Video: Wakefield Does the Harlem Shake

by ARLnow.com February 22, 2013 at 1:15 pm 2,197 30 Comments

The Harlem Shake meme has spread to the locker room of the National District champion Wakefield Warriors boys basketball squad.

A video was released on YouTube today showing the team and their fans doing the Harlem Shake, which has become an internet sensation.

“What REALLY happens in the locker room after the Wakefield High School Warriors win a big game!” says the video’s description.

Wakefield, which defeated Langley on Tuesday with a buzzer beater that was caught on video, will face Robinson tonight in the Virginia AAA Northern Region tournament semifinals. The game is scheduled to take place at Robinson at 8:00 p.m.

  • Lefty

    This is a very played out routine. We need to focus on bring innovative.

    Harlem shake was fun te first time it was recreated last month, not the 409′,234th time it’s been done.

    • Deadite

      Was it ever really fun, though?

      • ARL

        I never tire of it. Every video is different, and short.

  • Arlington notable

    This video is very off-putting.

    • Mike

      But less off-putting than if they were doing it Gagnam Style.

    • Goliath

      What does it put you off of?

      • dk (not DK)

        Harlem? Basketball? Teenagers? So much to hate, so little time.

        • NoName

          Shouldn’t it be dik (not DIK)? With all that hate, it would be more fitting.

          • dk (not DK)

            Very clever. Guess I need to tune my sarcasm meter. As you can note from my earlier comment, I am a fan of the Wakefield basketball team. Also, teenagers, which is nice since I have one of my own. Harlem I can’t speak to, never having been there.

    • Lisa

      Not quite as off-putting as the sn “Arlington Notable.” I think you’re in the wrong county buddy.

  • Sim City

    Fun! Go Wakefield!

  • Chris Warren

    Don’t stand a chance against my Robinson boyz.

    • Hmmm

      Well they already beat your Robinson “boyz” once this year.

  • speonjosh

    What is the point of this?
    Completely boring.

    • Hee-Haw

      “This comment thread will not be worth following, as the same folks will say the same things.”
      sound familiar…

    • Using It Correctly, roight?

      Touche, sir!

    • Know Your Meme

      For speonjosh, the last guy in the world to know about the Harlem Shake:


  • spaghetti


  • dk (not DK)

    My goodness, what a bunch of old fogeys on this website.

    Looks like these kids had fun making this. 🙂 Go Warriors!

  • anne

    GO WAKEFIELD! Great Job!

    • Chris M

      A bunch of cranky old farts on this board!(and I’m in my 50’s) Great job Wakefield! Go Warriors!

  • Not Larry Sabato

    Go Rams!

  • NoVapologist

    I bet the now-defunct indie band Harlem Shakes has sold more albums in the last couple months than they did in their entire active career.

  • KathyInArlington

    I thought they were very cute and were joyous in their dancing. Cranky farts should have as much fun, but don’t.

  • bobbytiger

    How’d the football team do?

  • Dede

    I love it! Go Warriors, all the way to State! Do Arlington proud!

  • Jim

    No one asks Duke how their football team did.

  • GoWHS

    All the negativity towards a proud high school basketball team who are having fun with their peers is what’s wrong with the youth today… If this were a video of a brawl after the game all you would see is how south Arlington is trash and ghetto like usual… Lighten up and support our local schools and youth.. no need for replys I will not be entertaining ignorance toward a good group of students doing absolutely nothing wrong. Go WHS!!!!

    Btw… Proud hard working mother of four non of which attend whs, I DID!!!

  • GOwHS

    *none (typo on last post)

  • Rob

    Wakefield beats Robinson, 68-58 – Go Warriors!


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