Morning Poll: Rush Minus?

by ARLnow.com September 17, 2012 at 9:35 am 3,513 45 Comments

Metro’s Rush Plus service is not working as planned, officials say.

As reported by WTOP, the rush hour changes have resulted in overcrowding on the Blue Line, since not as many riders are using the Yellow Line as expected.

Has your commute on Metro improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse since Rush Plus was first implemented on June 18? (A week after the change, more than 75 percent of poll respondents said their commute had stayed the same or gotten worse.)

  • YTK

    WHY can’t the BLUE LINE have MORE trains AND EIGHT CAR TRAINS, HMM? Every evening I wait for the blue line train and usually THREE ORANGE LINE TRAINS IN A ROW come by, and at least ONE of them is an 8-car. Well, by the time the THIRD orange Line train comes along — it is practically EMPTY — then ONE PUNY 6 car Blue Line Train comes along and gets filled up FAST — this has been going on for YEARS!!!!

    • CW

      The long-standing answer is that they can’t run all 8-car trains because the power infrastructure is not sufficient (i.e. cannot provide the necessary current). I personally think that this is a pretty poor excuse given that the silver line is about to come on anyhow (thus increasing the electrical load), and running 8 car trains would have probably prevented the need for rush plus in the first place.

      • speonjosh

        No, I think it’s a trial run for when the Silver Line is added.

      • T

        Need to provide Metro funding to buy extension cords! We need more 8-car trains instead of this Rush Plus nonsense. Rush Plus is grandstanding by Metro politicians to make us poor rubes think they are managing the system. Adding more 8-car trains would have solved the problem in a quiet, but effective way — of course that would not be the high-visibility show that politicians crave.

    • Arlington, Northside

      People ride the Blue Line?

      • aspiring entrepreneur

        Only every 15 minutes during rush hour.

  • Quoth the Raven

    Since rush plus started, I’ve waited no longer than 3 or 4 mins for an Orange line train, and most times I’ve been able to get a seat. Very different from before. So for my commute, this has been a great thing.

  • speonjosh

    It’s not as if Blue Line riders have a choice, long-term. This is not a temporary change. I think eventually more of them will take the Yellow Line.

    • Siegfried Fischbacher

      Except those of us commuting between Rosslyn & the Pentagon don’t have the choice of taking the Yellow Line.

      Rush Minus Sux.

      • speonjosh

        True. The one group that is permanently disadvantaged. I was thinking more of those commuting from Crystal City / Alexandria into the District.

        • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

          to be fair, they did research this and the more frequent service on the orange line benefits WAY more people than the number that are impacted negatively (like those that have to commute b/t Rosslyn and the Pentagon).

          It is unfortunate but some people that go into DC should probably take the Yellow Line but they are too used to the Blue and wont transfer.

          • Vinh An Nguyen

            Yeah, Metro’s “research” can always be trusted.

  • elsie

    On average mine has stayed the same, although when there is a problem it is so much worse. It seems like now when there is a train that is offloaded for whatever reason, it takes so much longer for WMATA to recover.

  • amb007

    My commute from Virginia Square to the Pentagon in the morning has now requires me to leave a few minutes sooner in the morning, so that I can make a blue train at Rosslyn. I have to catch an infrequent bus at Pentagon, so being a few minutes late isn’t an option. The change in the morning isn’t the end of the world though, as the orange trains are VERY, maybe too, frequent around 6:25.

    After work though, is a whole different ballgame. With blue trains only being ever 12-15 minutes, I often end up with a long wait at Pentagon. I’ve started to take the ART 42 if I have to wait long since it only takes an extra minute or two.

    • drax

      The ART 42 bus goes from Va. Square to the Pentagon.

      • Regis

        What’s that, about a 90 minute ride?

        • Traffic Jammin

          Haha, what? The ride from Navy Annex to Ballston Mall is about 25 minutes in rush hour traffic, so I’m guessing the ride from Pentagon to Va. Square isn’t more than 35. Probably a lot more convenient than a train ride with a transfer.

        • drax

          Less than 25 minutes according to the timetable.

        • amb007

          It’s about 30 minutes, so about a toss up with Metro. I do it mainly because it’s a lot more pleasant than dealing with stinky Metro stations, delays, crowded platforms, etc. I much prefer just being able to sit there for 30 minutes than running upstairs, downstairs, and all around.

    • Rosslynite

      There is also a shuttle that runs every 15 minutes between Rosslyn and the Pentagon. The shuttle picks up and drops off in front of Roti.

      • BrianKal

        wait, there’s a Roti in Rosslyn? How did I not know this, much easier than Foggy Bottom

        • Rosslynite

          It just opened at the corner of Wilson and Oak Street. Very yummy indeed.

          • Dirk Digler

            “Just opened” about nine months ago.

      • CW

        Ahh, so that’s where the huge mass of sad-faced badge-wearing types is going every morning when they clog the sidewalks there. Had always been wondering.

    • Bicyclist
      • CW


        I would actually just head down Clarendon Boulevard then cut over on Rhodes to near Iwo Jima.

        • Filly Buster

          Or just go down Washington Blvd.

          • WeiQiang

            That’s just crazy talk, especially with the construction going on.

        • ballsteve

          My way exactly (though I take 15th down to Rhodes instead of staying on Clarendon). The only problem is Marshall remains under terrible construction heading down to the 110 trail. When will that repaving ever be done?

          • Bicyclist

            I agree that those routes are shorter — but only by a few minutes.

            I wouldn’t recommend them to people new to bicycling commuting. The trails are much nicer.

          • CW

            I honestly find riding with cars to be much less vexing than riding around other cyclists, joggers, people walking to work, dogs, strollers, etc. The cars at least have a defined set of rules that the follow most of the time. But I do understand that for a true newbie it is more intimidating to go in traffic.

          • WeiQiang

            I agree that in most cases I prefer to ride with cars, but rush hour (somehow morning seems worse) brings its own brand of madness and psychopathic drivers.

  • babakm

    You should probably separate this into two polls, one for Blue and one for Orange liners.

    • kdub

      I agree. I’ve noticed great improvement on the orange line, so I’m pleased w/ RushPlus. But can imagine it’s causing more problems on the Blue.

  • Rob

    As said before. Waiting at foggy bottom to go to pentagon city is ridiculous. 3 close to empty orange line trains come before one blue line. When it does, it is packed. WMATA told me to go to l’efant and transfer which makes no sense. 9 stops to 4

    • PearDPea

      When are you seeing these close to empty Orange Line trains? The Orange Line congestion used to make it impossible to even get on the train if you were at one of the Arlington stations at times. But these are far from empty now.

      • SomeGuy


        • PearDPea

          Oh sorry, misread that. I would suspect the Orange Line going west at Rosslyn would be mostly empty in the morning since that is the opposite of where people are going.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            There is no ‘reverse commute’ anymore, either in Metro or on the roads. It’s a clusterf*ck in any almost any direction.

  • curious george

    If RUSHplus was running as advertised my VaSquare to Crystal City commute would take a little longer sometimes if I missed a blue line by a minute or so. The Orange line does seem a little less packed between 1700-1830.

    I have found, however, that train breakdowns and sick passengers still have a greater impact than RUSHminus.

    Since I can’t drive it is not like I have any choice. Crappy metro > No Metro.

    • bi-curious george

      If Metro actually ran on a schedule, RushPlus would work for us who have to take the Blue Line. But unfortunately, even with the transit app on your smartphone, you can only guess when the trains will actually show up.

  • mapchick

    I commute from Pentagon City to Farragut West. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and even tried taking the yellow line to L’Enfant and then back-tracking on the orange or blue to Farragut West. This option is less crowded but it takes more time, at least 10 minutes. I am more inclined to wait the 10 minutes for a train to Largo in the morning than deal with transfering. I can tolerate the crowds, my biggest complaint is that Rush Plus was supposed to eliminate the crush at Rosslyn yet I still find there are mornings where my train is held up outside of that station while orange line trains service it. In my opinion that isn’t much of an improvement at all for the longer wait times.

    On a mildly unrelated note I want to add that I am 8 months pregnant and I have been overwhelmed by the general kindness of other blue line passengers about letting me have a seat on the train. I wasn’t expecting that at all so +1 for humanity.

  • Trish

    Well, I live and work in Arlington and don’t ride Metro for my commute, but I can say Rush Plus has been super helpful on the mornings I ride up to Greenbelt if I’m flying out of BWI. It’s so nice to be able to ride the Yellow line all the way from Pentagon to Greenbelt and not to have to transfer to the Green line anymore. It saves a little time, and, well, the Yellow line is a little less sketchy than the Green.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Girl, you lucky they dent delete your comment.

  • Kal

    Morning Rush has caused me to start driving to work.


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