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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com January 13, 2011 at 7:45 am 2,256 15 Comments

McDonnell Gives State of the Commonwealth Address — Speaking to a joint session of the Virginia General Assembly last night, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) urged state lawmakers to put aside their partisan differences to help solves the state’s challenges, particularly roads and transportation. He also spoke of job creation and the rapid rise of college tuition. The speech was so polished that one state delegate from our area tweeted that he thinks McDonnell “is running for president.” Despite the overall bipartisan tone, McDonnell took the time to lavish praise on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s pending lawsuit against the Democrat-backed federal health care reform bill. [Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Post]

Arlington Cop Helps Nab Jersey Bank Robbery Suspect — While driving on westbound I-66 early Tuesday morning, an alert Arlington police officer got a hit on a vehicle belonging to a suspected bank robber out of New Jersey. The officer stayed with the car as it exited the county. Backup — in the form of Fairfax County and Virginia State Police — eventually caught up and helped arrest the suspect after he pulled off the highway in Fairfax. [Bergen Record]

Hynes to Speak About Helicopter Noise — County Board Vice-chairman Mary Hynes will discuss helicopter noise before the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments today. Noise from helicopters is a persistent source of resident complaints in Arlington. Hynes is expected to talk about what’s being done to mitigate the noise. [WTOP]

County Releases Revised EFC Area Plan — The county has released the latest version of its controversial plan to urbanize the area around the East Falls Church Metro station. [TBD]

  • Darwin

    I wish Bob McDonnell would run for president! I was divided last election between him and Creigh Deeds, well after I attended their first debate at the Homestead I realized Bob McDonnell was not only the far superior candidate but also one of the most amazing visionary yet down to earth and level-headed politicians I had ever seen.

    • KalashniKEV


    • Banksy

      Hahahaha! Thanks for the morning laugh, Darwin! Love your sly sense of humor!

  • NorthArlingtonHE

    What does “got a hit” mean?

    Did his investigative skills or cop instincts cause him to run the plate, or did he have one of those idiot cameras on the back of his car which ran all the plates, guilty until proven innocent.

    • mehoo

      How does a camera checking plates, vs. a human, make him “guilty until proven innocent?”

    • Lou

      Too bad they can’t invent camera technology to scan for illegals.

      • Rover

        I’d like to see camera technology used to scan for crooked cops and politicians.

    • Confused

      NorthArlington: upset because a bank robber was caught? You’re an idiot.

    • Just the Facts

      What makes you think the cop was a “him”?

  • Burger

    Pfhewww…I was worried there weren’t going to be an bike lanes.

    That plan is almost pure fantasy and most of the overarching ideas were pushed by the County Board (again, ironically, that don’t live in the area) so have no idea of the real needs of the community. Should I start with the issues.

    1) Let’s see you are going to take away my gas station, veterinarian, get ride of parking so people park in my neighborhood …yeah, that will work. I can’t see any problems.

    2) No grocery store worth their salt will go into that development where their customers have to pay to park when there are 3 grocery stores less than a mile away where parking is free

    3) the statement that parking at the Metro lot is only a small issue (if issue you mean is filled by 6 AM). Who ever said Metro parking will be alleviated when the addition Silver Line is running must be heavily medicated. Most people parking at EFC aren’t from the far reaches of Fairfax County where the Silver line is but come down from Williamsburg and North Arlington

    4) And the whole plan revolves around V-DOT giving up the right to expand 66. I’m yeah, that will happen.

    • Dan


  • Burger

    Don’t get me wrong. I think EFC should be redeveloped but this plan is pure hokum.

    • BarbinArlington

      Burger, you’re spot on. This EFC plan to abolish the park and ride is totally out of keeping with what I heard at the public meetings on this project. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to shop there, except people who can walk and bike and that won’t generate enough traffic to pay the rents. And the plaza–how many use Gateway Plaza? How many events are at the parking garage plaza across I-66 except for the Civitans Community Garage Sale? Next to no one that’s who. This looks like the same boondoggle as the Artisphere.

  • ShirlingtonGuy

    I lived in Va Beach for 20 years… We love Jet Noise! Enough said!


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