Arlington, VA

This sponsored column is by James Montana, Esq. and Doran Shemin, Esq., practicing attorneys at Steelyard LLC, an immigration-focused law firm located in Arlington, Virginia. The legal information given here is general in nature. If you want legal advice, contact James for an appointment.

Dear ARLnow readers,

  • James just returned from his vacation, during which he hiked a 290-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail, sleeping in a camping hammock all the way. He also snagged this shot with the wild ponies of the Grayson Highlands.
  • Doran is too busy winning cases to write an article this week. She had to cover the whole docket while her self-indulgent boss was hanging out with wild ponies.
  • We paid for the advertising space, didn’t we?


  • Enjoy the silly photo.
  • Get outside. This wonderful weather won’t last.
  • Long live the free press!

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