Boring Title: Tips for Promoting Your Business With Social Channels

Title insurance is boring, but Allied Title & Escrow is here to decode the jargon and make it (somewhat) more interesting. This biweekly feature will explore the mundane (but very necessary!) world of title insurance while sharing interesting stories of two friends’ entrepreneurial careers.

For this week’s edition of Boring Title, we sit down with Blake Davenport from The Davenport Group to talk about leveraging your social media for business.

Blake has grown his Instagram page @discoverarlington to about 13K followers. It started out as a fun way to showcase the city of Arlington but then slowly became his main lead generation source for his real estate business.

Check out the video below to hear more about how Blake was able to leverage social media, tips for growing your social media page, why videos are important for your social media page and more!

Have questions related to title insurance? Email Latane and Matt at [email protected]. Want to use Allied Title & Escrow when you buy a home? Tell your agent when you buy a house to write in Allied Title & Escrow as your settlement company!  

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