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County: Storm Recovery is ‘Slow and Steady’

by ARLnow.com July 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm 6,390 145 Comments

The director of Arlington’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) says the county and utility companies are “making slow and steady progress” in the cleanup and recovery efforts following Friday night’s storm.

At a press conference today, OEM Director Jack Brown told reporters that Dominion is making “yeoman strides” to restore power to tens of thousands of Arlington residents. Despite the widespread power outages — 26,997 Dominion customers were without power as of 12:45 p.m., down from 68,000 Friday night — Brown said there has so far been no loss of life as a result of heat following the storm.

Dominion expects to restore power to 80-85 percent of customers by Tuesday night, and 90-95 percent of customers by Thursday night. Restoration works is being focused on high-density areas.

“It is a matter of priorities,” Brown said. “Eventually Dominion will get to the neighborhoods.”

Brown said power has been restored to most critical county infrastructure, but noted that Culpepper Garden, home to 276 low- and moderate-income Arlington seniors, is running on generator power and currently does not have air conditioning. The seniors are being kept in the facility for now while Dominion is being asked to prioritize power restoration to the facility, Brown said.

Brown encouraged residents who don’t have power to go to the county’s 16 cooling centers, its shopping malls, or its community pools. Arlington has set up a 24-hour drop-in cooling center at the Walter Reed Community Center (2909 16th Street S.). Daytime cooling centers include other Arlington community centers and libraries, as well as the Ballston and Pentagon City malls. Currently the Yorktown and Wakefield high school community pools are open, while the Washington-Lee pool has closed due to a lack of water pressure.

The county is asking residents to bring elderly and disabled neighbors to cooling centers, if need be.

“We need to pull together,” Brown said. “This event could last for several days, possibly a couple of weeks. Let’s check on your neighbors. It’s really about neighbors helping neighbors. Volunteer to transport those in need to county cooling centers.”

Brown said that all major county thoroughfares are open, although 19 county road remain blocked by storm debris. A dozen county crews are working to clear the debris, and debris pickup is expected to continue for the next 2-3 weeks, Brown said. Meanwhile, 39 traffic signals are still dark this afternoon (down from a peak of 96) because of power outages. Citing last night’s fatal pedestrian accident, Brown encouraged motorists to drive carefully on county streets.

“Please drive safely,” Brown said. “We really need people to slow down, particularly at these intersections. Please treat all… intersections [with non-functioning traffic signals] as four way stops.”

Brown said 911 service “remains spotty” in Arlington. He said residents who want to report an emergency should first try 911, then the county non-emergency number at 703-558-2222, then — if all else fails — seek help at the nearest fire station.

Verizon provides the Arlington’s 911 infrastructure and Brown said the county is going to investigate what went wrong.

“The county is going to conduct a thorough investigation of what happened to our 911 system… so we don’t have a repeat of this in the future,” he said. So far, he said, there have been no reports of anybody suffering serious consequences as a result of a delay in response due to a 911 failure.

Brown said that other county communications infrastructure has performed well. Despite some disruptions in the hours following the storm, Brown said cell phone service has been one of the county’s most reliable forms of communication. He noted, however, that the county’s radio systems did not suffer any outages as a result of the storm. Brown also said that RACES, the county’s emergency amateur radio network, was activated over the weekend.

All in all, Brown said he’s pleased with the response to the storm so far.

“The county’s resources have been stretched very thin,” Brown said. “I think we’ve done a good job of responding.”

  • HannyC

    Anyone have information on the status of work on 6th Street South in Barcroft neighborhood of Arlington?

    • Douglas Parker

      I drove by there last night where 6th St. meets Buchanan and they had just removed the caution tape and reopened the road. I believe the street is clear as of last night around 6PM.

    • Thomas

      I like on S. Wakefield. Last night they had the road opened. The power was still off as of this morning. But I did see a few power trucks heading down that way as I was running off to work. Hopefully we will have power tonight or tomorrow. But it looked like there was an entire pole taken out on 6th. So they will have to place a new one in.

      • Mary-Austin

        I think one of the poles got struck by lightning. When I walked by the next morning it looked like splinters and had taken down a couple other poles with it.
        This storm damaged Barcroft more than anything I have ever seen and I’ve lived here my whole life.

  • Andy

    “We need to pull together,” Brown said. “This event could last for several days, possibly a couple of weeks.”

    Dear God. It had better not be a couple of weeks!

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • Tabby_TwoTone

    Bob McDonnell is probing the situation.

    • Bluemontsince1961


    • Tre


  • Justin

    I’m pretty disappointed with everyone. The power company, the (lack of) police presence at major intersections, lack of presence of anyone really out there working.

    • Tre

      Does “everyone” include commenters that don’t account for limited resources?

    • CW

      I think Dominion and the arborists are doing a good job. ACPD should have a bigger presence in my opinion.

      • WeiQiang

        I was just at the County Administration building. Plenty of police cars around there.

    • drax

      Nobody’s out there working, Justin?

    • Boom! Roasted


    • Ivy

      I can’t really blame Dominion electric….I think they did the best they could given the situation. As for ACPD, my guess is there probably other emergencies going on too many traffic lights out that would tie up limited resources.

  • Picantito

    WEEKS??!!! If you can make that statement then you should be telling the folks affected ASAP.

    • drax

      He just did.

      • Picantito

        eh no.. as in specific zip codes..

        • drax

          Well, no, he shouldn’t be telling you that, because he can’t.

          • Picantito

            And like I said, if he makes such statement, then he needs to notify.

            Don’t make broad statements it if he’s just guessing or setting expectations low just to CYA. that just adds to the anxiety and unease.

          • drax

            He doesn’t know. He shouldn’t be expected to know.

            Sit in the dark and wait. That’s all you can do. Deal with reality. Life sucks sometimes and you can’t know when it will stop sucking.

  • meh..

    The heck is a “yeoman strides” ??? ???? ??

    • drax

      It means hard work.

      Welcome to English.

      • Jackfan

        @drax – Do you take pride in being a rude, condescending know-it-all? Just wondering why you’re all over these boards acting like you’re above it all. Wow…
        This is the second time today I’ve seen posters getting attacked personally for asking a question or expressing an opinion.
        On another note – just found out from The Arlington condo association that power may not be restored until Sat. Now I’ll expect a post from drax calling me a whiner and telling me I’m lucky I don’t live in war- torn Syria or something…

        • Id

          Your lucky you do not live in war torn Syria.

        • drax

          yes, that was rude and condescending, I admit it.

          You know how you get frustrated by things like the lack of AC and you say things you shouldn’t? I get frustrated by certain things posted here too.

          But that’s no excuse for this post. I apologize.

        • Edison

          + 10

      • it’s electric!

        While I got the point of the “yeoman strides” phrasing, that’s not really any kind of commonly used phrase. the phrase typically used is “yeoman’s work”. And frankly, it’s a bad phrase to describe was Dom Power is doing. I’m betting they would rather see it described as “Herculean”.

  • JohnB2

    What the heck is a yeoman stride? Is that something to see down on P Street?

    • Id

      It’s what they do at Ladybird Johnson Park when the sun goes down.

  • SomeGuy

    “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

  • Picantito

    Anyone know if you can claim power loss on your homeowners insurance? crap WEEKS. our condo building is a zombieland right now, stinks and climbing 5 flights of stairs with a baby is pain in the arse. be nice if insurane paid for hotel but unless a tree flew in 5 flights up, i’m sure they’ll laugh..

    • SimplyDusty

      Call your insurance company, many of them do cover costs associated with an extended power outage. That said, there’s probably a deductible associated with taking that, but it might make it easier than going totally out of pocket. Good luck finding a hotel with an open room.

      • Paul

        My business carries outage coverage–pretty standard item–but of course the power never went out at the office.

      • Picantito

        DC hotels have availability not really an issue unless you want to get a hotel in an area right in between an outage area.

        • Seriously

          I was helping friends find hotels yesterday. There are several hotels around here with open rooms, pools, internet, etc. for under 100/night. Just have to search.

          • Nitin

            Around Arlington? Or around where?

          • Picantito


          • Nitin

            There are hotels in DC for under 100/night?

          • drax

            Sure, and for another $50 you can get a happy ending.

    • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

      A lot of renters insurance policies will cover hotel rooms as wel.

      • Picantito

        AMICA just told me to suck it. the most they’ll cover is $500.00 of perished food with a $100 deductible..

        and i bet a $600 rate raise next year….

    • SomeGuy

      Ditch the baby. You’ll be more nimble on the stairs, and there might be an insurance benefit to that too.

  • common sense

    why no temporary stop signs at intersections without working traffic signals?

    • drax

      Because when you got your license you should have already known the law says to treat intersections with signals not working as four-way stops?

      • John K.

        Should, but I strongly suspect a number of people actually don’t know that… You also seem to assume that everybody behind the wheel actually has a license. Perhaps they do on Old Dominion…

        • drax

          They should, like, know that.

          If our traffic signs require assuming some people don’t have licenses, we’re in bigger trouble than this.

          • John K.

            There’s a difference between a sign and an relatively unusual situation such as this – especially when dealing with the Pike or Rt. 50, where a multitude of nations with a multitude of backgrounds when it comes to “the rules of the road” come in to play.

            Even with our non-universal ‘merican street signs, the concepts (I think) are fairly clear. However, if you haven’t taken a decent driver’s ed course, how are you going to know about the four way stop? In large parts of the world, a dark intersection is every man for himself. The county service providers of our “diverse and inclusive world-class urban community” ought to know that and plan accordingly.

          • Neighbor

            Preposterous. If I go to Europe, I have to study and know the rules of their roads to be able to drive there. It’s no different here. This is a law. Ignorance of it is no excuse.

          • John K.

            Actually, in many places you can get by on the international drivers permit for some time. That’s what… $15 from AAA?

          • CGull

            “If I go to Europe, I have to study and know the rules of their roads to be able to drive there. It’s no different here. This is a law. Ignorance of it is no excuse.”

            That is true, and you’d still be dead.

          • Neighbor

            “Actually, in many places you can get by on the international drivers permit for some time. That’s what… $15 from AAA?”

            Yes. You still have to follow the laws of whatever country you are driving in.

          • drax

            “However, if you haven’t taken a decent driver’s ed course, how are you going to know about the four way stop?”

            My point was simply that if you haven’t taken a decent driver’s ed course, you shouldn’t be driving.

          • Eric

            Note of DPW and VDOT: Add “Parada” or “Alto” to stop signs.

        • Opie

          It can also be hard in the dark to even know you are approaching an intersection. A big reflective sign could really help.

          • WeiQiang

            concur. fabric reflective signs on foldable plastic frames that you can attach to a pole, cone or powerless streetcar. certainly, we can get some homeland security funds to pay for them, cause you could use them in the event of a major ‘event’.

          • Andrew

            People are complaining that things are not getting done fast enough or there is not enough of a “presence” out there…and you guys want to create MORE work!

          • Id

            How about glow in the dark balloons with Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin blaring as you approach the light.

          • drax


          • Trish

            Slowing down would, too. If you’d slow down in bad weather, should you also not slow down when you know you’re likey to come across temporarily hard to see intersections?

      • WeiQiang

        yeah, but my experience Sat and yesterday suggests that many people skipped that day in driver’s ed.

    • Opie

      Or build some temporary traffic circles.

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      I saw numerous temporary stop signs, as well as cones, and other means to calm the traffic at interesctions. The drivers I witnessed have been doing a great job of remaining courteous and alert to each other, even at the busiest intersections.

      • SomeGuy

        To calm traffic, isn’t the county’s typical approach to just narrow the roadway?

        • Eric

          Don’t fallen trees naturally narrow the roadways? Leave where they lie and we’ll have a calmer Arlington County.

  • dcbrewer

    How many times does power need to get knocked out for a week or more before we start burying the power lines? I will be happy to pay extra on my electric bill for several years, if that money will go toward getting rid of this ridiculous problem.

    • veeta

      I know this storm was unprecedented, but storms in general are not! It is hurricane season after all. It is like no one is ready to fix this problem and we start over every time.

    • drax

      Also, all the ripped up streets and delayed work would give posters here endless things to complain about.

      • WeiQiang

        meh. we’ve got Long Bridge Drive for that. 😉

        • drax

          Yeah, must be tough driving that six blocks to work each day. 😉

          • WeiQiang

            I’m schlepping from Alexandria while I’m an electrical refugee. [which by the way is the name of my new band or my new ArlNow screenname]

          • Trish

            Will your new band play vibrantly?

          • drax

            No, VIBRANTly.

    • Kiffee

      Agree 100%. I’d also be willing to pay more to help offset the cost of burying lines, but only if the extra money was dedicated / guaranteed to go that purpose alone.

      • Clarendon

        Whenever we used to ask, the rep would say the cost to bury the lines is as much per linear distance as how many $100 bills laid side to side (the short way) it would take to cover the same distance. A bill is about 2.5 inches so according to that it is about $480 per foot. The frontage in front of my house is 60 ft so that would be about $28,800. I think I’d pay half of that cost if everyone else did the same. But, it is quite expensive.

        • drax

          The rough estimate I always hear is $1 million per mile.

    • John K.

      There are sections of the Pike with buried wires that went dark. This storm went beyond that. Burying wires is not a cure-all.

  • Sinceriously

    Thank you Arlington County, GOOD JOB! +100

  • info81

    I think Dominion Power is doing a good job, I trust them for more than Pepco. However, we need to start burying some of the bigger lines, this is way overdue. That way when we have events like this they can focus on the small problem areas quicker.

    When you drive around Arlington you see large power lines every where, for example , Wilson st., west of Ballston, or areas with large apartment complexes. It will cost money to do this but far fewer people will have to deal with power outages.

    • Paul

      Back in the day, it was “build it fast, build it cheap, worry about the consequences later.”

      • drax

        As if we don’t ever think like that now.

      • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

        sounds like the original columbia pike transportation plan

    • Clarendon

      I’d be interested in hearing from Dominion what redudancy features they have in the power grid. My power went off twice and came back on about 20 seconds later on Friday night before going out a third time and staying off. It seemed like it might have been reconfiguring after an event those two times and I was hopeful but then it was knocked out. Maybe they don’t want to publicize how their system works for security though.

      • Id

        After this, all you would have to do is hit the huge transformer grid near Northside Social.

  • Peter Mann

    So the fact that almost 40% of the people who lost power are still without power 3 days after the event is yeoman strides. I know the storm was bad but …

    What’s frustrating is that Dominion Va. Power does not seem to have any presence in Arlington. I have only seen 2 trucks since Friday! What happened to the pickup trucks that came and detailed problem areas!

    Our neighbors have 4 trees down on top of a electrical wires and only the Fire Department came to put yellow tape up to keep people away. I would think that tree guys from Dominion will have to come cut those trees off the wire before the wires get fixed. We had private companies cutting trees in our neighborhood Saturday morning. Shouldn’t Dominion have the tree men out in the neighborhoods while they are finishing the Priority electrical work?

    But dominion is nowhere to be found. We talked to some county guys who came through and said they can only clear up public areas, not around wires.

    While our elected officials feel like pick up is going well, many without power feel that dominion and the county need to reevaluate their emergency responses and either work together more or have a better strategy to attack problem such as these.

    • drax

      It’s not about the percentage, Peter. There were 1.5 million without power in the whole region. That means they’ve restored power to about a million people in 3 days. The trucks that help have come all the way from Canada, and that takes a day or two just for them to get here.

      As for trucks you’ve seen – you are one person. You can’t see everything. Things happen when you don’t see them. Most people learn that as toddlers.

      It’s frustrating, but it’s life. Just get over it and stop whining about how someone isn’t working fast enough to satisfy you.

      • DLGlenCarlyn


      • Peter Mann


        Pedro below reports that there was only Dominion Truck in Arlington. Maybe I saw that truck.

        By the way, you are a very negative posters. You should see life through a half full lenses. “Life moves pretty fast. [If your negative all the time…], you could miss it.” Adapted from Ferris Bueller

        • sunflower

          i’d say it’s thinking positively to stay cool, use common sense with a bit of humour, and not expect f-ing miracles

        • drax


          You’re not the center of the world, and just because you two only saw one truck doesn’t mean there’s only one truck anywhere near you.

          It’s funny that you call me out as negative too. That’s hilarious.

          • ACDC Hack

            “You’re not the center of the world,”

            Because you know that you are and there can’t be two centers !!!

          • drax

            I’m the center of the world because I told someone else they aren’t?

            Yeah, that makes sense.

        • drax

          Okay, calling out all the armchair experts like Peter and Justin:

          How many total customers should the power company restore power to every 24 hours? Give us a number, you seem to know it.

        • Id

          Suck a drumstick.

    • Boom! Roasted

      If you look their outage map online, there is a huge improvement from Saturday.

    • Andrew

      Arlington and the rest of the region that dominion serves is bigger than your street/neighborhood….

    • Id

      The protocol is to fix the bigger down power sources before the individual customers, thereby increasing the number of people who are restored power. Dominion Power will start with their main lines and distributions points first then work their way down. It does not make sense to do it backward which is why you do not immediately see the trucks driving around. I got power back on Saturday night. Dominion has done a hell of a lot better than PEPCO.

  • poweroutage

    anyone know the status of power outage in westover place??

  • Paul

    One cautionary item, while the *maintenance* costs of underground are much lower, it’s only for a few decades. As PEPCO is discovering in the District, replacing failing decades-old feeder cables under the streets is an expensive proposition, as is adding capacity, which is happening in the U Street corridor.

    • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

      hopefully we’ll be dead by the time that matters right? just fund it with debt

  • Pedro

    As of yesterday most Dominion crews were working in Leesburg, there was only one crew in Arlington and one in Falls Church. It appears that there are bunch of new crews working Arlington today, at least according to Dominion’s website. This really sucks.

    • drax

      They do it just to piss you off. They don’t have any logic to it. They don’t try to restore power to hospitals and senior centers first, and then work on the main lines, working their way down to the smaller ones further downstream. Nope.

      • Andrew

        Their logic is to restore power to people who whine on Arlnow last….good strategy if you ask me.

        • IP678

          Richmond has probably told Dominion to put Arlington down lower on the priorities list.

      • Id

        Does it make sense to screw a new light bulb into a lamp that is broken? That is what you are proposing they do.

  • Picantito

    East falls church is back baby, woohooOO!!!!

    and, the Dominion outage callback does actually work. i got a text from a neighbor and 3min later a call from dominion..

    so wow, reporting does actually work! if only Microsoft would fix my PC when i send the “crash report”

    • Dubz

      Where exactly in EFC? Do you know if the area right by the metro is back on?

      • Alex

        I was right by the Metro last night and they had power in the houses on Wash Blvd.

  • Pedro

    The owner of the one more page bookstore just tweeted that power is back on at that store…same building as Chasin Tails.

  • Joe Hoya

    Yorktown neighborhood (at least my stretch on 27th st.) is back up and running.

  • YTK

    IINSTEAD of paying $$$$$$$ for streetcars which will only GO OUT OF SERVICE in get stuck in the middle of Columbia Pike in this kind of emergency– HOW ABOUT shelling out some funds to make sure the 911 system does not go out, and transformers don’t blow right and left in the next storm????!!!

  • Quincy Plaza Resident

    Quincy Plaza still does not have power. The building has been without power 67 hours. The trash chutes are clogged. The hallways reek of trash (food that was thrown out of the refrigerator). I saw a mouse in the hallway.

    Dittmar and Quincy Plaza management should be ashamed of themselves. On Sunday at 11pm, Dominion power arrived to Quincy Plaza, where power has been out since Friday night (despite the fact that the power was restored to the grid on which Quincy sits since Saturday night). Dominion said that it was not until 10pm on Sunday that Dittmar and Quincy Plaza management notified them that Quincy Plaza did not have power. Only a callous landlord would wait 24 hours to notify Dominion that its building did not have power.

    It turns out that the problem was a broken transformer located inside Quincy Plaza. Dominion has to drive up a transformer from Richmond. Had Dittmar notified Dominion of the problem on Saturday night, the transformer would be here by now. It is not.

    The management of the building is nowhere to be found. The management escaped Quincy Plaza to the air conditioned Randolph Towers.

    • Mad_at_Bonnie

      Have you been able to speak with anyone from Dittmar management? I tried to email, but it did not get through to anyone. I am really concerned about this trash problem.

      • KH

        The fact that she was in the lobby this morning giving me a bright and cheery, “Good morning!!” as I turned in my rent check added insult to injury. I fired back, “Is it?” to which she responded, “*I* think so, Dominion’s here!”

  • Justin

    Must be weird being drax. Always supporting the government line on everything.

  • arlbuoy

    Fairfax/Arlington/Loudon/Springfield/Bathesda counties squeeze far more house tax than any other county in United states. Now we realize how efficient / rigid our power distribution system is.

    • Id

      Bethesda just got the flush toilet tax — that should help.

  • FreakEconomist22204

    I know this might be a stupid question, but whenever Dominion gives these outage numbers and cites “Dominion Customers” are they actually counting “people” or “Dominion Customer” accounts? For example, my condo has one Dominion account although we have 196 units with over 500 people: so is Dominion counting that as 1 or 500 in the estimates of ‘customers’ affected by the outage…. Seems like there is potential to be playing a shell game with the magnitude of the individuals impacted by the outages by reporting disingenuous numbers in a deceptive manner. Dominion has absolutely no way of knowing that 500 people are affected in my building as the condo assn is the only “Dominion Customer” for billing purposes. If they are counting 1 for a 500 person condo, then to move the numbers favorably in the “Dominion Customer” reports to the media, work effort might be diverted from high-occupancy buildings with low customer counts and into single-family homes where each house gets a bill, thereby decreasing the “Customer” Impact numbers, but not really directing resources to maximize the greatest number of people. Just wondering since an inordinant number of condo / apartment dwellers seem to be populating this forum citing a lack of resolution to the power outage — does anyone know how these are calculated? [The foregoing thoughts may be the onset of heat stroke or madness brought on by the 3d day of 87o temps in my condo]. 😉

    • Enna

      The power company knows your building is a multi tenant building.

  • Kim Un Arlington

    Where are the temporary stop signs?

    It’s a no-brainer that our dear leaders have failed to accomplish.

    • Justin

      No Kim, according to drax, they were absolutely right to omit these and if you think that’s inadequate then you must be completely stupid.

      • drax

        I was about to correct your straw man, but no, I’ll leave that as is.

    • Trish

      The dead traffic lights pretty much ARE the temporary stop signs. Or did you not sit through driver’s ed?

      • Where Are the Temporary Stop Signs

        I know how to stop, but am concerned about the fifty percent plus of OTHER drivers who do not even bother to slow down.

        Kim is correct that the County has FAILED in accomplishing an easy task.

        • So to be clear…

          Stocking somewhere on the order of a thousand or so temporary stop signs, which have exactly one very limited use and cost somewhere on the order of $500 a pop is an easy task?

          Or is the “easy task” the 500+ man hours it takes to both put the signs out and take them back up?

          Or maybe it’s the equivalent # of man hours it takes to bring them back in after lights are back?

          Or is the “easy task” the scraping of the blood off the pavement at the intersections cars sail through because the drivers only stop at temporary stop signs and the county either hasn’t gotten to that intersection, didn’t realize it was out, or forgot about it?

          Or maybe the “easy task” is a similar cleanup the first time someone either gets rear ended or T-boned after lights come back on, when they’re confused about whether the intersection is governed by the stop sign or the functioning traffic light?

          Just curious about what the easy part is.


          • WeiQiang

            I’ll take your point that some smart people could [and maybe have] decide what the cost-benefit is and determine the “easy task”. However, the insanity that ensued at the dark lights I think would have been mitigated by temporary stop signs.

            As for the cost, USBarricades has real stop signs for no more than $60 and has temporary set-ups for $110. I would think there might also be something like a fabric/soft foldable sign that could velcro on to a pole/post/cone that any police officer could carry as part of their normal equpment. Since the Aux Police do this stuff, add the signs to their complement of cones.

            As for one, very limited use, I disagree. If there was a significant homeland security event in the DC area, I think this type of stuff would be useful. Likewise for [tax sticker] checkpoints. For this reason, I think Arlington could get homeland security funding to defray costs, instead of buying drones, non-lethal crowd suppression devices, and armoured cars.

          • IP678

            I guess the easy part is handling security at the Bolivian parade while disaster cleanup is going on everywhere else in the county.

            And how hard is it to coordinate with Dominion when crews get power back and the lights come back on. Just send an officer out to retrieve the signs. It may not be easy, but not much has really been “easy” since Friday night. It’s not wrong to expect the government to try a little beyond “easy”.

        • P.D.

          So it’s OK to blame the county for the failure of drivers? Really.

  • StuckinDC

    Underground lines are no good if they are connected to a junction fed by above ground lines… Hence why half of South Fairlington is in the dark…. We connect to a notorious bad Alexandria junction and always lose power regardless of our own underground wires. Everyone else around is (on the Arlington circuit) up and running. Frustrating, never gets fixed!

  • PL25rd

    The Safeway in Cherrydale had lots of ice at 6:00 pm, just FYI.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    “Despite some disruptions in the hours following the storm, Brown said cell phone service has been one of the county’s most reliable forms of communication”

    Does anyone outside the RBC strip agree with this – We had almost zilch for over 24 hours. That included a govt blackberry 3g and simple digital and analog cell service. We had to drive to ballston just to call our insurance company and look for a hotel.
    And landlines were getting nothing too.

  • cabanagirl

    Power back on 7th Street!

  • Mary-Austin

    The pace of work on the part of the utility has been frustrating to watch but I guess that is to be expected.
    I think the mess on 6th street was what caused most of the outages in my area.
    Dominion sent in some folks from Pike wherever they are located 2 days after the storm. After the third night of not having power they showed up at 11 am at hung out in the elementary school parking lot for a few hours.
    They got it back on around 630 but if they had their act together I think they could have been done on Sunday and moved on to another spot.
    Now that the AC is back on and the house is down to 83 (feels great) I’m just happy the power is back. At least we don’t have Pepco!

    • matt

      Crews were out on 6th street in Barcroft the morning after the storm. I don’t know why the power didn’t come back on throughout the neighborhood until Monday afternoon, but it wasn’t because there was nobody out there working. Credit where credit is due.

      • Mary-Austin

        I’m just saying I was there around 1 on Saturday and nobody was around.
        Same thing for Abingdon Street. Neighbors there had to put signs on trash cans to try and stop the idiots who tried to drive under the tree and wires.

  • nunya

    Fillmore Gardens have power back this morning??? Want to go home…

    • 8th street s

      Same, if anyone is stopping by during the day, please reply. I checked last night at 6pm and they were hooking up generators, with signs to not turn on A/C, but I didn’t have power still. I had to go to work this morning since I can’t take unscheduled leave without really hitting my annual leave reserve.

      • nunya

        Just talked to the lady in the office and she said that power is back on but A/C may not be (so generator) but that we should be at 100% power by tonight 🙂 Yay!

        • kertsocks

          REJOICE AND BE GLAD! (From a fellow Fillmore resident)

          • nunya

            Our power (FG) is back on 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Yorktown Blvd

    Yorktown Blvd between Goerge Mason and Marymount is still blocked by a fallen tree, pole and wires, and still no Dominion trucks in sight Tuesday morning. Surrounding streets (29th St, 28th St, 27th St, Dinwiddie, Brandywine etc remain in the dark too.

    You’d think they would clear Yorktown Blvd – cars are still tearing along over the speed limit and screeching to a halt when they come to the fallen pole – the county hasn’t placed any detour or warning signs, and the neighborhood is completely dark at night.

    Dominion is giving no expected time for assistance.

  • ACDC Hack

    Interesting that the podium is sporting the “Classic Arlington” logo rather than the $30,000.00 swoosh…….

  • nunya

    Fillmore Gardens has full power now 🙂 Yay!


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