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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 22, 2013 at 9:20 am 20 Comments

Winter sky as seen from the Air Force Memorial (photo by Wolfkann)

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Start Tonight — As a reminder, Girl Scout Cookie booth sales start at 3:00 today in Arlington. The first day of booth sales might be a bit soggy, as a wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain is expected to start early this afternoon.

School Boundary Petition Started — A petition asking for various changes to the Arlington Public Schools boundary review process has collected more than 75 signatures. [iPetitions]

AP Scores Edge Up for APS Students — The average Advanced Placement exam score for Arlington Public Schools students edged up from 2.88 in 2011 to 2.89 last year. In 2010, however, the average for APS was 3.08. The national average is 2.83, on a 1 to 5 scale. [Sun Gazette]

DJO, Marymount Sign Baseball Agreement — Bishop O’Connell High School and Marymount University have finalized a joint use agreement for the high school’s new baseball field. “The future of Catholic education depends on strong partnerships between our high schools and universities,” said outgoing Bishop O’Connell President Kathleen Prebble. [Arlington Catholic Herald]

Arlington Homes For <$500k –A real estate blog has found 15 “starter homes” under $500,000 on the market in Arlington. “All of the properties… come with at least one parking space,” writes Amy Rose Dobson of Curbed. “Most of them have just entered the market within the past week and will probably move fast.” [Curbed]

Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann

  • Steve

    Nice pic!

    • KC

      Looks a bit like a van Gogh painting. Very nice.

  • W&LAlum

    Man wins Nobel despite attending W&L. The NYT had the money quote, but no the WaPo.


    • Mike

      Not just W&L — he also managed to win despite having gotten his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. No word on whether he was prone to passing out on couches.

  • Shirlington guy

    According to Zillow, there are several “starter” homes in Fairlington under $430,000. Each has one parking space, with street parking that should not be a problem for your other car.

    The pricing in Fairlington has ebbed a little over the past two years, and if you are single, or childless and married with a dog, you will fit right in.

  • novasteve

    Don’t you need to usually get a 4 on an AP exam to get college credit? If the averages are so low, aren’t these classes wasted?

    • snarl

      no education is ever wasted…;-)

    • JohnB

      Each University gets to decide what score they will accept for credit and the requirements can differ between programs/majors:

      “There is no “passing grade,” but colleges and universities often extend credit to students scoring 3, 4 or 5 on the exams.”

      Also, “Among tests taken by Arlington students last spring, 59 percent were graded at 3 or higher…”

      • novasteve

        The new trend is for colleges to stop accepting AP credits. They make less money if students enter with some credits already. I believe Dartmouth is trying this approach.

    • speonjosh

      Steve, it appears that many students do not take AP exams with the hope of getting college credits. Many of them don’t seem to even know that it is a possibility. They take the exams because it improves their odds of getting into the colleges they apply to. And like JohnB points out, colleges decide what grade to award credit for. (That’s two sentences in a row ending in prepositions for those keeping track.)

      • snarl

        thats the kind of nonsense up with which i will not put!

    • Aaron

      Those classes are likely more rigorous than whatever the non-AP alternative was and the students who scored below a 3 on the exam will probably be better off when tackling real college classes in the future than the kid who didn’t challenge himself or herself at all.

      With that said, there could still be the problem of Arlington AP teachers not being able to communicate the course material to their assigned classes competently, but that would take a lot more effort to investigate than simply looking at objective test results.

  • m

    No necessarily – there are other factors that could account for low scores other than the whole class being wasted. (rimshot!).

    • AP Humor Grader


  • Kleio

    Oh wonderful, Girl Scout cookies. Just the thing to cheer up a gray day. Time to stock up on addictive Thin Mints! Supporting a terrific youth organization, as well.

  • bobbytiger

    A “starter home” for $ 1/2 million. Welcome to Arlington.

  • Frustrated

    The boundary petition is no surprise. APS presented options at their last community meeting that weren’t ever shown to the public before. They have several maps that move children who live close to their school to a school farther away, while keeping planning units that are far from their school unchanged. No one I know has heard a response from any feedback submitted.


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