Wakefield Will Remember the Titans After 73-0 Loss

by ARLnow.com September 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm 4,604 27 Comments

The Wakefield Warriors varsity football squad suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the T.C. Williams Titans on Thursday night.

Wakefield lost its season opener 73-0, with all of the Titans’ points scored in the first three quarters of the game, in front of a home crowd in Alexandria. It’s an even more convincing defeat than the 51-7 result from last year’s season opener between the two teams. Wakefield has not had a winning football season since 1983, according to Connection Newspapers sports reporter Jon Roetman.

Yorktown High School, which is coming off an undefeated regular season that led to a disappointing defeat in the regional championships, bested opponent Bowie, Md. by a score of 42-28 on Friday. Though they ultimately won by a comfortable margin, the Patriots were assessed 101 yards in penalties throughout the game. Yorktown will play an away game at Wakefield this coming Friday, Sept. 7.

In other football action in Arlington, the Bishop O’Connell High School Knights defeated Bishop Ireton 27-12 at home on Friday, in the school’s new stadium, and the Washington-Lee Generals lost to the McLean Highlanders at home on Thursday, by a score of 14-12.

  • Ben

    In other news, ARLnow has no real news, but an inexhaustible supply of bad movie puns.

    • A Reader

      I actually prefer the school sports news over hearing about yet another trendy restaurant/bar/froyo shop/food truck that has opened/closed/changed names.

    • Wilbur

      Yeah – reporting on the people who actually live hear and are raising families here – not news. not at all.

    • Michael H.

      This is legitimate local news. What’s wrong with reporting a local high school football score? It’s not as though ARLnow is dominated by HS sports stories. I don’t see anything to complain about.

  • NiceOne

    Go Knights!

  • Not Me

    Dang… that is a total smackdown.

  • Dude Where’s My Car

    Reminds me of when the Bournemouth Gynecologists played the Watford Long John Silver Impersonators.


    • SomeDude

      that made my day!

    • Ren


  • “Wakefield hasn’t had a winning football season since 1983.” What if this story read “Wakefield hasn’t had passing test scores in math since 1983”? The whole system would be re-vamped, no? Maybe the county should think long and hard about scrapping the football program. There is a huge amount of $$ spent on a sport that the kids don’t seem interested in playing. Surely the funds could be better spent elsewhere?

    • Please

      An absolutely ridiculous comment. How do you know the kids aren’t interested in playing. They may love it but just aren’t very good at it. Does that mean they’re not learning anything important like hard work, time management, social skills, teamwork? Sports help to develop the whole person. Academics are first priority but don’t say (paraphrase) “The sports team sucks so it has no value.” And by all means, since one school isn’t good at a sport, let’s deprive the entire county of it. Ridiculous.

      • ArlRat

        Well said!
        In a movie clip shown at last week’s orientation–one student mentioned how she played lacrosse and how they haven’t won a game in 10 yrs; yet the kids play hard and have a good time. They know they aren’t going to win but they are out there trying! Life is not all about winning!

        • SoFi

          Girls’ lacrosse hadn’t won in something like 90 games, but finally broke through last season. The celebration was bigger than most HS athletic teams ever experience. The boys had a similar experience.

          Lacrosse is a great example of why losing WHS teams are still positive experiences. Many of those students never had the equipment or opportunity to play in youth leagues or camps like the more affluent N.Arlington kids. God forbid we allow them to pick it up in high school.

          When I was in school, I played on some very good and very awful teams. It took far more character to show up every day for the lousy teams, and I probably matured more as a result.

          As for football, one quick way to improve their results would be to end across-county transfers. It’d be fascinating to see how many students in WHS’ territory have played for WL or YHS.

    • ArLater

      *Face palm*

    • Football Dad

      My son’s team plays Wakefield every year. I am truly amazed at how hard the Wakefield team tries, despite the odds. They come out to play and do their best. In some ways, the Wakefield kids are even more amazing than the team that beats them 73-0. I suspect they learn as much about life through playing on the team than they do in many of their classes.

      • Wakefield Parent

        Many thanks “Football Dad – Your positive comments re: Wakefield student athletes are much appreciated! You made my day.

    • Fenix

      Well it wouldn’t be the first time.
      Like 4 years ago the scrapped their teams between begining and mid season.
      Darw I quote myself from the other day?

  • Resident

    There is a relationship between sports and academics. http://www.la84foundation.org/3ce/HighSchoolSportsParticipation.pdf

    The sports teams will be slowly improving as transfers to other schools have been shut down (legitimate, legal transfers are small and programmatic only) and kids can either go to Wakefield or go to private schools. Football will be one of the last places where improvement will be seen as football (American) is one of numbers… smaller teams (aka basketball) will make strides faster as having two to three travel players on squad will make a bigger impact than on a 50 member team.

  • Alex


  • Regis

    Well, now I’m not so sure they deserve that fancy new stadium they’ve been dreaming about.

    • nom de guerre

      Is it too late to change the specs for the new scoreboard to include 3 digits in the score section?

  • ArlRat

    In a movie clip shown at last week’s orientation–one student mentioned how she played lacrosse and how they haven’t won a game in 10 yrs; yet the kids play hard and have a good time. They know they aren’t going to win but they are out there trying! Life is not all about winning!

  • Another way to look at this (as pointed out to me by my boyfriend) is to say that the winning team did not display good sportsmanship by continuing to crush the losing team.

    • kevin

      That was my initial reaction to, although the article states no points were scored in the 4rth qtr. I don’t think a coach can tell his players not to score (at least not thru the 1st 3 qtrs) if most of these points were scored by 3rd or 4th string players I’m fine with it.

  • bobbytiger

    Oh yeah, wait until we get into our new multi-million dollar school, then we’ll see who’s boss.

  • Vitaly

    I played at wkfld and recently quit. The problem isn’t the kids but the whole losing atmosphere of wkfld. Teachers, coaches, and so on. I just feel sad that this has been going on for 30 years and nothing has changed. Recently moved from AZ where football is pretty much a religion so I know what a winning school; and not in just football feels like

  • Vitaly

    And wkfld doesn’t play as a team. The play as individuals and lose as individuals. Just saying


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