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Latest Recovery Statistics from Arlington County

by ARLnow.com July 3, 2012 at 12:35 pm 5,691 51 Comments

Arlington County says it is making good progress in its continued storm recovery efforts. The county released some updated facts and figures today regarding the storm cleanup.

  • 10 county intersections are still without functioning traffic signals, down from 96 immediately after the storm.
  • 18 county streets are currently blocked by fallen trees and debris, down from a peak of 45 after the storm.
  • County crews have collected more than 395 tons of storm-related debris.
  • Tree limbs and other plant debris is being turned into mulch.
  • Nine county crews are out collecting brush today.
  • Power and air conditioning has been restored the Culpepper Garden senior living center. Dominion had been asked to prioritize power restoration to the facility.
  • 911 is now accessible by cell phone, but landline callers are being asked to call the non-emergency number at 703-558-2222.
  • While those who can’t reach emergency dispatchers via phone are being asked to report the emergency at the nearest fire station, only one such incident has been reported. One person went to a fire station to report a grease fire at the Harris Teeter grocery store on Glebe Road.
  • Regular trash and recycling pickup was completed yesterday, except where streets were blocked due to downed power lines.
  • “Hundreds” of trees are down in parks, along with other plant debris. Park-goers are asked to “please use caution in County parks, outdoor facilities and trails.”
  • Long Branch Nature Center is expected to “remain closed for several more days.”

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  • William

    Anyone know the 10 intersections without functioning lights? I wish this information was released so I could avoid those areas.

    • CourthouseChris

      This morning there were still cones up on 50 at the lights-out intersections at Fillmore & 50 and Park & 50. There may have been another like Manchester, but I forget.

    • Rardnek

      Lorcom Lane & Military was still out as of 10am this morning.

      • EyeWitness

        Hope that gets fixed son – there was a wicked accident there last night that had the intersection shut down (about 9:30 pm)

      • AJ

        and yet it hasn’t made the list for repairs yet. sigh. OTOH, lorcom & Nellie Custis is on the list, but I haven’t seen any repair work happening down there.

    • Arlingtonian

      Heading up N Glebe as you leave the Ballston area (going toward Lee Highway), there are a couple of lights out. One is at Glebe and the off-ramp from 66 and the other is at Glebe and a residential street – sorry can’t remember which one.

      There is also a disabled Holiday Inn Express van in the left lane around the residential area. It doesn’t have flashers on or anything so beware

      • Observer

        What time did you last see the Holiday Inn van? Because I saw one being towed down Fairfax last night.

        • Arlingtonian

          About 35 minutes ago

    • WeiQiang

      South Arlington Ridge and 23rd St. South light is out as of 1300. Further, 23rd St is closed east of Arl Ridge between Ft. Scott and S. Lynn due to downed tree on power lines and rebellious squirrels.

      • soarlslacker

        Why is 23rd St still closed? Lots of trees and power lines have been repaired in the area. Angry drivers are cutting thriugh the residential areas at high rates of speed.

        • Mark

          The Canadians have arrived! Just a short time ago I spotted five trucks from an Ontario power company at the intersection of S. 23rd and Arl Ridge Rd working on the intersection. No idea still about when S. 23rd will reopen.

          • Observer

            Anybody want to guess what the final cost on this recovery is going to be?

          • Tabs

            Aboot where were they headed, hoser?

          • John DeLorean

            They where headed toward grabbing a suitcase of Molson, ey.

          • Joe Hoya

            What a bunch of hosers.

  • it’s electric!

    Glebe at Rt 50 was still out as of about 9am, and what a disaster that was, since it is actually two separate intersections only a few yards apart, and they were actually allowing turns in all directions.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony:

      that is right where i live, south of 50 off glebe. I hope they get that mess cleaned up and put my power back on. I dont see it on the list, so i guess im screwed.

  • Kyle

    Anyone know about the intersections of S Walter Reed & Arlington Mill and S Walter Reed & S Wakefield?

    • j

      both were working when I drove through this AM

      • Kyle

        Thank you!

  • Updates on #s without power?

    No update on how many still without power?

    There’s a tree down behind 5720 Washington Blvd that’s been reported by all residents of the 2 buildings in front of it and it’s had nothing more than one line of yellow “fire line do not cross” tape put on it days ago, and no one back by since… the majority of Westover and Washington Blvd are up and no one’s even looked at the tree on the line (or whoever’s truck is completely underneath it). That’s frustrating… I know there’s a lot “out” and we’re not special or anything, but I’d just like to know that we’re at least on a schedule to get looked at at some point and the “status update” from dominion won’t even let us check if our recording of the tree on the line has even been documented. :-/

    • Observer

      FWIW, that tree took out our power too and I reported it also (on Sunday). I think it took down power for all the houses on Kentucky St. too.

      Silver lining, that tree has been the culprit in the last two storm-related outages, by dropping limbs. It looks like this storm took it out completely, so that should be the end of those problems.

      We’re listed on today’s Dominion streets list, so I am expecting it to be fixed in the next 24hrs. They were right across Washington Blvd fixing those buildings up until about 10:00 last night.

      • Updates on #s without power?

        Yay! That’s the best news I’ve heard yet… I noticed the tree across the street (though much smaller) got moved and their power was back up, so I was hoping there’s be a dent in ours. But that’s good news at least that you see some signs of life because I’ve been checking in and seeing nothing. Maybe I just have bad timing. 🙂


        • Observer

          Hey, don’t quote me. I haven’t seen anything actually happen inside the yellow tape. Just being optimistic.

          I’m just concerned they are going to look at it and say they can’t do anything until somebody recovers the cars from underneath or something.

          • Updates on #s without power?

            NOOOOO!!!!! Hahaha…

    • Matt

      You can try going to the Dominion Outage Map and search the map for your general vicinity to see the status and estimated time of repair (if available).


  • Happy 4th

    Does anyone know if trash will be collected tomorrow with it being a holiday? I assume no, so will it be delayed till Thursday? I assume trees will be collected for the rest of the week except Wed.

  • Justinsane

    None of this has happened because I haven’t seen it yet.

    • Arlingtonian

      LOL, nice

    • TooEarly?

      Is it too early for Quincy Plaza jokes yet?

  • DM

    Military Rd at Lorcom and Military Rd at Marcey were out around 8 AM today

  • Mary-Austin

    I feel bad for the people in Arlington Forest who still seem to be without power. That tree at the corner of Aberdeen and 50 took out a couple cars and has taken forever to to get cleared out.
    Also, lots of branches and trees down in the woods surrounding Barcroft that took down lines with them.

    • soarlslacker

      No power and no car has to be the worst. You can’t get to a cooling center or crash on the sofa of a friend with power.

  • PL25rd

    Just got power back on 25th Road North, near George Mason!

    • Justinsane

      No you didn’t. I didn’t see it.

    • 25Rd2

      You must be on the other side of George Mason :(. Still out here.

  • Elisabeth

    Power’s back at the Cavalier Club! Phew.

  • nobroadband

    What about Verizon’s outages? My neighborhood hasn’t had phone or internet since Friday.

  • Small Favor

    Hey guys,

    It’s pretty hot here in Bora Bora as well, almost 85 degrees, luckily we have see breeze and no humidity. We’re on vacation right now, but can anyone tell us if the power is back on in Quincy Plaza? Not that we live there, of course, we just rent an apartment for our cat there. I mean, you wouldn’t want them to shed all over your house right? We’ll be back in 3 weeks, but would some neighbors mind picking up our mail, and maybe out a nice little mint on my pillow? I always like that. Okay, hope you guys are doing fine, I’m going back for another round of scuba! Cheers.

    • nom de guerre

      Would you like an update on the status of your cat’s frappucchino maker, the status of the prescription refill for the erectile dysfunction and the remote control for his bidet?

  • Who’s responsible for downed trees? Can private individuals clear up downed trees themselves with their personal chain saws and axes? Waiting for Arlington county might take forever.

  • Jamie

    We are in your area if you need tree removal, stump grinding or any tree damage assistance. (315) 527-5097

  • Henry Spencer

    There has to be more than 10 intersections without lights. There are three just on on Rt 50 from Edison to Henderson.

  • Loocy

    I’m really glad that the old folks at Culpeper Gardens finally got their power back on. Now I won’t feel so guilty sulking about my lack of power.

  • callie

    Why can’t hard information be provided such as wich intersections remain without traffic lights. I bet one call to the ACPD could have gotten that information. Oh wait – the Twitter feed is down; Verizon doesn’t work; my cell phone lost its charge. Right. Well, at least I now know that SOME intersections are still without functioning traffic signals. If it’s not a press release, it just isn’t news.

  • Where Are the Temporary Stop Signs

    Still wondering?

    • it’s electric!

      Perhaps 10 of us can buy some cardboard, cut out octagons, spray paint them red, add the lettering, and then hang the signs with some duct tape from the wires that are still hanging low enough to reach across the various intersections.

  • southarlington

    I really want my power on in the Claremont neighborhood I wish Arlington and Dominion will decide who will take the tree away and just fix the power….stop the pointing the fingers and just do it.


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