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by ARLnow.com July 27, 2012 at 8:32 am 3,198 88 Comments

Last Chance to Comment on Bikeshare Plan — Today is the last day to comment on Arlington’s Capital Bikeshare Expansion Plan. Comments on the six year strategic growth plan can be submitted online through the end of the day today. [Arlington Transportation Partners]

Republicans Pounce on Garvey’s Streetcar Abstention — Hoping to capture a seat on the County Board this November, Republicans are planning on hammering away at the current all-Democrat Board for approving the Columbia Pike streetcar. The GOP is also planning to pounce on their Democratic opponent, Libby Garvey, for abstaining from the streetcar vote while expressing skepticism about the plan. Republican Matt Wavro will face Garvey and Green Party candidate Audrey Clement on the Nov. 6 ballot. [Sun Gazette]

Arlington Officials Puzzled by Estate Gift — Arlington officials can’t fathom why a late resident left the county five percent of his estate in his will. The County Board had to vote to refund some of the money after whoever is in charge of executing the will made an error and sent the county $51,000 more than it was actually owed. [Patch]

Paisano’s Named Best Pizza by WTOP — Paisano’s has been named the best pizza in the D.C. area by WTOP listeners and website visitors. The local chain has a location near Crystal City at 3650 South Glebe Road. Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza, which has a location in Clarendon, placed #4 in the voting. [WTOP]

Flickr pool photo by Christaki

  • Garden City

    Paisano’s is the best pizza in the D.C. area? Wow. WTOP listeners need to get out more. Two Amys? Pizzeria Orso? Pizzeria Paradiso? WTOP listeners need to eat some real pizza.

  • JohnB2

    1. Paisano’s Pizza
    2. Ledo Pizza
    3. Ben Yehuda Pizza
    4. Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza
    5. Luciano Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
    6. Two Amys
    7. Mamma Lucia
    8. Papa Johns
    9. Vocelli’s
    10. Church Street Pizza

    Ledo’s at #2? Seriously? I’ve only had pizza from some of the places on the list but there’s no way Ledo’s beats Two Amys. It must be a market coverage issue.

    • PCity

      Papa Johns is higher than 50; you know the list has many deep-seated issues.

    • David

      Pupatella is not on the list, this list is incomplete!

      • JamesE

        agreed, terrible list

      • John Fontain

        I think the voting was open only to establishments that are open.

    • JohnB

      Says more about WTOP listeners than the pizza places.

      • JamesE

        WTOP Top 10 burger joints

        1. McDonalds
        2. Burger King
        3. Wendys
        4. Carl’s Jr.
        5. Jack In The Box
        6. Sonics
        7. Checkers
        8. 7-11
        9. Five Guys
        10. In-N-Out

        • Andy

          No way. Jack In The Box should be above Burger King.

        • Autoexec.bat

          I think that’s the list of Top 10 Burger Joints in PG County. No, seriously.

        • Id

          In-N-Out No. 1. Whomever made this list was high.

      • CW

        All they probably care about is parking.

    • DarkHeart
    • Sal

      I can make a better pizza than Ledo’s with a loaf of Wonder Bread, a can of Cheez Wiz, a handfull of ketchup packets & an Easy-Bake Oven.

  • WTOP did note that Paisano’s gave free food to anyone that voted for them and that may have impacted the vote.

  • Charles

    I wish they’d MOVE the Cap Bikeshare rack at Pentagon City Metro. They put it right in the way and very inconvenient. With the construction going on RIGHT THERE the Cap Bikeshare rack is really in the way of pedestrians.

    It’s not like anyone in Arlington County Government is going to be clever enough to help on this, so can Cap Bikeshare PLEASE MOVE IT? Thanks.

  • Rick

    What will the yuppies do when they find out the “best pizza” in the area is from a franchise chain and not a place that delivers on segways?

  • DarkHeart

    Lost Dog makes a pretty good pizza.

    • CW

      Too bad they’re a bunch of bullies who think the best use of their time is to sic their attack dog lawyer on small businesses in other states.

      • JamesE

        Their lawyer is clearly a pitbull

        • WeiQiang (bulletproof skull version)

          … with a thick skull

          • Al Gore


      • FBG


        • CW

          Forum discussion:


          To a copyright lawyer, I guess they might have some substance, maybe, but to the everyday layman, it just looks like bullying.

          • DarkHeart

            Their IP protection is probably limited on a regional basis, where they were the first to use the name. Now, if they want to expand into other markets, they should probably have to buy out preexisting conflicting marks.

            I like their food, but I do wish they would add on-line ordering, which Jimmy Johns does have.

      • jackson

        So Lost Dog is the big chain now?

        • CW

          They’re sure acting like it!

          That’s part of what makes their actions somewhat sickening to me. You’d think they would have a little bit more sympathy for the little guy.

    • OldYeller

      The Lost Dog has some sort of halo over it, review-wise. I live in the neighborhood (Westover) and the place almost always disappoints, if not for the food, then for the service. The pizzas are mushy, cooked on a rolling oven that doesn’t measure up to a real pizza oven. Stray Cat, same story, underwhelming and far from friendly. Westover could use a real local restaurant/bar/pub (not, not you, Forest Inn). It would make a TON of money.

      • SteveP

        Hm… I need to know more about the Forest Inn. I keep thinking that I should go in and check it out, but something keeps me from doing so.

        • OldYeller

          You can learn all you need to know about the Forest Inn by going around to the back parking lot and see the shuffling line of hard knock lifers grabbing a smoke every 2 minutes. No thanks.

          • jackson

            Is Steve one of them?

          • DarkHeart

            Sound like Arlington has a wet house.

        • Rick

          The food in there is pretty good actually. It’s not “cuisine” or “modern fare” but it’s a decent meal.

        • Josh S

          My brother and I once went to a yard sale being held by a Rotary Club or something like that in some small town in Illinois. He bought a leatherette easy chair that had been in their lounge. We took it home and were appalled by the grime we were able to clean off the cushions. Just decades of smoke and spilled drinks and God knows what else. It was pretty gross.

          This is the Forest Inn.

      • FBG

        Don’t know how long you have lived in the neighborhood, but Westover had a great locals bar, right where Stray Cat is now.

        • OldYeller

          Yeah, the Luna Park Grille was cool. Went there quite a bit before I had 3 kids in tow. But not a great family hangout, so we never went after that.

          • FBG

            It was an OK place for families during the day.

            What it had that Westover sorely lacks now is good live music. Given all the fuss over the beer garden, it makes me laugh to think back to all the loud music that poured out of Luna on weekends. If they had the doors open and the right band, it was easily louder outside in the parking lot than anything I have heard from the market, and I don’t remember them having any problems with neighbors complaining.

    • Dezlboy

      Did you mean “Lost Dog Cafe” ?

  • CW

    “Arlington officials can’t fathom by a late resident left the county five percent of his estate in his will.”

    Yeah, I have trouble fathoming by things too.

    • Thes

      I’m astounded that County officials couldn’t muster a little more (actually any) gratitude for this guy. He left half his estate to pay off the national debt and 5% to Arlington County. The other half to the American Lung Association. It wasn’t much money, but it was a nice gesture — and our government officials treated it as if it was some kind of annoyance to them. Here’s what you say when someone leaves you money in their will for no apparent reason: “We are deeply grateful that this civic-minded person thought to give back some of his life savings to the community after his death. While we don’t know the reason why, we can hope that it was because he found Arlington to be a welcoming place for him to make his home while he was alive. We will do our best to put the money to good use.”

      • SomeGuy

        Great point, Thes.

      • Tabby_TwoTone


      • Bluemontsince1961

        Thes, I don’t often agree with you, but you are absolutely right in what you said on this and I applaud you.

      • 1RLI

        Very well put. Thank you!

      • South Awwlington

        They did seem disingenuous when they mentioned this at the Board Meeting. Why not put his name on a park bench or something. Clearly he supported the direction of the County. They almost seemed taken aback.

        • Opie

          It’s a bit of a guilt complex, I would imagine. They only really enjoy taking money from people by forcing taxes and fees on them. When somebody actually gives them money, it takes a visceral enjoyment out of the whole thing and they don’t know how to handle it.

          • drax


          • Opie

            But true!

          • SomeGuy

            I thought it was clever, Opie.

      • CW

        I agree with you 100%, AND ARLnow fixed the word choice error so we are all gravy.

  • Matty

    Any list that doesn’t have The Italian Store at the top isn’t worth reading. Doesn’t even have We the Pizza on it, which I think is the second best in the city.

    • OldYeller

      +100 for the Italian Store. Do they deliver to The Lost Dog?

      • nom de guerre

        No, but I hear they will deliver to the Park Shirlington in Fairlington.

    • ummm, pizza

      Totally agree about the Italian Store. Also, for cheap pizza, Costco is actually pretty good. Better than Papa John’s anyway.

      • CW


    • T:GEOA

      Add Goodys to that list. Best pickup slice in Arlington.

      Another great pickup slice is form Luciannos in Tysons I next to Lord and Taylor.

  • Tre

    Pete’s tomato sauce tastes like its made from fresh nothingness. New Haven frowns upon him.

  • John Fontain

    Goody’s? Vace?

  • nunya

    whawhawhat…. no Italian Store Pizza?!

  • SamW

    Ledo’s tastes like cardboard. The no-name (at least I don’t know the name) Sicilian Pizza place on S Fillmore is better than Ledo’s.

    I don’t know what the negativity towards Lost Dog is about. We’ve never had a bad meal/service there.

    • PrinceSpaghetti

      Ledo is AWFUL! A big, greasy square of cardboard served directly on a stolen cafeteria tray. Yum!

      • ummm, pizza

        Totally agree. Ledo’s is the worst pizza I have ever had. I just can’t understand the appeal. I have many friends who love Ledo PIzza. very weird.

        • drax

          Enough, Internet food snobs.

  • Ali

    Ledo’s also did a big marketing push for votes so yeah, the list is bunk.

  • JamesE

    You know the list is rigged because Little Caesars is not on it. $5 hot and ready clearly should be #1.

    • Al Gore


    • Rick

      Little Caesars has bacon honey mustard chicken wings. Take a moment and let that sink in.

  • Guy LeDouche

    The GOP needs to leave Libby alone. She is just being a shrewd politician and knows exactly what she’s doing. Modeling herself after Barry O’Bama. Barry almost never took a stand on anything and just voted as “present” and he made his way from nothing to POTUS in no time at all. I think we just saw the start of Libby’s 2016 or 2020 Presidential campaign with that no backbone vote. Garvey for President!!

    • Elmer

      Guy, Stand back. Wow, are you going to get a lecture.

      • Guy LeDouche

        I’m sure I will. I’ll probably get ridiculed for my use of hyperbole in saying “almost never” when it was only a small percentage of Barry’s votes (3%), but the facts are what they are. Why wouldn’t Libby take a stand on this issue? If she disagreed with the street car than vote no. She knew it would still pass. Much like the ability to vote “present” in Illinois, it was for covering her political rear-end. People get elected to stand up for what they believe in, not duck and cover. Might lead me to vote Green or GOP in November.

        • Elmer

          Agreed. According to Ms. Garvey’s still on-line campaign site from her last election, she majored in “Politics” at Mt. Holyoke College. I’m sure she received straight As in the course on “C.Y.A.”

      • South Awwlington

        From earlier this week:

        South Awwlington:
        July 24th, 2012 9:32 am
        You don’t debate crazy. You send it to Alaska with Palin and Norquist and hope to never hear from them again.

        I’d like to reaffirm that. 🙂

    • PrinceSpaghetti

      Agree 100%. Not voting on something is just the kind of decisiveness we need.

    • novasteve

      How dare you not praise the annointed one! People who don’t worship shouldn’t be allowed to live in Arlington! we are tolerant here! Think the way we do OR ELSE!

      I’m so tolerant!

    • Hattie McDaniel

      Barry almost never took a stand on anything

      Is that so much worse than Willard changing what his stand is every five minutes or so?

  • Jan

    Why do I have to chain my bicycle to a lamp post while the bikeshare for-profits get to put their bicycle racks on county property?

    • CW

      I wonder about this as well.

      • B22201

        It’s like taking up perfectly good parking spots for ZipCars that rarely move.

        • drax

          One Zipcar prevents several other cars from parking, because people who use Zipcar don’t own their own cars. Duh.

          • Replicant

            I gotta say though, as a pedestrian and runner, the sidewalks are getting crowded with these bike racks. i.e racks near Clarendon Metro and intersection of Barton and Wilson, edgewood and Wilson, the list goes on…

    • NGlebe

      Isn’t the lamp post on country property?

  • happycyclist

    There should be more bike racks around, but CaBi is a good thing.

    Will we ever get a CaBi station by the Pentagon metro?

    • Filly Buster

      Security risk.

  • South Awwlington

    lol good luck to the opposition in Presidential election year.


  • j

    is Cafe Pizziola on Quaker Lane any good?

  • Mc

    WTOP has the same audience demographic as the Examiner. You are welcome to trust their taste accordingly.

  • UA

    +1 Arlnow for the pics lately..


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