Arlington, VA

The county’s snowblower loan program is at a crossroads. Should it expand to meet greatly increased demand, or simply stick with its existing fleet of ten snowblowers?

Yesterday a plurality of readers said the program should simply be dismantled. But that seems unlikely, given the county board’s expressed support for the program on Saturday.

Susan Kalish, spokesperson for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, says the county has gotten a “deluge” of snowblower requests this year and will likely be deciding this week whether to purchase additional machines.

With more requests than snowblowers, Kalish explained how the county decides whose requests will be granted.

“Priority for the snow blowers is based on area to be blown (big area, high-traffic area, or both) and the group (got enough volunteers to make sure it’s done, have a track record of getting the job done),” she said.

For more information about the snowblower program, residents can contact Tom Mitchler at tmitchler[at] or call 703-228-6522.


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