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Seafood Restaurant Coming to Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com December 2, 2010 at 10:56 am 3,475 23 Comments

A seafood restaurant called The Lobster Pot is apparently coming to the ground floor of the Bennett Park apartment complex at 1650 Wilson Boulevard.

The restaurant applied for a license to serve wine and beer this morning. In the Virginia ABC application, the restaurant is described as having a seating capacity of between 101 and 150 seats.

There are a number of Lobster Pot restaurants along the east coast, but none seem to be part of a chain. No word yet on who’s behind this particular restaurant.

  • SoArlRes

    We are shy on seafood options in town. Hopefully it will be reasonably priced, but I guess we’ll see. I welcome the variety.

  • Ali

    I guess this will fill the void until they decided whether or not Ray’s The Catch is going to happen.

  • KalashniKEV

    Ray’s the Catch? Didn’t I read about that like 2 years ago along with Ray’s the Game, Ray’s the Glass… and that joint venture with the county board… what was it called?

    Oh yes, RAY’S YOUR TAXES!!!

    My guess is we will only ever see one of the above in the next 5 years.

    = )

    • a’town


    • anon

      The second Hell Burger has game burgers (concept of Ray’s the Game).

      Ray’s the Glass is located in Ray’s the Steak.

  • GORF

    This’ll be good news as long as it’s not just the next in the endless line of soul-less chains to open up around here lately (i.e. SweetGreen, FroZenYo, Crumbs, Jimmy Johns, Chick-Fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. etc.)

    • KalashniKEV

      I don’t need soul so long as it’s nice, clean, inexpensive, fast, friendly, and nearby. I’m looking forward to large amounts of delicious crab legs once this place opens, whether or not there is more than one. Some of you guys would rather eat poop in a privately owned restaurant than have to suffer through a tall Stella and some Tex Mex Egg Rolls at The Cheesecake Factory.

      Which makes me wonder… are you also the guys who shout “EEW!! Blue Moon is a MARCO-Brew!!!!” before somebody drinks it… as if it contains urine or illegal alien pathogens?

      • Low Concept

        MARCO-Brew? POLO-Brew!

        • KalashniKEV

          OH, damn!!! I hate it when I do that…

  • Novanglus

    Isn’t this the location where one of the “Ray’s …” was going? Is it the new name for Ray’s The Catch?

    Hopefully it’ll make up for the loss of the Quarterdeck, in a better location.

    • Ali

      Ray’s The Catch was supposed to be where Hell Burger is now but Obama ended any chance of that.

      • KalashniKEV

        The ATM receipts say “Ray’s the Catch” on them.

    • Ess-Dog

      The Quarterdeck. That was a great place. The Loster Pot doesn’t sound like its going to have the same vibe or the same characters as QD, but it sounds like it will be better than putting in a Red Lobster at least.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Hope they serve a good Lobster Roll.

  • NorthAdams

    hoping they serve local lobster and catfish from the potomac. Very green!!

    • LP

      If they do, they’ll be out of business in no time. I wouldn’t touch (even with a 10ft. pole), let alone eat any seafood caught out of the Potomac.

      • NorthAdams

        i was kinda joking about it. I agree.
        BUT do you know where your seafood comes from? Yeah, neither do I.

        • Tony Hayward

          I stopped eating seafood after the BP Gulf Oil spill.

          (BTW, it wouldn’t be “seafood” if it came from the Potomac.)

          • V Dizzle

            Is food from the “Gulf” technically “seafood”, or is it gulf-food?

  • Bort

    The address is where Hell burger was supposed to move (then the location of the original rays and current hell burger would become Ray’s the Catch). Any word from the Landrum empire on this? Perhaps it is “Ray’s the Lobster Pot”?

  • JP

    According to the VA ABC website the permit was requested by 1650 Wilson Boulevard LLC. 1650 Wilson Boulevard LLC registered agent according to the VSCC is Micheal Landrum who is the restaurateur behind Ray’s.

  • Rosslyner

    Will be great to have a Ray’s cluster on Wilson. Sounds like Michael is trying something new w/ the name of this place. The Lobster Pot is definitely better than Ray’s the Pot.

  • As of today, it listed also mixed drinks, and “Michael Landrum – President” on the VA ABC license in the window.


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