THE most insane

  • Arlingtonian

    Whatever happened to TCBY?

    • Richard Cranium


    • BreakPause02

      Went there a few times before they closed. Was talking with the owner about how rare they are these days, etc.

      He told me about the high taxes, especially the gross receipt taxes for Arlington. I guess its no wonder he closed shop and left.

      • Fro Yo Boy

        Yet plenty of other frozen concoction shops survive.

        It seems bad business people want to blame “high taxes” rather than their own incompetence.

    • novasteve

      All of the pleasure, none of the guilt, TCBY!

    • drax


      • sunflower

        which? yogurt, arlington, or novasteve

        • sunflower

          which of my five words raised ared flag?

  • drax


  • Tabs

    I used to go to Fro.Zen.Yo. until I went in late one afternoon and saw the ingredients list on the cartons.

    High-fructose corn syrup
    Milk solids
    chemicals etc.

  • novasteve

    Happiness is:

    Two scoops of Froyo

    Walking around in flip flops

    Driving a Prius

    Voting for Democrats

    Getting your taxes raised

    Paying $$ for tax decals

    Drinking at a “Tavern”

    • Corey

      You know, Texas exists, and it’s probably perfect for someone like you. Why not move there?

      • novasteve

        Why should I have to leave from my home? Unlike the vast majority of you, I’m from this area, and lived my entire life in this area.

        • Corey

          And, now, the area is different. That happens. The South was once Democratic, now it’s not; Republicans used to split highly-educated voters with Democrats, now they don’t.

          Clearly, the majority of your fellow Arlingtonians have opinions that differ from yours about how the community should be run and what kinds of retail establishments they’d like. You spend all day grousing about this, so why not leave? You hate it!

          • Elmer

            Yep, Another one sporting that new Dem bumper sticker aimed at those Arlingtonians who dare complain (meaning think other than they do):

            “Its Our County, Love It Or Leave It”.

          • Corey

            I couldn’t care less about people complaining. It just seems unhealthy to literally spend all day in blog comments complaining about your community, particularly, as V. Putin mentioned, when there are ones that would better suit your tastes nearby.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            Yea and it’ll change again, when the American taxpayers wise up and stop feeding the beast – then it’ll just be another rust belt like Detroit or Pittsburg

      • V. Putin

        He doesn’t need to go that far. Loudoun County is all Rethuglican, no Metro, few lib-ruls. He’d fit right in.

        • Corey

          I mean, I don’t even mean it in a pejorative sense. The dude doesn’t like the community or its values. Why stick around?

  • Michael

    What a bunch of idiots! You have prime real estate during the day hours in Rosslyn and you go with a low profit, frozen yogurt store— that is a FRANCHISE of only 8 stores! You should franchise something with name/brand recognition. Real orignial…I can’t wait to see the going out of business signs— 1 year max!

    • WeiQiang

      Are you suggesting a fracking site?

    • WeiQiang


    • Corey

      I don’t think it’s as low-profit as you think it is. These stores have one, maybe two people on staff at any time. Guaranteed, too, that the markup on that yogurt is 500-600%. Rosslyn is full of office workers and there’s no competition, as of now, for mid-afternoon snacks.

  • Dodge

    I’ll go here. I like frozen yogurt.

  • BrianKal

    And its coming to Ballston too!!! At the corner of Randolph and Wilson .. building permits up. Tweeted a pic of ARLNow to it earlier!

  • Yogurt from Spaceballs

    May the Schwartz be with you!


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