Route 50 Detoured As Crews Demolish Courthouse Road Bridge

by ARLnow.com January 26, 2013 at 2:25 pm 1,726 18 Comments

Eastbound Route 50 before the now-closed Courthouse Road bridge

VDOT crews have started tearing down the bridge from Courthouse Road to eastbound Route 50, leading to numerous closures, detours and delays in the area.

Today through Sunday night, traffic on westbound Route 50 is being diverted onto 14th Street N., up to Wilson Boulevard, down Barton Street and back to Route 50 via 10th Street. This afternoon, a long line of traffic was observed before the detour, which is in place to allow for the two-day demolition of the bridge.

Through August, when construction of a new bridge is expected to be completed, eastbound Route 50 drivers heading to Courthouse will have to drive past Courthouse and take the Rhodes Street bridge to 14th Street.

Drivers in Courthouse seeking to get on to eastbound Route 50, who used to be able to use the Courthouse Road bridge, will now have to take the Rhodes Street bridge to the Arlington Boulevard service road that leads to the difficult blind merge with Route 50 near the U.S. Marine Corps (Iwo Jima) memorial. Temporary traffic lights have reportedly been placed at the Arlington Boulevard/N. Meade Street intersection, before the entrance ramp, to help with traffic flow.

The bridge demolition is part of the $39 million Route 50/Courthouse Road interchange project. The project is scheduled for completion in October.

  • Dezlboy


    • sebastian Melmoth

      For The People.

  • Courthound

    Additionally, crews are placing the beams supporting the bridge from 10th Street to eastbound Route 50. Two bridges, one weekend.

  • Mals

    This construction project hasn’t been executed very well, three bridges down at once? Makes no sense to me.

    • R. Griffon

      10th, Courthouse, and which other?

      • CW

        I havent gone thaf way in a long time but is.t the interchange with Washington blvd all sorts of screwd up too?

      • Paul

        Washington Blvd./Columbia Pike. It seems to me the Columbia Pike bridge could have waited a year.

        • AL

          It would’ve collapsed by then!

        • Josh S

          I’m not seeing the connection.

    • ARL-VA

      Some of those bridges are being taken down permanently. They will be replaced with at-grade intersections.

  • malaka

    It would be useful if they had actual signs for hte detour after they dump you off WB 50….I know the way around but I’m sure plenty of out of towners don’t.

    • ACDC Hack

      It helps our local economy…..people wind up eating at our local restaurants and sleeping in our hotels when they can’t find their out !!!

  • DK

    Poorly handled – why are they not signing access to west bound 50 east of this nightmare? as in – don’t use 50 – it’s closed. Morons turning around on one way ramps – beware! Whoever is managing this should have their head examined. They should be managing traffic more effectively than they are!

  • courthound

    Looks like it opened up around 9:30 PM. These guys were quick!

  • KC

    I saw lots of folks coming off N. Fairfax going east turn and get on 50 going west. Presumably they didn’t realize they were going to get kicked off 50 right away back near where they started.

  • CrystalMikey

    Yeah, I watched the cluster that was people trying to cut the detour on 50W (by not going all the way to Wilson) and instead came down 14th St N. to N. Barton. So many non stops while making a left I’m still shocked I didn’t see an accident there all weekend…

  • treesdown

    It’s too bad VDOT clear cut hundreds of trees at Rt 50 and Washington Blvd so they could dump the dirt from Courthouse Rd. bridge project. What a stupid waste.

  • Jake

    Completely poor planning. I live on North Barton and the traffic is now overwhelming. Cars that used to take 10th to 50, as well as the other roads impacted are now crawling down N. Barton to Pershing, waiting to take a left to 50. I don’t understand why they went through the trouble of putting temporary lights at N. Meade but not N. Barton/Pershing? It’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident or a safety issue from the traffic.


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