ARLnow Weekend Discussion

After four months of consistently high readership, today is the first non-holiday Friday during which our Google Analytics stats suggest that a fair number of people are on vacation.

If you have left Arlington to head to the beach, the lake or elsewhere, we hope you’re having fund and staying safe.

Here are the most-read articles of the past week:

  1. Petition Calls for Renaming Fairlington Bridge Amid Battle Over ‘BLM’ Art
  2. 14th Street Bridge Blocked By Protests
  3. Morning Poll: Should APS Students Go Back to Class Full-Time in the Fall?
  4. Arlington Sees Uptick in Coronavirus Cases While Hospitalizations Fall
  5. Backyard Homes: Building a Second Home on Your Property
  6. Takis Karantonis Wins County Board Special Election in Landslide
  7. Making Room: Uniting Against the McMansion
  8. ACPD Arrest Data Shows Race, Residency Disparities
  9. Arlington County Names New Chief Race and Equity Officer

Feel free to discuss those stories, or anything else of local interest, in the comments. Have a nice weekend!

Flickr pool photo by Vincent

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If you want Arlington staff to take an important step forward by allowing transitional zoning, including missing middle housing, at the edges of the Langston Boulevard Corridor, let them know by August 3.

Upscale health club chain Life Time is opening a huge new fitness center at The Crossing Clarendon, a stretch of retail formerly known as Market Common Clarendon.


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