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EXCLUSIVE: Metro Employee Pepper Sprayed, Arrested At Pentagon City Station

by ARLnow.com June 11, 2010 at 11:50 am 9,421 16 Comments

An employee with Metro’s Track and Structures/Systems Maintenance Department was arrested by Metro Transit Police at the Pentagon City Metro station Thursday night, a Metro spokesperson confirmed to ARLnow.com this morning.

“MTPD officers on patrol at the station observed a man who appeared to be unsteady on his feet around 5:15 p.m,” Metro spokesperson Ron Holzer said in an statement. “The man began to run as the officers approached. He then struggled with the officers when they apprehended him… He was charged with being drunk in public and impeding an officer with force (assault).”

The employee was off-duty at the time of his arrest, according to Holzer. He was in his uniform but “his shift had ended many hours before his arrest.”

The man was pepper sprayed during the struggle with police. At that point Arlington paramedics were called to evaluate him. After he was evaluated, officers could be seen pulling an empty glass bottle from the employee’s back pocket.

The man, who has not been identified, has been working for Metro since December 2006, Holzer said.

He could be overheard yelling as police officers surrounded him on a public sidewalk near the Pentagon Centre shopping center.

“I’ve been arrested so many times it’s hilarious,” he said at one point.

  • MM

    Wow, great photos!

  • Mike

    Yet another Metro employee problem. Who is ultimatly responsible? Chris Zimmerman and the rest of the Metro board of directors.

    • Teresa

      Chris Zimmerman is ultimately responsible? What?? That’s pretty laughable! I gotta remember that one! lol

      • Mike

        If you like countless fare hikes, poor maintenance, perverts taking upskirt photos, Metro Employees making passes at a 16 year old female passengers, and passengers killed by the score, then let me say:

        You’re doing a heck of a job Zimmie!

  • Katie

    Ah, that explains the vibe at Pentagon City metro when I arrived at 8 pm. The cops were all spazzy acting, as if they were waiting for the next drunk, off-duty metro employee to threaten the public peace.

  • Kim

    I am just wondering why the officer is sitting on the metro employee and he is handcuffed

  • John Antonelli

    The officer is sitting on the arrestee because the arrestee is struggling and would not obey the officer and be compliant with direction. Good job Arlnow, but since the Metro bus driver who stopped his bus and punched out McGruff the Crime Dog just got reinstated, well I doubt this fella will experience any real discipline.

  • MO

    To Johh, you must be an officer yourself. On top of that it doesn’t look like he is struggling to me, and when do officers sit on top of somebody’s neck and pose for a photo, while smiling. I think, instead of posing the other officer should have been helping the officer restrain, if that is what he was doing. I swear, you give somebody a badge and they think they have all the power in the world. It’s funny nobody has stated that he was mased twice while in handcuffs. Finally, wasn’t he off duty? So what is the problem Officer John.

    • Brian

      Actually, John is not a Police Officer, but “MO” is police slang for a nut job (Being short for “Held for Mental Observation” in DC. If the shoe fits, wear it (if not, don’t)

  • Tom

    The guy said he was arrested many times ? He should know by now that if officers are approaching, you do not run ! You check you watch, and walk smartly in the opposite direction. It helps if you are carrying the Wall Street Journal too.

  • PC

    Wow! Those are some kicka__ photos!

  • me

    Hymmm, someone working in metro’s “Track and Structures/Systems Maintenance Department” probably shouldn’t be one who would also yell this at the cops: “I’ve been arrested so many times it’s hilarious!”

    What a freakin’ joke metro is, a tragic joke however when their track and structures/systems fail and people die.

    I would estimate 1/2 of metro’s employees are worthless, or provide negative value to the organization.

    There is only one solution to this problem: get rid of this union. The Board is afraid of forcing metro to run like a competent organization. Every problem’s solution is magically to raise fares. Talk of uneducated, no college degree possessing, no proper English speaking employees taking home too high of salaries is political suicide, regardless of how true and logical this fact actually is. They push a lever forward, then backward, then say a few words, open a door, close a door, and repeat. WTF are they making more than $10/hr for? HOnestly, a trained monkey could do their jobs, literally.

  • I hate dumb comments

    First off to me..your an idiot. You base your comments on one sole employee for being an idiot in public. Second of all we dont like being called monkeys. Some people in the department are educated despite what you see on the news and how you potray us. The deaths hit us hard just like it did the public. You can come talk to any of us anytime you feel. Thge problem with some employees such as this one is they carry their outside problems to work instead of leaving it at home. The reason metro is raising fares is because your government agencies will not provide guaranteed funding every year so it is put on the public, idiot. Think before you speak or write.
    Some dummies you see in Metro do not speak for everybody. Im highly educated and some of these comments on here are offensive. You say who is responsible for this….no one but the employee, his choice. One person does not represent Metro as a whole…idiots.

  • peanutbutterjellytime

    I wonder if the cop will use the “knee on the black dude’s neck” photo as his new facebook profile pic?

  • Confused

    I agree, dumb comments should be left to personal opinion. But what I don’t understand here is if he said he has been arrested many times before, how did he get a metro job in the first place? Here is the deal people, true this is funny as well as ridiculous, but the media and reporters add on flavor for our enjoyment. If you look at the pictures it doesnt look like he struggled and then was pepper sprayed???he looks drunk, maybe tired, but not destressed and resisting arrest. Have you ever been pepper sprayed…let me tell you that sh*t is not a walk in the park and then have some smiling offiver perched on your neck…comeone folks! I hate cops more than I hate Metro…lol, and reporters are the worse

    • Mike

      How did he get a Metro job you ask? Because Chris Zimmerman and the rest of the Metro board of directors are a complete failure at everything they touch.


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