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Utility Work Prolonged on Columbia Pike, Rough Ride Remains

by ARLnow.com January 13, 2011 at 3:59 pm 2,381 16 Comments

Utility relocation work along Columbia Pike in the Barcroft area has been delayed after workers discovered conflicts with pre-existing underground utilities.

As a result, the project — which started last summer and was originally slated to take 15 months — has been prolonged by an estimated three months. Planners will now have to redesign the relocation process. Work is not expected to resume until “late spring,” according to a letter from the county to local residents and organizations.

The delay will also affect the Metro and ART bus stops that were closed and relocated as a result of the project.

Separately, the county announced that it’s working to repair the torn-up and uneven stretch of the Pike between Four Mile Run Drive and South Wakefield Street. However, cold temperatures are expected to keep the necessary asphalt work from being completed until mid-February.

Residents have been complaining about the potholes and sinkholes and other car-rattling pockmarks in the roadway.

“Right now the road is in a very bad state,” said Takis Karantonis, director of the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization. “Folks have complained often to us.”

  • Diana

    Ridiculous! That ‘rough’ stretch of road is destroying my car.

    • Rover

      You won’t need a car when it is done. You can ride Mr. Roger’s trolley! “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, won’t you be my neighbor?”

      • mehoo

        Can’t wait for the trolley.

  • Lou

    Sounds like the crap that’s going on in Cherrydale.

  • Other End

    Hey Arlnow, can you also find out about the stretch by Barton Street in front of the new Giant? WTF are they doing there? They keep taking up the same stretch of street almost every day for the last few months. (see your report from a couple months back) How long does it take to replace pipes? And their patchwork sucks.

    • FrenchyB

      Yes, this has been going on since at least August. My guess is that either the county or VDOT won’t allow the construction work to close lanes during morning and evening rush hours, so the utility work needs to be done piecemeal. Hence, they dig and refill the same holes every day, and very little progress is made.

      • Diana

        It hasn’t stopped them from closing lanes during rush hour. They’ve done it several times in the past month.

        • NPGMBR

          You are SO true on that one! The worst part is that the construction workers that often set-up the road blocks do them incorrectly and create conditions that are ripe for disaster. I don’t mind the roads being torn up for a while but there really needs to be a road safety person on site to set-up works zones properly.

          Theres not much worse than having slam on the brakes to avoid a canyon in the road that no signs warned about. (especially dangerous at night)

      • Novanglus

        Maybe VDOT laid off the workers who do the pipework, but not the ones who dig and fill the holes?

      • el fat kid

        yeah… they’ve had Columbia Pike down to one lane each way during the morning rush several times. Then of course they randomly decided to block all lanes for five minutes while a cement truck backs in. Of course they haven’t prepped the construction entrance for the truck so there’s a couple minutes of them moving stuff while the truck is perpendicular to traffic, blocking everything.

        • The Dope of South Arlington

          What do you expect when they only hire illegals?

          • Newt


      • Arlingtonthen

        I thought that VDOT had turned over the Arlington portion of Columbia Pike to the County as of last year. So if this is correct, you might want to voice your complaints to the County.

        • GeorgeOrwell

          yea, everything was going to be PERFECT once Zimmie took control of the Pike. He’s yours, go ask him “WAT UP?”
          Little Government isn’t as good as Big Bad State Government when it comes to road improvements…

  • NorthArlSnob

    Columbia Pike is an unholy dump.

  • Billy

    Its not just Columbia Pike which I now avoid at all costs but all the roads here compared to my home town of Atlanta are a joke. The DOT here needs to take some paving classes from thier friends to the south. The roads here are clearly constructed by the most incompetent people avaiable.


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