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Board Approves Bond Issue for Construction Projects

by ARLnow.com December 13, 2010 at 7:01 am 2,474 8 Comments

Three separate county construction projects will be combined into one bond issue to save money on financing costs.

On Saturday the board unanimously approved up to $15 million in bonds to fund the last phases of the Cherrydale Fire Station 3 project ($7.5 million), the initial construction of the Arlington Mill Community Center ($5 million), and the construction of a new park at the Buckingham Village 1 apartment complex ($850,000).

The projects were previously approved as part of the county’s Capital Improvement Programs.

“Arlington is fortunate to be able to continue its investment in critical facilities and infrastructure, even during hard economic times,” Board Chairman Jay Fisette said in a statement. “Our sound financial practices and balanced smart growth approach are allowing us to follow through on long-standing commitments to our community.”

The new Cherrydale fire station is expected to open in summer 2011. The $7.5 million needed to fund the final construction phases is $5.5 million less than originally anticipated. Construction bids for the project were well below estimates, county officials said.

  • Jenga

    7.5 million seems a lot for a fire station. Anyone know why it costs so much?

    • PikeHoo

      It does seem very expensive, but it sounds like it could have been worse. $13MM for a fire station?

      “The $7.5 million needed to fund the final construction phases is $5.5 million less than originally anticipated”

    • Arlington, Northside

      For a green building built to survive the rigors of the fire service and house multiple piece of apparatus that cost half a million each or more, as well as provide 24 hour living quarters for eight or more firefighters, it is actually pretty reasonable when you look at some other fire houses around the country.

  • PGFDE121

    So what was the total price tag? I sure hope it serves many purposes for that price.

  • Anon

    For pictures tracking the new Fire Station 3’s construction progress, you can go here:


    For detailed architectural drawings of the station, click here:


  • DT

    Its nice to see they are so dead set on putting “affordable housing” aka “overcrowded, uncontrolled, four families per unit housing” back at the Buckingham site. The parking for those of us who own homes nearby is a mess. They are putting more apartments in the space where there already wasn’t ample parking and don’t build enough spaces. What a mess.

  • John Andre

    The new AMC is on this bond. One question…does it still need voter approval in November or was it covered in the 2010 bond referenda?

  • MC

    I’m completely puzzled how construction of this fire station is well underway and soon to be finished and only now is a $7 million bond being voted on. Guess voting is a mere formality when the Board always approves things unanimously.


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