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Construction Underway at Pete’s New Haven Apizza

by ARLnow.com December 27, 2010 at 9:27 am 3,847 41 Comments

Interior construction has gotten underway at the future 4,000 square foot home of Pete’s New Haven Apizza in Clarendon.

The restaurant, on the ground floor of the Clarendon Center development, will be the first Virginia location for the District-based pizza eatery. The company released a few photos of the construction over the weekend.

We believe the new Pete’s will open at some point this spring.

Although Pete’s will be competing with a long list of Clarendon and Courthouse area pizza joints, one potential competitor is now out of the picture. American Flatbread closed its Clarendon store on Dec. 24.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised to see American Flatbread go out of business.

  • Shell

    oh yah….. yet another friggin pizza joint. Can anyone come up with a better business plan than pizza??????????

    • Radar

      I’m with you. It’s rediculous how many pizza places are opening. There are also way too many burger places. Soon there might be too many bakeries and froyo shops.

    • Jason S

      Oh, but this will be be *gourmet* pizza.

  • Ctbeachbm

    New haven pizza is the best! This will be a huge hit!

    • Arlington, Northside


    • PizzaBuff

      You are absolutely right New Haven Apizza is the best – Petes is not – no good Apizza is found outside New Haven proper.

  • Sandra

    You might want to check your reporting. American Flatbread was CLOSED on December 24th. We tried to go for lunch and we tried to go for dinner, and it was NOT open. I have no clue when their last day was, but I’m pretty disappointed that their website STILL doesn’t even indicate that they’re closed.

    • AllenB

      ARLNow is reporting what the owners said in their email. If they actually closed a day or two earlier, how is ARLNow supposed to know that? Give ’em a break.

    • Lou

      Their website seems fine to me. They have a number of other stores, FYI.

  • Sandra

    I would say that before they report again that they closed on the 24th (which was an email from a couple weeks ago), they should confirm that that indeed did happen. Is it too hard to fact check your article before publishing?

    • South Arlington

      Arlnow totally should have more thorougly researched this life-or-death important mention of a 24th of December closing date for a sparsely utilized restaurant so that Sandra wouldn’t have to take personal responsibility and actually call American Flatbread to check when they are closing up shop. Especially over Christmas weekend.

      • Sandra

        We *did* call American Flatbread. Their phone number forwarded to someone’s personal generic cell phone voicemail. There was no sign in the window. There was and is no mention on the Clarendon Flatbread website that they’re closed. They were not open until the 24th, as their owner stated they’d be. If that’s indicative of how they ran the business, then it’s no surprise they failed (outdoor seating denial and uncooperative landlord aside).

        • Lou

          So, where did you end up getting your Christmas Eve pizza?

          • Clarendip

            Yes, that’s right–go eat somewhere that’s due to close any minute. What a stellar idea. I’m sure the freshness factor would be excellent and the place really ready to please.

        • Sandra

          We went to Minh’s. Just trying to patronize a local joint, folks. That’s all.

    • V Dizzle

      How do you fact check the future? Oh wait, I get it. Several pizza-focused restaurants will open in Arlington, VA in 2011. It works! Calling ahead works too 🙂

  • More overpriced sub-standard pizza. Yay!

    • jenn

      head up to columbia heights and try it. it’s actually really good.

      • a’town

        I wouldnt go all the way to columbia heights for pizza.

        • The Dope of South Arlington

          Especially since there are a couple dozen places between Rosslyn and Ballston.

  • John

    More pizza places? How about more yogurt places! oh wait….

  • Arlington, Northside

    Anyone that is trying to call this just another pizza place, or sub-standard pizza does not know what they are talking about. New Haven style pizza WILL win hearts and minds if they do it right! No longer do I need to drive five hours just for some Sally’s Pizza! There is enough Yale alumni in Arlington to keep this place going on there own!

    • Yalies Can’t Spell

      “There is enough Yale alumni in Arlington to keep this place going on there own!”

      Apparently, they don’t teach grammar or spelling at Yale. Sorry, but it should be “are enough Yale alumni” not “is enough Yale alumni” and it should be “their own” not “there own.” Maybe Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia or Penn might be a better use of your money?

      • Arlington, Northside

        Is a “Alumni” a single group or a plural of many? Can be debated forever. “There” versus “Their”, I was owned by auto-completeof my mispelling.

        • Yalies Can’t Spell

          “Alumni” is a plural noun, especially the way it’s used in your sentence.

  • R0bespierre

    Pizza schmizza, convert just ONE of these places into even an average quality Burmese restaurant and you’d do the area a big service. How many college dorms are there in this area, anyway? Pizza creates fartin’ fatties.

    • Nirand

      A Burmese restaurant??? Burmese cuisine is an oxymoron. I lived in Burma for five years, and the food is lacklustre at best: — boring and tasteless at it’s worst. Can’t compare to Thai food for flavor. Although most Thai restaurants nowadays massacre their food and “sugar it up” to meet local taste preferences. Too many of them, also.

  • Set the controls

    Born and bred in New Haven. Will report back soon.

    • jenn

      so is my mom, we went to the pete’s in columbia heights when it first opened – the look on her face and the “it even has the black on the bottom!” was priceless.

  • NewHavNat

    As a New Haven “towny,” now living in Courthouse, who grew up eating “abeez” at Pepe’s on Wooster, you gonna love this place. As to the grammar – what’s new! We knew that! Hey, it could have been another Irish-themed bar.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Sally’s beats Pepe’s! 😉

      • PizzaBuff

        And Modern beats them both!!! 😉

        • Arlington, Northside

          Only for the hotties at the bar. 😀

      • NewHavNat

        Yeah that’s why Sally’s is a a garage in the parking lot next to Pepe’s! We’ll see. I talked to the Pete’s guys in Columbia Heights. They know they’ve got a problem because of fire code and not having access to coal for a moister heat. They’re from Cheshire and East Haven – they actually know what they’re doing. Just got back from NH yesterday.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    New York style vs Chicago style vs New Haven style. How tiresome. It’s just dough and tomato sauce with some add-ons sprinkled on top whatever you call it.

    • Arlington, Northside

      If you don’t understand the difference, you probably mistake fried chicken for a cheeseburger.

      • Idi Amin Dada

        The “difference” is called “marketing”. And some fools lap it up.

        • Arlington, Northside

          So are different kinds of wine just “marketing”? There are distinct differences between the styles of Pizza, they are all worth trying and determining your personal favorite.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            Yea, if you want to die of heart failure

          • Arlington, Northside

            I would not suggest you try them all in one night or one week even. 😉


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