Arlington, VA

Three weeks ago, 23-year-old Alexa Meade was passing out business cards to reporters  gathered for the media preview night of G-40: The Summit in Crystal City. Now, she’s somewhat of an “it” girl in the art world. Her acrylic on flesh work, a fascinating study in the intersection of art and reality, is winning copious praise in the media and on the internet.

Between the Washington Post profile, the exhibit at the famous London art gallery, and the social networking hype, Meade has become an overnight sensation.

Did it happen thanks to the exposure from G-40? That would certainly make for a good story for organizers Art Whino and Crystal City BID.

Alas, Meade says G-40 — where she created this surreal scene — actually happened before she hit the blogosphere.

“It wasn’t relevant to the big spike,” she said in an email.

Oh, well. The well-received exhibit will have to rest on its own laurels.

G-40 is now in the home stretch before closing night. Check it out between 5:00 and 10:00 tonight, at 223 23rd Street South in Crystal City.


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