Arlington, VA

In addition to reporting the local news, ARLnow is also providing a boost to local businesses and nonprofits during these trying times.

Many of ARLnow’s advertisers are sticking with us and our readers have also stepped up to support the site, with nearly 300 joining our Patreon campaign. Our business has taken a big hit, but on balance we have been very fortunate to receive this level of community support — and we’re working to pay it forward.

ARLnow has donated $14,000 worth of advertising so far to small local businesses, in the form of free Community Posts, and to local nonprofits — including Arlington Community Foundation, Arlington Thrive and Arlington Free Clinic — in the form of free advertising packages.

We hope this helps connect local businesses to customers and local nonprofits to donors.

Thank you to the Arlington community for supporting ARLnow. We look forward to finding more ways to give back throughout the rest of the year.


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