Panera Bread Coming to Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com February 28, 2013 at 10:55 am 1,035 14 Comments

Panera Bread is replacing the former Tivoli restaurant in Rosslyn Panera Bread is replacing the former Tivoli restaurant in Rosslyn

Panera Bread will replace the former Tivoli restaurant near the Rosslyn Metro station.

The interior of the bakery-cafe is currently under construction at 1700 N. Moore Street. Building permits have been issued but so far there’s no word as to when Panera will be opening.

Tivoli closed in Rosslyn about two months ago and reportedly moved to D.C. A Tivoli location remains in Ballston.

  • Ashton Heights Represent

    Will it be one of the Panera’s where you can choose how much you want to pay? I wonder how well that model would work in NoVa…

  • DeportEmAll


  • andy

    This will do very well there

  • THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Moving to Courthouse has suddenly become much less appealing…

  • Arlington Chris

    I’m still sad that Tivoli closed in Rosslyn. They had nice sandwiches — with really good French bread, which is not always easy to find. Panera has decent French bread, but it’s fattier and has little to do with real French baguette. C’est la vie!

  • Hank

    Panera Bread… what is this, Prague?

  • ph7

    Never understood the love of Panera. Is it the McDonald’s mentality – people expectations are met, as the experience will be dependably consistent in cost and quality, even if quality is mediocre? People like chain food – it delivers a risk free outcome.

    • SomeGuy

      Yes, people like chain food. Some for the consistency, some because it tastes good. Others dislike chain food, some because of the taste, and some because of irrational snobbery about it. Sounds like your tastes differ from others’. Maybe that’s all you need to understand about it.

      • kalashnikev

        LOL @ “Chain” food.

        I’m sure every place you eat at is a unique little snowflake of an establishment, right ph7?

  • Kiffee

    Nice! My Rizzle Dizzle just keeps getting better & better.

  • Ballston Resident

    The bread is very good, but they have what appears to me to be mystery milk that makes me sick. The milk does not appear to have a shelf life and is contained in a very unique packaging. Had it twice (really like milk with my breakfast) but got sick both times I had milk at Panera. Stopped going there because of this questionable milk.

    • Juanita de Talmas

      Why not just stop ordering milk there.

  • Lanadeltacobell

    aww sad to see Tivoli go:( the one in ballston is soo small

  • Terry

    Panera is one of those places that if someone accuses you of eating there you have to defend yourself. So gross!!!


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