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Another Anti-Obama Ad at Clarendon Metro Station

by ARLnow.com October 19, 2012 at 6:50 pm 6,983 46 Comments

Earlier this year, an anti-Obama advertisement in the Clarendon Metro station containing the words “Go to hell, Barack” sparked controversy. Now, the same group behind that ad has another incendiary advertisement in the station.

“Obama: Socialist or Fascist?” the ad reads. “Just listen to the dead before you vote.”

The ad is from the maker of a DVD documentary called “Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor,” which — as we reported in February — sharply criticizes President Obama’s health care reform law and compares it to publicly-funded health care in Canada.

In a statement previously issued to ARLnow.com, a Metro spokesman said the agency cannot legally refuse ads based on political content.

WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content. WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the Authority.

Photo courtesy Frank G.

  • Deadite

    Wow, I’m sure this will sway a ton of Clarendon voters. Glad they wasted their money on this.

    • David Koch

      But I have loads….so no worries there…thanks for your suppport!

    • Interesting

      Definitely true. I knew for a while that we needed to replace Obama.

    • KRS

      That was my first thought. If you’re going to have a stupid advertisement like this, at least put it in a place where you might sway a potential voter. Clarendon ain’t it. I would not do any Obama nor Romney advertising in Arlington – a complete waste of money.

      • Can’t Explain Dumb

        These are vanity messages….people with more money than brains.

        • Yup

          … sounds like the Kochs to me.

      • AMEN-dment

        It’s such disappointment when dissenting opinions
        exercise their First Amendment rights (esp. to Democrats)

        • It’s Me

          The right apparently hates it when democracy works. The nation elected him on the platform of getting out of two wars, hunting Bin Laden (remember when he was vilified for saying he go into Pakistan to get him), for leveling the playing field on taxes and for healthcare reform (modeled after the Gingrich/Romney plan). He did all that and so the right resorts to misapplication of name calling like “fascist,” “socialist,” don’t forget “Muslim,” and — oh by the way — he’s not born in the U.S. either so he’s not really our President. Why does the right hate freedom and American democracy so much??

          • Quoth the Raven

            You can’t pick and choose promises – what about closing Gitmo? He promised to do it, but 4 years later it’s still open…

          • TCE

            … it’s still open because the right won’t let him close it and move the prisoners elsewhere. it’s called obstructionism.

          • Quoth the Raven

            You’re clearly right. The President, as Commander in Chief, has no ability to close Gitmo. It, like every other failed promise of his presidency, is that fault of the “right”. Our poor president! He’s so helpless!!!!

          • TCE

            @QtR: since I can’t reply to your comment below directy… you’re absolutly right… he can’t just close Gitmo… he does not have the authority to do it. Ever try closing a military base? Go ask your congressman how that works. Gitmo is no different… only in this case it has to do with a bunch of congressman that don’t want the prisoners transfered anywhere so they practice the time honored tradition in congress called obstructionism.

          • It’s Me

            Gitmo…that’s the best you got? Thanks for proving the point.

          • Quoth the Raven

            I didn’t think a listing of promises kept or broken was helpful. My point in mentioning Gitmo was that you can’t just cherry pick promises and claim that therefore all is well. And stop saying “the right”. Not everyone “on the right” subscribes to the crazy theories you list there. Sad that some do, but it’s not everyone. Some people (gasp!) just don’t think he’s been a good president.

          • It’s Me

            @Quoth the Raven: you are correct about not all who don’t like Obama are “the right.” And yes, some dems too are disappointed he did not fight harder against GOP obstructionists. So point taken overall, except my remarks here were specifically aimed at AMENdment who mocked, “It’s such disappointment when dissenting opinions
            exercise their First Amendment rights (esp. to Democrats)”
            He/she is clearly on the right and he/she missed the point that dems too are expressing their 1st Amendment right to be disappointed by the dumb/offensive ads running on metro (yes, I support their right to be both dumb and offensive as much as AMENDment can be both too). I just note the right’s hypocrisy overall. They claim to love America/Freedom/Democracy, expect when it voted in Obama they try to undermine his validity (muslim/foriegn/socialist, etc.). They also tried to pass laws in state after statue to make it harder for Americans to vote. Again, why do they hate our freedom and democracy so much. And don’t get me started on GOP reps tossing registration forms in trash and GOP AG in VA can’t be bothered to look into it! I guess they really don’t care about voter fraud at all when they have a real case to pursue against one of their own…

  • b

    kinda think this would be counter-productive in that it’s more of a GOTV motivator for dems than an actual persuasion tool.

  • roquer

    Did the advertisers pay for this? Yep, believe they did! Does Obama have a few anti-Romney ads out there? Yep, believe they do!! What’s the problem?

    • novasteve


      • Interesting

        Good usage.

    • jackson

      No problem at all. I mean, the makers of the DVD have a problem, apparently, but the Supreme Court said Obamacare was constitutional, so they can spend their money complaining all the want.

    • bobbytiger

      Actually, there is no problem.

    • tmginnova

      Other than mind-blowing stupidity and lies, no problem with that ad

  • Joe


  • Say it isn’t so

    uh yeah… this type of criticism will sway smart people… ‘if obamacare kills you does it matter?’ That’s as smart as ‘if a bear poops in the woods does it smell?’ Who the heck comes up with this nonsense but a creepy person? Seems like ads like this would embarrass a Republican… then again….

  • FedUp

    It would be good if the crazies learned what socialism and fascism mean.

    • tmginnova


      • RomneyLandslide

        Look to the big 2012 supporters: Chavez, Putin, Fidel.


        • WeiQiang

          Putin is a fan of our POTUS? … that IS news. Much appreciated.

          Did you learn that from one of the “social welfare organizations” funded by the Koch/Adelson/etc cabal?

          • MessengerBitesBack

            When you see text in blue, click it. Unless
            of course you don’t have anti-virus on your “box”…

          • WeiQiang

            heh. yeah, Did you READ what the link pointed to?

            A. It’s commentary, not news. The link points to commentary by Ilena Freedman, which itself points to her own website. So, now – in the bizarre machinations is some peoples’ minds – the “Washington Times has reported” that these endorsements are true. In fact, it’s a shill commenting and reporting on her own blog post.

            B. Her diatribe makes NO STATEMENT that Putin endorsed Obama. There is some vague implication that “according to a[n unnamed, unfootnoted] Russian journalist”, POTUS’ failing to call Putin a dictator is somehow constitutes some de facto endorsement by Putin.

            There is more journalistic integrity in my simple post here that in the entirety of that to which you refer.

            C’mon, brah. If you want to argue these points, bring some integrity.

    • Novasteve’s neighbor

      Yes, but as you point out, that would require some learning.

  • Seeing it like it is

    This will only be a problem when Obama loses the election.

  • tumblebum

    Personally, I am only swayed by yard signs. OK, sometimes by bumper stickers too but mostly yard signs.

    • Can’t Explain Dumb

      I personally vote according to celebrity endorsements…. and whoever The Star endorses….

      • B22201

        I vote for whomever gives me the handout closest to me walking into vote. If it weren’t for those helpful individuals at the school, I’d never know who to vote for.

  • The Correct Answer

    To answer the question, he is a socialist running a fascist country…

  • bman

    “Now, the same group behind that ad has another incendiary advertisement in the station.”

    How is this incendiary?

    showing your bias, eh?

    • Mussolini

      Bman, because the ad disrespects years of what I accomplished in Italy in the early 20th century. Do you really think he’s my equal? Come ‘on!

      • ClementAtlee

        it also disrespects what I accomplished in the mid 20th century.

    • JohnB

      Because anyone who knows the definition of socialist and fascist knows that they don’t remotely apply. It’d be like asking, “Mitt Romney: Murderer or Rapist?” He’s clearly neither of those things.

      • better question

        mitt romney

        Irish home ruler, or pan slav?

    • WeiQiang

      The reference to the sitting POTUS as a socialist or fascist is only incendiary to the Tea Partiers who, dagnabit, just won’t stand for having one of them in office … even if they don’t know what a socialist or fascist is.

      Given that the definition is: “tending to excite or inflame”, then I’d say the term is precisely correct. There is no logical, analytical, or substantive argument being made to support the claim in the ad.

      Is there bias in being techincally correct?

      • dk (not DK)

        Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

  • Paco

    From the good people who brought you this back in 1963:


    • JMB

      Interesting – what’s up with the reference to Kennedy’s ‘previous marriage and divorce’?

      • Paco

        JFK was married and divorced in Kenya. Didn’t you hear?


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