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Hot Tub Catches Fire in Cherrydale — The fire department responded to a residence near North Quebec and 22nd Streets for a hot tub that somehow caught on fire, we’re told. Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, then made sure the fire had not spread to the house. No word on whether the fire was caused by a malfunctioning time machine that sent its occupants back to the 1980s. Thanks to J.A. for the tip.

Clarendon Grill Nostalgia — With Clarendon Grill now closed for renovations, writer Melissa Stagnaro has penned a nostalgic account of working at “CGrill” in the late 90s. We’re not sure what it’s going on the web site of a small New York state newspaper, but it’s a great read nonetheless. One fun tidbit: the guy who interviewed her for the job was Nick Freshman, now co-owner of Clarendon hotspot Spider Kelly’s. At the time, Stagnaro writes, Freshman was “CGrill’s most junior manager… [he] had only recently been elevated from server status himself.”

Democrats Still Peeved About Change-of-Government Effort — Even after it failed to get on the ballot, the change-of-government initiative is still generating some raw feelings among Arlington Democrats. At the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s monthly meeting last night, former chairman Peter Rousselot called the effort a “criminal conspiracy,” the Sun Gazette reports. Rousselot said the Coalition for Arlington Good Government, formed to oppose the petition, will stick around just in case another change-of-government group comes along.

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  • Let’s Be Free

    Love your “Morning Notes” photos!

  • Clarendude

    Thanks for finding the CGrill article. I remember being so excited when the Grill opened up. Clarendon has changed so much over the decades. The era that included the tail end of the Vietnamese places combined with a few scattered bars (just before Market Common) was a very good one, but short-lived. It’s hard to imagine now walking down sidewalks that were mostly empty on a Sunday morning or cutting across the glass-strewn parking lot of Sears to get to Whitlows, Roratonga, Amdo etc. It’s so different now and it does feel less intimate, personable and quirky, yet there are still so many that love the place. I’m hoping some of the personality that is still in there somewhere (and in some of the new stuff) re-emerges once the uber-chic -iness wears off a little. It might take a while, but I plan on sticking around.

  • Captain Obvious

    Scott, I’m usually on your side, but your characterization of what was said at the ACDC meeting, and what people are feeling about the CBA folks, is pretty weak. From the Sun Gazette article:

    “[O]n other fronts, there appeared to be fence-mending efforts under way, to limit long-term damage among traditional alliances that were frayed in the battle.

    “‘Our hope is that we can now put this issue behind us,’ said Mike Lieberman, who heads the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

    “The Democrats found themselves fighting a traditional ally – public-safety unions – during the change-of-government battle. The unions backed the change-of-government proposal, teaming up with Republicans and the Green Party, while Democrats opposed it.

    “Lieberman suggested his party was eager to ‘work with all who signed the petition, to make Arlington better.'”

    • I’m not trying to recap the entire article. I’m taking an interesting part of the article and linking to the rest. Anyone interested in the story should click through and read Scott McCaffrey’s article, it’s a good one.

    • JR

      of course the head of the democrat party machine wants to put this issue behind him… it was a threat to their absolute power in arlington. thanks captain obvious for being a mouthpiece for the party. i was wondering where the party was on this issue.

      • Captain Obvious

        Anyone who thinks I’m the mouth of ACDC is sorely mistaken! But I thought Scott’s characterization of the mood at the meeting (which I did not attend) as being dominated by lingering raw feelings was not supported by the article from which Scott was clearly drawing the story.

  • Efrem

    Re: “Lieberman suggested his party was eager to ‘work with all who signed the petition, to make Arlington better.”

    This is the biggest crock of ruling class progressive Democrat BS I’ve ever heard from the henchmen at the ACDC.

    The last thing the ruling class wants for Arlington is to heed the concerns of the grassroots that cannot afford to drink merlot and globs of brie every other evening at the upscale yuppie hangouts in Clarendon where the ruling class brings home whole prime rib and salmon steaks in doggie bags for their snobbish pets.

    These progressive misfits don’t care about those that signed the petition and dared challenged the ACDC and county board for better governance. It’s revenge time my friends, and those county employees, especially public safety personnel that signed the petition, better watch out.

    It is payback time at the ACDC and that is why they are keeping their CAGG front group in place.

    Progressives are evil. Everything they stand for is a fraud and is not based on fact – it’s based on “feeling” and controlling the lives of those that don’t believe in their socialist crap and dictate.

    • Just the Facts

      Ah, Efrem, it had been awhile since I read one of your really good rants. I hope you’re doing well, but if you ever become a victim of the broken American economy (solely caused, of course, by the liberal elite progressive Democrats who are attempting to turn the U.S. into their own socialist utopia), I would hire you in a second to feed my two cats. They both only eat salmon steaks, natch, so you’ll have to wait til I get home from whatever upscale snobby yuppie hangout I decided to grace with my presence that night. I promise I’ll drop some prime rib your way so you won’t starve.

  • Darwin

    A “criminal conspiracy”? Man you’d think the Arlington Republicans were hanging out with terrorists like Bill Ayers or something!


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