ARLnow keeps the lights on, and keeps our site free for readers, primarily thanks to our advertisers.

Today we’re specifically thanking a group of advertisers in a business category that is important to community news publications nationwide: real estate.

Yes, the men and women who help you tour, buy and sell homes are also helping to keep you informed. ARLnow, the Sun Gazette, Arlington Magazine — all have significant bases of business from residential real estate firms and agents. If you’re buying or selling a home an in the market for an agent, you might flip through the pages of ARLnow and other local publications to see who is investing in the community.

Today we’re thanking all of our current real estate sponsors, including:

Aaron Seekford / Arlington Realty

Aaron Seekford is Mr. Arlington. Literally, that’s the URL of his website. Aaron comes from a real estate family and graduated from Wakefield High School — he has deep knowledge of the county and the local market. Also, the brand new Arlington Realty office near Crystal City, from which he works, is very cool. Aaron and Arlington Realty sponsor Just Reduced and Open Houses.

Andors Real Estate Group

James Andors took over the Just Listed feature in February and has been providing useful market insights and compilations of interesting new listings since. Andors Real Estate Group is another family affair, with decades of local real estate experience.

Betsy Twigg

A top-selling real estate agent with nearly three decades of experience, Betsy is something of an Arlington real estate legend. She has continued selling and renting out homes over the past two months, providing reliable service to clients during uncertain times.

Buck and Associates

Buck and Associates has been helping clients buy and sell homes in Arlington since disco was still cool. The company is about as Arlington as it gets: founder William Buck was instrumental in the development of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, current CEO Billy Buck is a third-generation Arlingtonian, and Buck and Association generously supports a number of local nonprofits.

Eli Residential Group

Eli Tucker has been writing the Ask Eli column on ARLnow since 2015, and since that time has grown his business into a full-fledged real estate team. Eli has more knowledge of the Arlington real estate market and its underlying trends than perhaps anyone around, something that’s on display each time he publishes another well-researched, data-filled article.

Keri Shull Team / Orange Line Living

Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak are a tireless real estate power couple whose Rosslyn-based company stakes the claim to being the top-producing team in the D.C. area. Also, they literally wrote a book that other real estate agents read when trying to get better at their jobs, which has to be a good sign. When she’s not busy being a local real estate star, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and mother of three young children, Keri also produces the Neighborhood Spotlight videos that can be seen on ARLnow every other Saturday.

Thank you to all of our real estate sponsors for supporting ARLnow and helping to keep our readers informed.


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