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by ARLnow.com December 3, 2012 at 9:05 am 4,889 55 Comments

BonChon Chicken Coming to ArlingtonBonChon Chicken, a popular Korean-based chicken chain, will be coming to the ground floor of the new 2201 Pershing apartment building. The restaurant, noted for its wings, expects to open in the summer of 2013. [Washingtonian]

Galaxy Hut Goes Vegetarian — Galaxy Hut has introduced a new menu and meat is nowhere to be seen. The revamped menu is all-vegetarian and includes tofu seitan and vegetable-based cheesesteaks, burgers and barbecue sandwiches instead of the genuine article. Some meat-based meals are still available, but by request only. [Washington Post]

Wakefield Half-Way Finished — Construction of the new Wakefield High School has hit the half-way mark. The new $115 million high school is expected to open next summer in time for the 2013-2014 school year. [Sun Gazette]

Church Prepares Meals for the Hungry — Instead of a traditional Sunday service, members of Arlington-based Grace Community Church prepared nearly 100,000 meals for those in need. The church meets at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. [WUSA]

  • John meoff

    Bonchon chicken makes me happy

    • R. Griffon

      I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d go just to try them out. You never know. But I don’t understand NOT going to a place just because they don’t have meat on the menu. A restaurant I could see maybe, but most people see Galaxy Hut as a bar. And who chooses a bar based on the menu?

      • Smokin It Up

        “…who chooses a bar based on the menu.”

        Anyone who eats with their alcohol. What good is good beer without good food?

        Personally I’m not excited about the vegetarian/vegan menu. I may or may not give it a try but find it unlikely this will continue to be a place I recommend.

      • Tabs

        R Griffon, BonChon is a Korean chicken place.

  • Becoming indifferent

    Never liked Galaxy Hut that much, not going there now.

    • The owner is a DB.

      • Not even remotely sure where that came from. As someone who frequents the Galaxy Hut on a regular basis, i’ve always found Lary to be a really nice guy.

        And for those of you who say you’re going to stop going because their menu is switching to all veggie fare? Get over yourselves.

        • Mike

          i assume Tabs means that the owner plays football as a defensive back (DB), which is perfectly consistent with his being a nice guy off the field.

  • B22201

    I like Galaxy Hut. . .though, I don’t like the change to vegetarian. I suppose the tater tots are still made from potatoes, so they’ve got that.

    My only issue with vegetarian food is that it’s pretending to be something it’s not. Why would you want to be like turkey, steak, or pork? Your momma raised you as a soybean, and you should live your life as one. Quit trying to go under-cover as a meat-based product when the people you’re trying to please don’t want meat.

    • Clarendon

      I agree completely. I love tofu in all sorts of asian dishes and other all vegetarian dishes but really don’t get the faux meat or chikn, or bac’n.

    • Becoming Indifferent


    • Sim City

      good vegetarian food doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not.

  • Ed

    Wakefield: half complete, already full.

  • Edamommy

    Soy rights now! Soy marriage equality.

  • Nofu

    ADAM and Eve! NOT EDAMame and leaves!

    • Joehoya

      Aaaaand, scene.

  • MrMeow

    Do they serve Guinness at Galaxy Hut? Because that’s not vegetarian due to some fish product additive in it.

    • Malaka

      I don’t think they serve Guiness but there are many beers that use isinglass as a clarifying agent. Isinglass is made from fish bladders

      • Roll right down in case there’s a change in the weather…

      • There’s probably rennet in the cheese too

  • bdog375

    Galaxy Hut just toke a major hit. Their great beer choices will likely keep us coming back, but no doubt we will be less frequent visitors since they have chosen to remove the most viable (and delicious) nutrient source from their menu: meat.

    • dirty biker

      Converting my bacon-wrapped hotdog to some tofu crud officially tips the hipster scale in there to intolerable…

      (at least I’ll have my ‘tots)

    • nom de guerre

      “just toke a major hit”-I see what you did there.

      • Tabs

        I think about you every time I pass Sam’s Corner. Now with extra boarding up.

  • Captain_Obvious

    Galaxy Hut will still have funny, ironic hats.

  • What

    I don’t see why people are making a fuss over GH. They clearly state that you’ll still be able to get the same meat as before, you just have to specifically ask for it. I think this is a good thing for them: now they can cater to vegitarians, but the people who enjoy the meat they get today can still come back and enjoy it. It’s a good ploy on their part, IMO. Not good for those of us who enjoy the easy-going setting (hipster or not, the tots are damn good and the beer selection and reasonable prices has me coming back for more..as long as you don’t stare at the hippies/hipsters, they don’t bother you too much)

    • B22201

      Only “meat” option is for the hotdogs, chili, or bacon. . .

      • Jabba

        That’s a fine meat selection.

  • novasteve

    By meat are they referring to just beef? Some people don’t consider fish or poulty to be meat.

    • Captain_Obvious

      Those people are wrong then.

  • Hurrah for Galaxy Hut. Hope the vegetarian servings are as good as they can be.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Re: GH – Nobody goes there anymore.

    • ..because it’s too busy

  • lary


  • MrMeow

    Please tell me they offer a falafel sandwich. For vegetarian it’s pretty good.

  • Douglas Parker

    That awesome sunset view will no longer be possible with the condo’s going up at Glebe and the Pike intersection.

    • FrenchyB

      I’m sure that it will be devastating to the thriving tourism business at Subway and Mrs. Chen’s.

      • Douglas Parker

        Mrs. Chen’s is a cultural treasure! Part of the clientele is no doubt drawn in by the breath taking scenic views which they currently enjoy.

        Some say the abundant diesel odeur may be responsible for the breath taking, but I humbly disagree.

    • speonjosh

      And if you’d been here 400 years ago, the view would not have been possible because there would have been a forest in this location.

      • Captain_Obvious

        what the…?

  • Douglas Parker

    I could be mistaken, but I think Mrs. Chen’s was there then.

  • MEh

    Soooooo, if I goto GH and order the grilled cheese with tomato and bacon, they will still have the magnificence that is bacon ?? that’s all I ever get there and the raison d’etre for going..

    • yes

    • CW

      Wait do they have dogfish head raiseon d’etre there or are you actually using the term as originally intended?

      • speonjosh

        MY guess is neither.
        It’s sort of like getting a cool tattoo of some exotic Chinese characters and then finding out they say “I am a dumbass.”
        If you’re gonna sprinkle foreign phrases in your writing, at least know what they mean….

      • drax

        Neither. “Raison d’etre for going” means “reason for being for going.” Makes no sense.

        • jhg

          kinda like “with au jus, or ATM machine–or are those just redundancies?

  • John Meohff

    Cant believe no Bonchon comments except my own. Those wings are effing amazing. Sugar coated twice fried wings. I’d kill everyone in this thread for a wing right now.

    • Ren

      I didn’t find myself negatively disposed to the news, if that helps!! My thought was ‘sounds cool, but ~9 months away (if on schedule).’ And yes, the tilde and parentheses were in the thought too.

      • sunflower

        wish i could think with tildes, since most of my thoughts are approximate anyway….

  • NoVapologist

    I also love the (collagen-enriched) BonChon chicken. Don’t be shocked by the long wait lines.

  • Mmmmmm…. meat

    I was just talking to a friend last week about how I wished there was a local BonChon. Sooooo excited!

  • Mrmeow

    so what’s the deal with bonchon? How can you compare their wings to something that’s actually good? Dead Freddies in Parkville, MD has great wings. How do these compare? Nothing currently in arlington can compare currently.

  • Mmmmmm…. meat

    Mrmeow, in my humble opinion, there is really nothing in this area that compares to BonChon chicken. Their drumsticks are always super crispy, meaty and tender, and full of spicy goodness. I’m salivating just thinking about their food. Yum!

  • MB

    Rock on, Galaxy Hut. I appreciate the menu expansion (and, as always, the beer).

    To those of you who are declaring you’ll never visit Galaxy Hut because of menu items you’ve never tried? Thank you. Galaxy Hut is the last of the great Clarendon refuges, and I’d love to see it stay that way.


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