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Announcing the 24 Hour Holiday Poem Contest

by ARLnow.com December 22, 2010 at 4:12 pm 1,880 15 Comments

Update on 12/23 — We have a winner.

When Synetic Theater offered us two free tickets to their family-friendly performance of The Nutcrackerplaying in Crystal City through Jan. 16 — we immediately realized that this was a perfect opportunity for a holiday-themed contest.

Since haiku and ugly holiday sweater contests are old hat, here’s what we’re going to do instead:

Compose a poem about Arlington, in the style of a classic holiday song or story. For instance, you might work brown flip flops into Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Submit your masterpiece in the comments section, and be sure to use your real email address so we can tell you how to claim your Nutcracker tickets if you’re the winner.

Please keep your poem short and lighthearted. Mean-spirited or obscene submissions will be removed.

We’ll pick our favorite and announce the champion around this time tomorrow.

Photo courtesy Synetic Theater

  • TGEoA

    Free tickets? Arlnow is on the take!

  • ND

    Preppy the snowman, was a stylish metro boy. With a popped co-llar and some frosted tips, and a j crew sweatervest.

    There must have been some magic, in that Queer Eye book we found. for when we placed it in his hands he began to prance around.

    Preppy the snowman, had to hurry on his way. but he waved goodbye and said don’t you cry, “I’ll be back in a yacht someday.”

  • RW

    Preppy the snowman is going to be in my head all day now!

  • Arlington, Arlington, Arlington rock
    Arlington brings with Arlington swing
    Fun and excitement and tons of great shops
    Arlington, Virginia has pop
    Arlington, Arlington, Arlington rock
    Arlington’s steals are Arlington’s meals
    In Rosslyn, and Ballston, and Virginia Square
    Great food everywhere!
    What a bright time it’s the right time
    To see what we hold dear
    Arlington time is the prime time
    To tell Floridians they “wish they were here”
    Giddy up, metro cars, get me there fast
    Don’t even try to stop
    I can hear the party and it sounds like a blast
    That’s the Arlington, that’s the Arlington,
    That’s the Arlington rock!

    • jan


    • Greg

      This is really well done.

    • ShirlingtonGuy

      Outstanding! I could actually sing this out loud and in tune!


    Love preppy the snowman!

  • Cherrydale Christmas

    The Twelve Days in Arlington

    on the first day in Arlington my true love gave to me, a one million dollar lawsuit

    on the second day in Arlington my true love gave to me, two change of government petitions

    on the third day in Arlington my true love gave to me, three cupcake stores

    on the fourth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, four 66 delays

    on the fifth days in Arlington my true love gave to me, five Presidential burgers

    on the sixth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, six snow plows plowing

    on the seventh day in Arlington my true love gave to me, seven Bayou beignets

    on the eighth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, eight County Managers

    on the ninth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, nine Clarendudes

    on the tenth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, ten Zimmy zingers

    on the eleventh day in Arlington my true love gave to me, eleven buglers bugling

    on the twelfth day in Arlington my true love gave to me, twelve arlnow articles

  • Rich

    Sung to Oh Holy Night

    Oh towing guy!
    I found the perfect spot,
    It is the night I need to drop off a package!
    Though I may sin and error by parking here
    I’ll only be a minute.
    A thrill to know that I only blocked a few cars
    For yonder breaks to beat the towin’.

    I fall on my knees
    Oh to see you lay the hook
    Oh why are you towing my car
    Oh night 3 days before Christ was born
    Oh bye my car
    Oh ATM here I come

    • mehoo


    • TGEoA


  • WegBeiDerPost

    (Sung to “Winter Wonderland”)

    Rent bills rise, are you hustlin’
    Orange liiine construction’s bustlin’
    A beautiful sight,
    If you’re wealthy and white,
    Living in a Fro-Yo wonderland

    Oh two-two-twooo-oh-one,
    There’s so much more to Arling-tuh-on,
    Though we’re down at the mouth
    We still love Arlington south,
    Lacking though our Fro-Yo wonderland

    The latest Census says that we’re so wealthy
    And we’re all boutiques and brown flip-flops
    North says: Ain’t life easy?
    South says: No man,
    But we’re working on a plan
    To get some props

    Dontcha know, we’ll conspire
    A streetcaaaar’s our desire
    We’ll have some fun
    Becoming Clarendon
    Gettin’ us some Fro-Yo wonderland

  • Jen

    Oh there’s no place like home we call Arlington
    for our arts, culture, shopping, yuppie fun.
    Get on Glebe Road and find us,
    past the Artisphere
    yes, your heart is here, you can’t beat Arlington.

    I went to Whole Foods market yesterday,
    to find a nice turkey
    that was ovo-lacto-vegan and range-free
    but my paycheck couldn’t take it,
    so I went to Mickey D

    (Hear those Metro cars click-clacking …
    Crap, the Orange Line’s single-tracking!)

    But there’s no place like dear, P.C. Arlington
    No matter what race or creed you own,
    An oasis of good sense
    in a big red state,
    whether gay or straight, you’re home in Arlington.

  • Kevin

    I’m dreaming of an Arlington Christmas
    just like the ones back in the day
    with the freeways bustling
    commuters hustling
    I look out my window and pray

    I’m hoping I’ll get out early
    so I can go shopping at the mall
    the stores are so pretty at Pentagon City
    I haven’t yet bought any gifts at all.

    Every year I say it clear
    the stores here are the best
    From Ballston down to Clarendon town
    One good day and I can rest

    But then comes Christmas eve
    and I’m still harried
    with so much work left to be done

    May your days be merry and fun
    Holy crap–war in Asia, gotta run…


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