New Coffee Shop Coming to Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com December 6, 2012 at 12:55 pm 8,346 33 Comments

A new Italian-influenced independent coffee shop is coming soon to Rosslyn.

Caffe Aficionado is hoping to open at 1919 N. Lynn Street, near the main entrance of the Corporate Executive Board building, at some point in April or May 2013. Owner Adiam Berhane, who spent part of her childhood in Italy, says she’s going for an Italian vibe, eschewing the laid back “Northwestern” vibe of Starbucks and other coffee chains, while serving American coffee.

“America beats Italy in coffee,” Berhane said. “I probably won’t be allowed back in the country after saying that.”

Caffe Aficionado will serve Handsome Coffee, which is roasted in downtown Los Angeles, and Steven Smith Tea, a high-end artisanal tea from Portland, Oregon. The shop will also offer hot chocolate, Liege waffles and locally-made patries.

Berhane, who speaks Italian, moved with her family from Italy to D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood later in her childhood (her parents own restaurants in Adams Morgan). Most recently, she was working in music management and magazine publishing in New York City, before deciding to open a coffee shop and “live a more Italian life” closer to her parents.

“I wanted to open a business I really like and that I’m passionate about,” she said.

The cafe is being designed by the same architects who design Taylor Gourmet restaurants. Berhane said she wants the cafe to emphasize “elegance and service” while also being a welcoming “third place” for people to hang out.

Coffee lovers can follow the progress of the store’s build-out on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • John

    Finally, a coffee shop with a contemporary vibe! I’m so tired of the Bocatto/Tryst style of coffee house. Arlington is finally starting to get with it.

    • Vinh An Nguyen

      Did you ever go to Atomic Grounds at 1555 Wilson? Very contemporary vibe.

  • CrystalMikey

    I wish her the best of luck!

  • Mrmeow

    Is there any way to get one’s home to smell like a coffee shop? Is it just sheer volume of coffee that makes that smell? I even have a fancy delonghi espresso machine and it doesn’t smell like a starbucks. WHY??????????

    • It’s the coffee silly

      Starbucks has huge amounts of coffee beans. All you need is about 100-200lbs of coffee beans that can leak their aroma

      • odor detective

        It’s the cat pee silly! (and the cigs perhaps)

    • Libby

      Grind some dark roast beans and put them in a shallow dish. Doesn’t need to be deep.

      • MrMeow

        Also, do those pretty looking drinks all have milk in them? can you have a coffee that looks all fancy, not just the crema I’m referring to ???

        • espresso

          “crema” is not milk it is the foam produced during the creation of espresso – so I’m not sure what your point / question is. Good espresso will have crema and does not contain milk.

          • MrMeow

            I meant crema as in not being milk. Can you have fancy shmancy drinks without milk in it? Every time you see a coffee with that artwork looking stuff on top, it’s always with milk?

          • Barista

            Can you have fancy shmancy drinks without milk in it?


        • Adiam

          You can have a shmancy drinking preparation and technique but I am afraid that milk-whole milk-is needed for latte art.

          • Adiam

            This is not me or my avatar mine is of my sweet little nephew

    • BBMS

      I take the used grounds and tie them up in some cheesecloth. Then I tie that around my cat’s neck and get out the laser pointer.

      • sunflower

        love it!

      • KathyInArlingtonVA

        Coffee grounds smell like a dirty ashtray. What a mean thing to do to a cat.

    • DynaFlash 8

      Roast raw coffee beans in your kitchen oven.

      The compounds in the emissions are harder to remove from the walls, floors and upholstery than 30 years of cigarette smoke.

      Your neighbors will love you!

  • Vibrant

    Yeah can’t wait for that “contemporary vibe”…….those old non-contemporary vibes just weren’t janglin’ the beans anymore !!

  • fedworker

    Finally, a coffee shop in Arlington. Its about time!

    • Arling

      Arlington has a few coffee shops that are not Starbucks. For instance; Northside Social, Rappahanock Coffee, Java Shack to name a few. I think there are a couple more and some places that you could loosely call a coffee shop.

      • CrystalMikey

        you could add Bayou Bakery to that as well.

  • Arlington Cat

    Gary Del’abate said “Starbucks does an excellent job marking “chocolate” as ‘coffee.'”

  • sunflower

    “locally made patries”…….sort of a French “Arab spring”?

  • Juanita de Talmas

    That location was begging for something better than a bank or a copy place. Good luck to the proprietor.

  • Greg

    Should put the waffle truck that sits across the street out of business. It’s a good thing that is has wheels. I wonder what Cosi and Starbucks thinks of her impending arrival. Shouldn’t be too hard to beat the customer service at Starbucks – Cosi, that’s another matter. Those sammies are quite tasty. I bet the Deloitte and CEB d-bags are super happy…

    • Joshua Tucker

      Shouldn’t be too hard to beat the customer service at Starbucks – Cosi, that’s another matter. Those sammies are quite tasty.

      Not sure what the taste of sandwiches has to do with customer service, but that madrassa that is Cosi could hardly be more lackadaisical when it comes to serving their customers. The Starbucks on the other hand, is actually quite good in that respect. It’s certainly better than the other one in Rosslyn.

  • Easy as ABC

    Is this going into that lonely vacant space next to the I-66 on-ramp? Nothing says cozy third place like traffic and planes rumbling by all day and night.

  • YTK

    BRAVISSIMA Adiam !!
    My Nonna would be PROUD of you!!
    Don’t forget the CANNOL’ !!!!!
    And maybe even the STRUFOLI !!!!!!
    And Wedding almonds!!!!
    Per Piacere– Veini Qui Subito!!!
    And please play some Italian opera on the radio once in a while.
    Mille Grazie

    • Adiam

      Grazie molto, Voglio trovare una vera pasticceria italiana a vicino al caffe. Dimmi se lo sai un posto che posto provare

  • CoffeeLuvah

    So will there be a long marble bar for espresso shots? That kind of Italian coffee shop?

  • Adiam

    This avatar is quite scary and it does not say coffee in any way. I hope that my adorable nephew shows up otherwise this could kill caffeaficionado before it starts. Yikes!

  • fih20sh

    Approximate opening date?

  • fih20sh

    Never mind. I read too fast. Opens in April or May.


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