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by ARLnow.com July 6, 2012 at 9:00 am 3,327 17 Comments

New Bikeshare Stations Coming to Pike, Trails — A new “Transit Development Plan” for Capital Bikeshare calls for new stations to be installed along Columbia Pike, in Shirlington, at the Pentagon, at Arlington National Cemetery and along the W&OD and Four Mile Run trails. Installation of most of the planned stations is expected to take place in 2013. [The Wash Cycle]

Southwest Comes to DCA — Southwest Airlines will begin operating its first scheduled service from Reagan National Airport on Sunday (July 8). The airline will be flying between DCA and Austin, Texas. [Sun Gazette]

Media Inquiries Prompt Storm Clean-up Work — In at least two instances, calls from media outlets apparently prompted Dominion and Arlington County to send crews to areas of Arlington where trees and wires had been down for days and residents were growing restless. [Washington Post, WJLA]

Resident Uses Girl Scout Skills to Brave Outages — Arlington resident Mary Bielefield says living in a home without power is sort of like camping. The former Girl Scout has been relying on matches, bags of ice, flashlights and a battery-powered radio. [WUSA 9]

  • WestoverAndOver

    Nice morning notes photo!

  • Chris B

    Excellent news on the proposed expansion of Capitol Bike Share in Arlington.

    • Tabs

      I was all “yay!” and then saw “installation in 2013” and went “oh.”

  • Wilbur

    Except of course the transportation plan for the new cabi stations is unfunded. Its worth the paper its printed on.

    • JohnB

      It only assumes a 50% fare-box recovery when the system in DC runs a slight profit. I would wager that once the system is built out in Arlington the fare-box recovery will go up.

    • Re Wibur, actually, the constrained expansion detailed in the TDP IS funded through CMAQ. That includes stations in Columbia Pike.

      • North Arlington Man

        how much is this going to cost the taxpayers of Arlington? Are we going to be forced to pick up the tab on the purchasing the bikes?

  • cranky crankypants

    Austin! Just as Arlington is the only place in Virginia liberals want to go, Austin is the only place in Texas I want to go. Good job, Southwest!

  • drax

    Well done, Mary. You handled this better than alot of adults.

    • CW

      Just for the record, because the headline and blurb are not explicit, and your comment seems to imply a believe that she is a child through a comparison to adults, this lady is like 60 years old. When they say “former”, they mean it.

    • Elmer

      Yes. Sorta living like those Occupiers but without the rats and the Starbucks coffee across the street from their DC park encampment.

  • Justin

    Surprised drax didn’t write a letter to the Washington Post complaining that they had the nerve to question Dom’s restoration efforts.

  • Mary-Austin

    Apparently the county and Dominion are in a dispute over who is going to remove the tree that is blocking one lane of George Mason near 8th street.
    I feel bad for the people over there that still don’t have power after a week.
    Just ridiculous on both sides.

    • FunReadArlNow

      That tree was taken away sometime mid-day yesterday (Thurs).

  • JohnB2

    ArlNow: What happened to the weekly crime report? Will it be rolled into next week’s report?

  • Elmer

    Re: The Pix. Who’ll be the first drunk to impale him/herself on that wooden fence at the Westover Beer Garden?


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