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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com July 14, 2010 at 6:15 am 1,811 4 Comments

Board Approves $250,000 in Art Grants — The county board voted unanimously last night to provide a quarter million dollars worth of grants to 19 Arlington-based arts organizations and three individual artists. The grants range from $44,600 to $1,240. See a list of recipients here.

Fisette Pens Green Jobs Op-Ed in Richmond Paper — In a column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette compares Thomas Jefferson’s far-sighted and, at the time, controversial Louisiana Purchase to proposed federal spending on clean energy. Fisette argues that investing in green jobs now will pay off in a big way down the road.

Metrobus Involved in Rush Hour Accident — A Metrobus was involved in a relatively minor multi-vehicle accident that tied up traffic on southbound Route 110 around 5:30 yesterday evening. The accident happened on the ramp from Memorial Drive to Route 110, near Arlington National Cemetery. Two people on the bus were reported to have minor injuries. The accident and the emergency response blocked lanes on the busy thoroughfare, causing delays for traffic coming from Rosslyn. It’s not clear what caused the accident. The Metrobus continued on its way shortly after police arrived.

Flickr pool photo courtesy philliefan99.

  • Lou

    I’m not sure a Green Energy platform is Fisette’s ticket to the General Assembly or Capitol Hill, but I guess you have to start your paper trail somewhere. The comparison he used is a bit much, too.

  • TuesdayChild

    Jay is a smart, good and well intentioned person. But fashioning himself as “Gore-lite” is pretty dull.

    • Mike

      To be fair, at least Gore has made a fortune off of the morons who are buying indulgences, er I mean “carbon credits”.

      The CB members meanwhile take all expense paid trips overseas on “fact finding” missions to find new and innovative ways to waste taxpayer money on unproven technology.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Jay, why didn’t you mention all those green jobs in Spain and how they are driving the economy on the Iberian Peninsula? Surely you’ve explored out there on one of your European vacations and can report back to us on something more than the streetscapes and cages.

    A relevant and appropriate comparison would be to Jimmy Carter’s failed synfuels program. But heh, why should Jay be relevant when he can be wrong?


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