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S. Glebe Harris Teeter to Reopen

by ARLnow.com March 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm 30 Comments

Crews on the scene of a possible sewage spill at the Potomac Yard Harris Teeter (photo courtesy Douglas Wendt)(Updated at 5:15 p.m.) The Harris Teeter store at 3600 S. Glebe Road, near Potomac Yard, will reopen later this year, the company announced this afternoon.

The store has been closed since last May, when it was flooded with raw sewage due to a clog at the nearby Arlington County Water Pollution Control Plan.

Over the weekend, residents of the Eclipse condominium building above the store delivered some 400 signed letters from residents to the Arlington County Board, calling for the county to help facilitate the store’s reopening.

Construction will begin “within the next few weeks,” according to a press release from Comstock, owner of the 465-unit Eclipse building.

In a press release, Harris Teeter says the renovated S. Glebe Road store will reopen in “late fall 2013” — in time for this year’s holiday season. The press release made no reference to the sewage incident.

Harris Teeter is pleased to announce it will open its Potomac Yard location located at 3600 South Glebe Road in Arlington, Va. in fall 2013. The 44,000 square foot store, part of the Comstock Partners residential building, closed in May 2012 and is undergoing complete renovation. The renovation will include all new flooring; new drywall and paint; updated equipment; wooden display cases; new fixtures; an expanded seating area; an expanded floral department; new prepared food stations including pizza, an Asian hot bar, and a made-to-order sandwich bar; and sustainable décor elements. The Company also re-designed its pharmacy to feature an open floor plan that will allow our pharmacists to better serve their customers.

Harris Teeter considered sustainable building design throughout its re-design process. The refrigerated cases will feature motion detection lighting; the company will also install doors with LED lights on the refrigerated cases as well as LED spotlighting throughout the store to reduce energy consumption. Harris Teeter originally installed both an energy management lighting system and a heat reclamation system in this store and will continue to utilize these technologies to reduce energy waste.

Harris Teeter looks forward to opening its Potomac Yard store and being a part of the community once again. We appreciate our customers’ patience while the store has been closed as well as their loyalty. We will continue to post updates on harristeeter.com when new information is available.

Photo courtesy Douglas Wendt

  • WD

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to ditch Pentagon Row again.

  • Indifferent

    Well crap. That’s cool.

  • Brad

    Really stupid to open here again now that they know it can flood. The HT shareholders should charge the company directors with misfeasance. Arlington’s sewage system is known to backup into this building, the company is totally at fault for occupying this space again, or even in the first place. Dumb.

    • Arlington Chris

      I hope they are reading the anonymous comments here, to make sure they learn about this! There is no way they would know otherwise, with looking at grade-maps or doing site inspections or stuff like that!

    • Is known to backup into this building? This building is less than 10 years old, if it’s a day over 5 years. When has this happened before?

      • ARL

        Right, so it has had a sewage flood an average of once every 10 years!

      • EclipseRes

        I’ve lived here for over 6 years and this was the one any only such incident involving sewage. And it never went into any residential units.

    • giog99

      when was sewage known to have backed up into the building, aside from the Harris Teeter incident? I’ve lived here for the life of the building. Never knew there to be an incident of sewage backing into the building. Dates? times?

      • HT Customer

        I concur (gio99) – I purchased pre-construction, this is and was the only sewage back up.

        • drax

          So it only counts if it happens more than once?

      • drax

        The Harris Teeter incident IS the backup. It’s known to happen – at least once since the building opened. Do you need it to happen twice before it counts?

  • cindy

    Can’t believe that happened so fast! Good for the petitioners!

    • drax

      The County Board never listens to citizens.

      • ProArlCO

        Arlington County is one of the best run and fairest counties in the country. And they certainly listened to the residents’ concerns on Saturday based on everything I’ve read about it.

        • drax

          No, they never listen. I learned this here on ArlNow comments. They don’t do exactly what I want and therefore they never listen. And everyone who keeps voting them in are dolts who don’t really like them, they just vote for whoever has a D next to their names. So their opinions don’t count.

    • speonjosh

      no, really, ?

    • dm

      Those residents have some serious mojo. Maybe they could also petition to close Artisphere, stop the trolley, …

  • fat

    Finally! Being lazy with grocery shopping was one of the main reasons I moved here.

  • BigSwede

    So when can we expect details of the settlement to come out? Is the government required to disclose that, or are we going to have to sift through next year’s budget to find the one-time charge?

    • dm

      You’ll need to submit a FOIA request (and hold a fund raiser)

    • Frog

      A settlement will have to be discussed at a public hearing. Keep an eye on the monthly agendas.

  • YTK

    We should have an ArlNow Pizza night there once it opens.

  • NoVapologist

    They should change the Asian hot bar to a hot Asian bar.

    • squidgod

      Why not have both?

  • Pizza face

    Makes me hungry for Poopatella.

  • Dende

    Let us see if they actually re-open this year or not. My guess is no. They also need to open McGinty’s Pubic Bar again.

    • moiraeve1

      Arlington is going downhill, between the McGinty’s Pubic Bar and the hot Asian bar. What is this world coming to?

  • Straspocolypse

    They’ll need to update their “Days Operating Without a Massive Tidal Wave of Human Waste: ” sign since the current number is 1. And #2! Zing!

  • Guest

    That hot Asian bar sounds really good.

  • Pezdrake

    How bout a trader joes instead of another Harris teeter?


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