A new steakhouse with an inspiring backstory is coming to Rosslyn.

Guerra Steakhouse is set to open this summer at 1725 Wilson Blvd, the former home to Ben’s Chili Bowl, which closed last year. The menu is still in the works, but is likely to include a variety of steak cuts, burgers and sides, in addition to seafood, soups, salads and vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant has applied for permits to offer beer, wine and mixed drinks.

The steakhouse is being opened by a local family and is named after their father and grandfather, a farmer who immigrated to the United States and worked hard to provide a better life for his family.

“The name ‘Guerra’ is my grandfather’s last name. He was a farmer back in my country of origin, Guatemala, and his favorite celebration meal was steak,” Jackelin Barrera tells ARLnow. “He migrated to the United States to be able to raise his children and his grandkids. He worked in jobs such as in carpentry, plumbing and landscaping… his dream was never to become someone big but to give his family the resources to become big.”

“With his hands cracked and in pain from all the hard work he would come back home and cook for us,” Barrera continued. “My grandfather unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago due to brain cancer but his name will forever live on at Guerra Steakhouse.”

Barrera said via email that the restaurant’s mission is “to serve delicious affordable steak cuts, serve delightful wine pairings and offer the best services possible to ensure people in the Arlington community are not just going out to eat but to have an experience.”

“I have been a server for many years and my family consists of cooks,” Barrera added. “My family has come together to be able to make this happen for all of us. None of us are professionally trained, but we have a passion for good food and for serving others.”

The family aims to open Guerra Steakhouse on July 4, said Barrera.


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