Arlington, VA

Snow Falling in BuckinghamAnother day, another underwhelming winter storm.

Arlington snow lovers have been disappointed yet again by a hyped-up storm that ultimately fizzled out. It’s enough for a weather-watcher to shed frozen tears — if only the temperature was cold enough for those tears to freeze.

Clearly, forecasting winter weather in the D.C. area is a challenge, given the area’s propensity for hovering just above the freezing mark when winter precipitation threatens. In fact, meteorologists are being challenged by yet another possible “mixed precipitation” storm, heading toward the Washington region this weekend.

It would be easy at this point to let the chicken little effect set in, dismissing all future snow forecasts, at least for inside the Beltway. But then you run the risk of winding up stranded on a highway when a real snow storm hits.

When the next significant snowfall is forecast, will you trust the prediction?


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