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Power Restoration Nearly Complete in Arlington

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm 3,946 38 Comments

A week after the powerful storms that left 68,000 Dominion customers in the dark in Arlington, all but four dozen have had their power restored.

As of 2:00 this (Friday) afternoon, 48 Dominion customers were without power. The company says that it expects all known power outages in the area to be restored by later tonight. According to Arlington officials, all county traffic signals are now functioning. Some 96 traffic signals were knocked out by Friday’s storms, largely due to power outages.

In a press release, the county noted that one of Arlington’s most historic trees was a victim of the storms. The Revolutionary War-era  Post Oak (pictured), in the Westover area, is set to be cut down due to wind damage.

“On Monday, County crews plan to remove the ancient Post Oak, believed to be the oldest tree in Arlington and perhaps in the Commonwealth, that was severely damaged during the storm,” the county said.

Dominion and Arlington County crews are continuing to clear downed trees, power lines and debris from around the county. As of this afternoon, 10 county roads are still completely blocked. Arlington officials released the following statement about the continued clean-up efforts.

The County’s Dept. of Parks and Recreation continues to clear partially and completely blocked roads of debris and downed trees. Operations have been complicated by piles of debris unavoidably pushed into some roads during clearing operations by County crews, utility companies and residents. The County’s priority, in clearing debris, is to make it possible for residents, emergency equipment and utility companies to use the streets. We also clear County buildings, sidewalks along heavily traveled roads, and “safety zones” around high-use recreational facilities, such as parks. Once all these priorities are met, crews focus on the clean-up phase.

Five Dept. of Parks and Recreation crews continue to work solely on road-clearing operations, and will continue through the weekend. … The County’s Solid Waste Bureau Earth Products Recycling Yard, located at 4300 29th St. S, will be open Saturday, July 7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for residents to drop off brush. County crews have collected 768 tons of debris. The County will suspend debris collection on Sunday, to rest crews, some of whom have worked 13 days straight. Cooling centers still available to residents without power.

Even though the vast majority of homes now have power, the county is continuing to advise residents to utilize Arlington’s libraries, community centers, pools and shopping malls in the event that they need to seek relief from this weekend’s expected extreme heat.

  • speonjosh

    I find the loss of this tree incredibly sad.

  • Reader O. Newspapers

    You could have read this in the morning newspaper, the Washington Post.

    • NoVapologist

      People still read the Washington Post?

      • Aaron

        Wait, was a 250-year old tree turned into newspulp to publish this morning’s edition of the Washington Post?

      • drax

        People who know what’s going on, yeah. The rest read blogs and post incredulous comments about things they didn’t know.

      • drax

        Yes. Those who don’t are the ones who post comments here asking the most basic questions that those who do already knew long ago. Watch for the pattern.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    I predict a somber Entmoot.

  • Michael H.

    Many of the large trees along the Mt. Vernon Trail were severely damaged during the storm too. Some of those trees must have been very old as well. Some were split right down the middle, as if Paul Bunyan had hacked them apart with a giant axe.

  • Sad in Westover…

    I was pretty patient in the beginning when I knew I wasn’t alone… but I’m starting to feel alone since I’m still without. 🙁 Boo

    • WestoverAndOver

      Still? Hang in there. Got ours back last night despite utility workers having been in our immediate area 3-4 times since Sunday.

    • MyHood

      If it helps, I feel sad for you too.

    • other side of the river

      Hey, Sad in Westover, you can now say you’re part of the 1%…

      (does that help?)

  • C02isYourFriend

    oooh, dead trees – lets release trapped carbon! yay!

  • CrystalMikey


    • cyclist

      rest in pulp

  • Westover

    I hope that they are able to cut it into length to be used as lumber to build something and allow the tree to continue to live and give.

    There used to be a guy that had a portable saw mill in Arlington, but I can’t seem to find anything online anymore. 🙁

  • lohad

    Bravo for the Dominion Power folks!!!!! Job well done.

  • Sad in Westover – I’m sorry too. Hang in there and keep calling Dominion Power. You should have it restored very soon.

    I’m sorry for the trees too.

  • outoftowner

    Leave it to Arlington to assume it could be the oldest tree in the state.

    • outoftowner

      6 of the trees at Virginia Tech alone, during the football practice facility conversations, were found to be over 300 years old..

    • Trish

      If you read carefully, it says it’s the oldest tree that was severely damaged in the storm, not that it’s the oldest tree.

    • Vincent

      nobody assumes that, but it’s probably over 300 years old (the article kind of low-balls it). It’s going to get age-counted soon.

      • sunflower

        Post Oak

        This Post Oak is one of the oldest trees in Arlington and most likely dates to the mid-late 1700’s. At 18’ in circumference and 93’ tall, this exceptional specimen is the current State Champion Post Oak. Location: 11th Street N.
        By link from the article~~~~~~~

    • drax

      Arlington doesn’t assume that, every historian and tree expert in the state does.

      What a lame, lame cheap shot.

  • T:GEOA

    Good job Dominion

  • JimPB

    Triple kudos and salutes to the crews that cleared trees and restored power equipment, poles and lines. I know from my stints outside cleaning up after the storm tending to the garden and other plants and other projects how draining the record heat is. And I can and do take frequent breaks (to the cool basement when the power was out, so no A/C) while the crews were pretty much subject to continual exposure to the heat, and for extended/double shifts.

  • callie

    Does ARL Now do anything more than regurgitate press releases?

    • Cyrus

      No, it doesn’t. That’s why you should never come back to this forum again.

      The rest of us who appreciates ArlNow’s service to the community.

  • Where are the temporary stop signs?

    Last night in Clarendon a traffic light was completely not working. No temporary stop signs.

    Good grief!

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    Looking at the forecast with thunderstorms being predicted for Sunday I am keeping my fingers crossed I don’t loose power again.

  • tf

    Since when does the county foot the bill for cutting down or removing trees from private citizens property?

    • Arlington Ministery of People’s Truth

      This is the People’s Republic!

      Get in line both in your thoughts and for your handouts.

    • sunflower

      the post oak is between the sidewalk and the street, probably in the county’s right-of-way

      • drax

        You ruined another lame cheapshot by using your brain to think it through!

        • WeiQiang

          I just want to know what a “Ministery” is and whether I can buy one at the new World Of Beer.

        • sunflower

          “old, and uselessly wise”. the leopard, dilampedusa


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