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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com December 17, 2012 at 8:45 am 5,179 20 Comments

Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery by Sunday Money

Wreath Laying at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery — Some 20,000 volunteers placed more than 110,000 wreaths on graves at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday. It was the 21st annual wreath-laying event at the cemetery, and the largest number of wreaths ever delivered for the event. [Stars and Stripes, Wreaths Across America]

Donations for Secret Santa Due Tomorrow — Those who want to donate gift cards to the Arlington Department of Human Services’ “Secret Santa” program are asked to do so by tomorrow. The program provides a bit of holiday joy to children in foster care, people with disabilities, low income seniors and needy families. [Arlington County]

Garvey Sworn In — Libby Garvey was sworn in for her first full term on the Arlington County Board Friday evening. The event was complete with a reception and a Benjamin Franklin impersonator. County Board member Chris Zimmerman — whose consulting work was publicly scrutinized by Garvey recently — was not in attendance. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by Sunday Money

  • Ted

    Prediction – Garvey will become personally more eccentric over the next four years while increasingly voting to support the status quo.

    • Silly

      Ted, quit egging her on.

  • bobbytiger

    What, Zimmerman didn’t show? What a surprise.

  • Ed

    Poor form by Zimmerman not to attend.

    • 1RLI

      Agreed. I expect he’ll issue a statement saying he was “otherwise committed” and couldn’t be present, despite his desire to do so.

    • Captain_Obvious

      does it really matter ?

      • Ed

        To some, yes. To others, no.

        Like many things in life. Jeez.

        • Captain_Obvious

          its kind of small apples, right ?

          • Ed

            If I could somehow twist it into a debate about gun control would you be happier?

          • Captain_Obvious

            it doesn’t really matter as I have made no comments about gun control, so…

          • Innapropriate

            I find it to be unseemly that you would comment on the size Zimmies’ apples……

            Geeze, children read this blog !!

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Is this not an official board function? Is he not getting paid as a board member? (I know it’s part time, but even then – if you skip work you get docked)

    • fedworker

      Agreed. No class Z-man.

  • Joe Hoya

    Did Arlington County police post squad cars at all the schools this morning? There were two at Nottingham, and it looked like the officers were just hanging out. If they meant to reassure parents and kids that the school was safe, it worked (for me, at least).

    • 1RLI

      I heard on WTOP (I think) that Arlington, Fairfax, and Prince William police were stepping up presence at schools, though not as a result of any received threat.

    • Curly

      The one at Swanson was parked in a more prominent position than normal.

      • Gilmer

        Where was it parked? There is almost always a cruiser parked across Washington Blvd from the front of the school. I assume an officer lives in those apartments and parks on the street there.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      2 motorcycle cops and a squad car outside Glebe this AM.

  • JnA

    Solution – back to the future, America before Reagan.

  • awesomepossum

    110,000 wreaths? Seems a little wasteful.


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