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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com September 12, 2012 at 9:15 am 3,016 12 Comments

Art from 9/11 Children Displayed at Pentagon — Art created by the children of those who lost their life on Sept. 11, 2001 is now on display at the Pentagon. It’s the first large-scale exhibit of the art, which was created by more than 500 children at a summer camp for the children of 9/11 victims. [WJLA]

Long-Form Article Examines Torrez Case — The Washington Examiner’s Harry Jaffe takes a close look at the case of former Marine Jorge Torrez, who is currently serving five consecutive life sentences for the abduction of two Arlington women and the abduction and brutal rape of another in February 2010. Torrez will face a death penalty trial next year for the murder of Navy petty officer Amanda Jean Snell. [Washingtonian]

Book Dating Returns to Shirlington Library — The Shirlington Branch Library (4200 Campbell Avenue) is calling all single bookworms for a “speed book dating” event. Participants are encouraged to bring a couple books they found interesting, and will then be given 3 minutes to discuss them with each potential date. [Shirlington Village Blog Spot]

Affordable Housing Complex Reopens — The Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing has reopened the 111-unit Buchanan Gardens apartment complex on Columbia Pike following major renovations. [Washington Post]

Arlington Foundation Raises Millions — The Arlington Community Foudnation has so far raised $4 million on its way to a goal of raising $15 million. The foundation “raises capital for grants and scholarships to address community needs now and in the future.” [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by Jeff Gamble

  • DarkHeart
  • drax

    Interesting angle to the Torrez story – did Arlington cops find a murderer that NCIS didn’t?

    • CW

      Yep. And you know how they found him? Because a cop who had been patrolling a neighborhood for 8 years saw something that just didn’t look quite right to him. Exactly the reason why beat cops are needed.

      • drax

        I agree.

      • SHLady

        just finished reading. Wow, great work there by ACPD.

        • doug drabek

          i was walking down Quincy street around 1 am that night of the snow storm, and saw lots of cop cars around a house. I asked some guys on the porch what happened and they said “someone tried to kidnap my girlfriend”.

          I kinda thought ‘whoa, crazy’, but forgot about it until reading this article.

          Wow. I had no idea.

  • SamsonTheCat

    Unrelated to stories, but does anyone know what the balloon hovering over Crystal City was doing yesterday evening? Not very high tech alien invasion? New cupcake place opening? The new Crystal City balloon transport system to rival the trolley?

    • C

      I saw a balloon tied to a string in Ballston yesterday. It was taking aerial photographs

      • drax

        Construction sites use them sometimes.

  • CW

    The Washingtonian piece is well-written and detailed. One of the things that jumped out to me was the high quality of police work and resources by ACPD. Sort of makes me even madder that those resources are so consistently wasted when they could be deployed to help prevent crime…

    • hollywood

      Agreed. It was a very interesting and well-written piece.

  • Your editor

    Typo in the Foundation item. . .”The Arlington Community Foudnation. . .”


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